The Rothschild Illuminati Ball, Eyes Wide Open

In short, it is a mix of an “Eyes Wide Shut” deal masked ball mixed with a Lady Gaga-style trash.


Rothschilds in party mode!

Truth Is Beginning To Come Forward Concerning Angela Merkel As Front For The Fourth Reich

The Naked Ape

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4 Responses to The Rothschild Illuminati Ball, Eyes Wide Open

  1. Terrance says:

    Hello Dublinmick….you are on roll and the pace is picking up!…..thanks for all your work and insights, your not just another WordPress site!


  2. Gabreal Jones says:

    Vigilantcitizen is mentioning Mentmore as a Rothschld Mansion.

    Mentmore where Eyes Wide Shut must have been recorded after the period that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Natural Law Party had it’s headquarters there (1978-1999). It was put up for sale in 1997.

    Yet an advertisement for an Endowment Fund for Wolrld Peace in the worlds major newspapers was designed by MMY from the Netherlands via teleconference with some of his staff apparently still in Mentmore 9 april 1999:

    He actually proposed in that time- when Clinton was bombing former Yugoslavia and his Lewinsky impeachment away- to form an Alliance of Nations against NATO, that is at present the BRICS:

    (…) NATO has effectively legitimized the principle of foreign policy through violent attack. The result is that now bombardment can happen to any country in the world at any time. This is the reality-your city could be next. Therefore, can we wait even a single moment to establish world peace?

    What is happening in Yugoslavia can happen to any Nation at any time.
    Can you imagine if bombs began to fall on Washington, D.C., and to destroy the high-rises of the money markets of New York? (…)

    btw The last time that I did tv work was in Amsterdam at night in 1999. The same night that Stanley Kubrich passed away, so I read later in ze jewzpaperz.

    Enfin MMY’s theme is/was the Same Old Theme Of All The Wise Throughout The Ages :
    Have Your Third Eye Wide Open.

    CIA O


  3. Dublinsmick says:

    Hello Terrance, Gabreal,
    Things are rolling about like Orwell promised. I remember when they arrested mahesh in Oregon, I was asked if I wanted to volunteer to go with them on that and passed it up. Gabe has some good insight on things having worked in Dutch TV. It looks like Kubrick gave away too much and ended up “suicidal”. I am surprised myself at how the narrative has changed so drastically the last few years, it is like stepping into an alternate universe.

    I knew Mahesh was in trouble touting tantrayana, it is not for the common people doncha know.

    Eyes wide shut … I have that video CD … 😉

    Terrance this blog is more of a book marker for me, keep track of things that are pertinent.

    Salvatore, Guiseppe, Valerio, (Joe and crew) can actually provide some humor at times. They signed on once as “whereiseverybody” does only the mod comment here! 🙂

    Gabe I was part emeshed in the Guru Majaraji Ji, Divine Light Mission at one time. They would not allow the Mahatmas to establish the tantrayana side of things but a few of them succumbed to the charms of some of the young ladies at that time and decided they were ready for the next step. Unfortunately they were put back on a plane to India pronto! 🙂


  4. Gabreal Jones says:


    Mick, you’re mixing up Osho (‘Rolls Royce Rajneesh’ I used to call him) with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, MMY. Osho (fka Bhagwan, u will know in the holy places of India beggars call everyone Bhagwan , the Lord, the Omnipresent One, probably also to oil the money flow) was the one who went to Oregon. MMY is ‘the Beatles Guru’. Mc Cartney and Starr are still ‘into TM’, lately promoting TM with David Lynch.

    OK. But I miss the critical viewpoints in their laudable efforts. MMY aired often constructive criticism when dealing with the world’s situation during his weekly internet press conferences from 2002-2007. The TM org. shows a video on the net: MMY meets the US press face to face in 1985, Washington DC.

    A total different climate (indeed like you say an alternate universe) in the world then, which I largely attribute to MMY created by his Presence in the World and the effect of TM groups. Back then he called the US the ‘most creative country in the world’. Comparing Bush to Hitler in 2002 and 2003 is calling it the most destructive country in the world.

    They make definitely a wrong move in putting Rupert M.’s taking up TM in April this year. His lying media are beating the zionide war drum this time targeting Syria….
    TM Transcend Mind. TM Thinking Manifests. They should wake up. Send them a lot of alarms. Truth does not permit ostrich austerity.

    Osho , Maharaji and other Teachers offering Satsang (Presence) and Methods certainly have (had) their value.. But really pacifying this world at large boils down to bring about the Maharishi Effect see the load of scientific research on TM but above all for example the statements of this 250 year old Guru Devraha Baba of Vrindavan:
    (,…) At the Kumbha Mela in 2001, the devotees of Devraha Baba told our Purusha how Devraha Baba would often say that there is a Gyan Yuga coming in the midst of Kali Yuga, starting from a transition period from 2000 to 2020, and that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is the one creating it! (…)

    Clint Eastwood- u know he is doing TM?- answered when asked why there was so much violence in his movies: well not more than on then on the six o’clock news. Sure Lynch could use that answer when asked the same question.

    Saw only Kubrich’s Cloakwork Orange. Never saw a movie of David Lynch. Am more of a hermit to the so called cultural scene, only made cable tv btw, laugh my butt off while peeling the opinion onion, Weltschmerz nicht gut.

    Had to do the camera work myself recording a letter that I wrote to a big news paper about President Joachim Chissano putting on the Light in Mozambique, it went heavy the day that Kubrich left theater Earth via the artist exit. Singin’ in zee rain. Jawohl.

    CIA O


    heard they are talking now in the rain in the desert, so…..


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