Intel Agent Reveals How NATO Planned to Tear Russia Apart

According to secret documents obtained by a Russian intelligence service, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO planned to split Russia into several smaller parts, a former secret agent told Russia’s Rossiya 1 broadcaster.

After the collapse of the USSR, NATO planned to divide Russia into small parts diminishing the state to the size of the medieval Moscow principality, a veteran of the Russian “illegal” intelligence service said during the Vesti v Subbotu (“News on Saturday”) program of Russia’s Rossiya 1 broadcaster.

The program was dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the Directorate S (“illegal” intelligence service) of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation (SVR).

The interview was conducted by Vesti v Subbotu anchor Sergei Brilev. The voice, face and name of the former agent were changed due to security reasons.

“Pavel Andreyevich [the agent’s alias] says that the NATO documents obtained by him signaled that the dissolution of the USSR was only the first stage,” Brilev noted.

“And then [NATO planned] to create the Russian North-Volga Republic and then the Middle Volga Republic, and reduce the Russian state to the level and size of the Moscow principality,” the intelligence veteran specified.

“We have these documents, they are now in the archive of our [Russian intelligence] service,” the former agent stressed.

The idea of the partition of Russia is not new.

In his book The Grand Chessboard published six years after the collapse of the USSR, a former US national security adviser and geostrategist, Zbigniew Brzezinski, insisted that “a more decentralized Russia would be less susceptible to imperial mobilization.”

“A loosely confederated Russia — composed of a European Russia, a Siberian Republic, and a Far Eastern Republic — would find it easier to cultivate closer economic regulations with Europe, with the new states of Central Asia, and with [East Asia], which would thereby accelerate Russia’s own development,” the geostrategist claimed.

“Each of the three confederated entities would also be more able to tap local creative potential, stifled for centuries by Moscow’s heavy bureaucratic hand,” he added.

Interestingly enough, before Brzezinski, the idea to sever Russia along the Ural Mountains thus dividing it into “European” and “Asian” (Siberia and the Far East) parts, was mulled over by Nazi Germany and its allies.

In December 1941, half a year after Nazi Germany invaded the USSR, the Empire of Japan offered Adolf Hitler and Italian dictator Benito Mussolini to divide Eurasia into two spheres of interest along the 70th meridian east longitude. As observers noted, Hitler didn’t plan to seize much of Soviet territory east of the Ural Mountains.

More than a decade before the Axis powers of Germany, Italy and Japan considered the partitioning of Russia, the territory of the former Russian Empire was subjected to Allied intervention — a multinational military expedition launched during the Russian Civil War of 1918 by major European powers which backed the anti-Bolshevik White Guard.

The United States, Canada, Japan and China took part in the intervention campaign along with European powers occupying Russia’s northwestern regions, Crimea, Bessarabia, Siberia and the Far East. However, their efforts were thwarted by divided objectives, a lack of domestic support, war-weariness largely caused by World War I and the military successes of the Red Army.

As history shows, each time Russia faced severe domestic and geopolitical challenges it ran the risk of falling prey to the global power game.


Master of the Game: ‘Putin Turned Out to be a More Skilled Strategist Than Brzezinski Ever Was’



Awesome Revelations from “The Putin Interviews”


Putin will eventually be known as
Vladimir the Great

80 Years Ago Edgar Cayce Predicted Putin’s Role in Stopping WW3 - Edgar Cayce Russia Universe



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The Real Purpose Behind The Russian/Trump Conspiracy Propaganda


Source: Submitted by Brandon Smith via,



Just after the US presidential election in 2016 I published an article titled ‘Order Out Of Chaos: Defeat Of The Left Comes With A Cost’, covering a rather difficult subject matter, namely the concept of “4th Generation Warfare” and how it is used by establishment elitists to defeat popular resistance to their agenda of centralization and globalization. 4th Gen tactics are confusing to many because most people think in terms of single movements and direct correlations; they think that a punch thrown is a punch intended to strike, rather than intended as a feint or misdirection.

I’ll put it another way – some people play chess and they only see the attack in front of them. Others play chess and they see the attack three moves ahead. 4th gen warfare is a “three steps ahead” style of fighting that focuses on a very specific goal: Tricking the enemy into destroying himself, or enslaving himself, so that you don’t have to take any risks by moving against him directly. That is to say, 4th gen warfare is first and foremost about psychology. That which you see with your eyes is usually not what is actually happening.

