Adolph Hitler And His Half Sister Angela And The Thule Society

There is another one of those out of publication books that are very inconvenient as far as the current narrative on the German dictator Adolph Hitler and his membership in the Thule Society and his half sister Angela whom some authors speculate Angela Merkel was named after.

Angela Hitler

Final Thule

“The half sister Angela (middle) moved from the Jewish community kitchen in Vienna to the Hitler’s household in Berchtesgaden as a housekeeper. The twelve volume “Jewish Encyclopedia” notes: “Even though the Jewish women seem to change their appearance, they show the racial features in a great clarity as once before.”

The main supporters of fulfilling the “Work of Masters” were Reinhard Heydrich, predominantly Jewish (above) and full Jew Adolf Eichmann (below). As the organizer of the Jewish emigration prior to the Second World War Eichmann traveled to the country which today is Israel. “The only reason for the name and from the history of Jewish people”, wrote the Jewish names researcher G. Kessler in Leipzing, 1935.

And did not Hitler, after he became Fuehrer, explain to his legal advisor Hans Frank, a son of a Bamberg’s Jewish lawyer, that he learned from his grandmother Schicklgruber that her son Alois, Hitler’s father, without any doubt originated from an affair with the Jew Frankenberger? Why then, for fourteen years Frankenberger paid faithfully for the support of the born-out-of wedlock Alois? Noticeable in this Hitler’s story about his grandmother is the fact, that Madame Schicklgruber died many years before he was born.


In May 1913, Adolf Hitler, a twenty four year old painter, and an Austrian conscientious objector out of persuasion and not out of inclination, came to the art town of Munich, known also as Athens of the River Isar. He left Vienna because the ground there finally became too hot for him. At the sudden departure, a friend of his mother, the Jewish Lady Dr.Loewy, living in Vienna’s Schottenring (Elite’s Circle) gave him the money for his journey. (17) At the Registrar Bureau in Munich he introduced himself as stateless person.”

The strange tale of Bridgette Hitler in Ireland

The quiet grave in a small Catholic cemetery in Coram, Long Island contains the bodies of Bridget and Patrick Stuart Huston, her son.

However, there is no surname on the gravestone. That is because they were notorious under another name for decades.

Bridget Dowling was a Dublin native who married Alois, Adolf Hitler’s half brother. She bore a son, Patrick who had four children himself, two of whom survive. The sons grew up on Patchogue, Long Island.

The sons are among the only remaining blood links to Adolf Hitler and the two surviving brothers have no children so if they remain that way the Hitler Irish and American link will die out.

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“In 2010 Jean-Paul Mulders’s and historian Marc Vermeeren used samples from Adolf Hitler’s distant relatives to try and trace the Hitler family’s haplogroup. Their conclusion was that it belongs to the Haplogroup E1b1b (Y-DNA), a haplogroup which originated in East Africa about 22,400 years ago.  Hitler’s haplogroup is E1b1b, and is much more common among Berbers, Somalian people and Jews than among Germans who only contain roughly 8% of this group.”

These would be Donmeh Arabs of which Hitler allied with in North Africa and are the current day organ eaters in Syria.

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