For example, when predicting the election win of Donald Trump and the passage of Brexit, I based my conclusions on a 4th gen strategy. According to the behavior and rhetoric of globalists and their organizations at the time, it seemed to me that they were allowing sovereignty and conservative movements to gain a foothold in the political arena. They were letting us THINK that we were winning.

This accomplishes a few things – it takes conservatives off their guard and convinces them to think in terms of defending government rather than overthrowing government. The corruption has not changed, but now we have a vested interest in keeping the system going and attempting to change it “from the inside”. I hope it is clear to the majority of liberty activists today that this is a naive notion.

Conservatives are also now willing to argue in favor of the election system, because many of them think that because Donald Trump “won” the system must be at least partially legitimate. News Flash: Our election system has been fraudulent for decades. The only candidates that ever make it past the DNC and the RNC filters are the candidates the elites WANT the public to choose from.

The American public is also now viciously divided over Trump’s ascendance to the White House. The political left has been driven to the point of utter insanity, not that they weren’t already stark raving mad to begin with. Conservatives are next to be targeted with psychological manipulation, as the leftist zealotry pushes us towards the other end of the spectrum and a potentially dangerous mindset of rationalizing a totalitarian response. Where extreme social divisions exist, civil unrest and war are not far behind.

Finally, the existing economic and social framework of the US in particular has a finite lifespan. Economic instability is rampant as I noted and evidenced in last week’s article, and this has been a process ongoing since the initial 2008 credit and derivatives crisis. The old structure of America is being deliberately torn down to make way for a new structure; a single global edifice in which we are not a nation but a feudal vassal with no ideas of sovereign self determination. That said, the old world cannot be torn down outright. The globalists do not plan to take any blame for the crisis that would inevitably follow. Enter Trump, the perfect scapegoat for the next stage of fiscal collapse, and perhaps a pied piper convincing enough to lure numerous conservative groups into taking the blame as well.

Trump, a seeming enemy of the globalist agenda, takes office, then surrounds himself with the same bankers and globalists he admonished during his campaign. He continues his anti-globalist rhetoric, but his actions tend to help them. Conservatives, desperate for a hero on a white horse to ride in and stop the rushing tide of cultural Marxism, were given one… just not in the manner they were hoping for.

In the meantime, the establishment has sought to keep social tensions high. How? The political left has been played like a marionette since the election with a narrative of “Russian conspiracy”. You see, hatred is psychologically exhausting. Mobs tend to dissipate and become impotent over time. It is hard to sustain the hatred of a large mass of people without consistent propaganda. Thus, it is important to give people a reason to hate; a reason that fuels perpetual reinforcement. For leftists, the desire to hate Trump runs deep. They think he represents everything that stands in opposition to their ideology, and zealots cannot tolerate the existence of opposing ideals. But there has to be more. The left has to be convinced that Trump is a thief, a thief so heinous that he stole an election with the help of a foreign power.

Now, not only is Trump the anti-christ to leftists, he is also a false president – a pretender to the throne. This narrative is more than enough to keep the left frothing at the mouth for months if not years.

As many analysts have pointed out, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Trump “stole” the election, let alone colluded with the Russian government to steal the election. Former FBI director James Comey’s recent testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee produced nothing; no memos, no paper trail, zip, zilch. The very existence of the “Comey memos” is likely a farce.

But here is where I break with many in the liberty movement – some analysts assume that Trump is being “targeted” and that the goal is to remove him from the White House. This makes little sense to me. If the elites wanted to stop Trump they would have done it during the RNC selection process just as they did to Ron Paul, and just as the DNC did to Bernie Sanders.

Clearly, Trump is more valuable to them sitting in the Oval Office, as I outlined above. The Russian circus is going nowhere because it was never meant to go anywhere. It is distraction and drama, a soap opera for the ignorant masses. Trump will not be removed from office. If he does end up impeached, the impeachment will fail. As I have said since before the election, the establishment needs Trump as president.

So, if I am correct and the Russian conspiracy narrative is not intended to take Trump down, what is it intended for? As stated earlier, this is 4th gen warfare, and the intended target for propaganda is not always the obvious target.

As noted, Leftists are the initial target. They will continue to believe that Trump is a Russian collaborator because they want to believe it, regardless of how absurd the whole idea is. They will ignore the fact that there is no evidence to support the accusation. They will embrace the propaganda wholeheartedly and develop more violent methods to express their outrage.

The secondary target of the Russian conspiracy manipulation is conservative groups.

Here is the reality of our predicament; the US system is going to move into the next phase of collapse under Trump’s watch. Period. The math is undeniable. Every economic indicator except stocks is in severe decline, the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates to deliberately ignite greater instability and time is running out. I believe that this phase will begin before the end of 2017. When the next downturn arrives on the doorstep and in the pocketbooks of the average American, the leftists and most of the world will blame Trump as an “incompetent buffoon” or a “vitriolic fascist”.

Just as the elites need to make Trump and conservatives the best possible scapegoat for the left; they also need a perfect scapegoat for the political right. The narrative will be turned against the leftists and conservatives will exclaim that Trump was not able to reverse economic damages “created by the Obama administration” because leftists used the fake Russian conspiracy as a means to undermine him at every opportunity. Leftists will be labeled economic and political saboteurs, and this accusation will work to a point, because it is partly true.

Finally, as America’s decline accelerates, Eastern nations will without a doubt decouple completely from the US dollar as the world reserve currency and begin using the IMF Special Drawing Rights basket structure as a replacement. Russia will most likely lead this charge along with China. Americans will blame Russia in part for the demise of the dollar’s buying power around the world. And, the rest of the world will blame the U.S. for the dollar’s demise due to U.S. “imperialism” and overt sanctions against Russia. They will say we had it coming.

Perhaps you have noticed a particular pattern here? Every piece of the narrative I have outlined has already been initiated, if perhaps only in early-to-mid stages of development. This is an open dialogue common in the mainstream. And in every case, the offered culprit behind the downfall of America is always someone other than the banking elites. Anyone other than the banking elites.

Leftists and socialists around the globe will blame Trump and conservative principles. Conservatives will blame the left and their obstructions of Trump. The West will blame the East. Globalists will blame “populists” and nationalists, and nationalists will be scrambling to protect their ground by any means necessary, including unconstitutional measures, which will only help the globalists in the long run.

A core catalyst for this geopolitical blame game is the Trump presidency and the use of the Russian conspiracy to ensure that the left remains crazy, inspiring the right towards extreme measures. Again, this is not about removing Trump, it is about manipulating the left; it is about using the Left’s cultural Marxism to trigger an iron-fisted reaction from the political right.

In my recent article ‘Operation Temperer – U.K. Will Likely Institute Martial Law Measures Within A Year’, I warned readers that the UK government has already set in motion martial law measures in response to a growing number of Islamic terrorist attacks. In the US, I think the same march towards totalitarianism will occur, but for reasons beyond foreign terrorism. Economic uncertainty coupled with a volatile left hellbent on supplanting the presidency by any means necessary may very well be exploited by Trump and the elites surrounding him to establish martial law measures in the US. And, I have little doubt that a portion of conservatives will cheer this action.

If this takes place and conservatives come out in majority support, then the globalist use of 4th Gen warfare will have succeeded. They will have won. For if conservatives abandon the constitution, then no one will be left to defend the principles and heritage it represents. We will have destroyed ourselves, and the elites will have barely lifted a finger to make this happen. The game can be changed entirely, but only if we are smart enough to recognize the narrative for what it is, and only if we turn our sights on the globalists instead of hyperfocusing on the scapegoats they offer us.

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Peter The Great

Peter I, the Great

Portrait of Peter I, the Great painted by Delaroche
Born: Moscow – 30 May (9 June) 1672
Died: St. Petersburg – 28 January (8 February) 1725

Reigned: 1682-1725 (1682-1696 as co-regent with his half-brother Ivan)


Peter the Great’s significance in Russian history is difficult to overestimate. Books about the “Tsar Reformer” continue to be written to this day, and we will hardly be able to describe here all of his many accomplishments and achievements. Peter the Great (whom the Russians generally call Peter I – Pyotr Pervy) is beloved in Russia, and all the more so in St. Petersburg, where he is rightfully lauded as the Founder of the City, and honored with numerous memorials.

The Bronze Horseman. Monument to Peter the Great on Senatskaya Ploshchad. In the background is the Ss. Peter and Paul Cathedral, where Peter is buried in St. Petersburg, Russia
The Bronze Horseman. Monument to Peter the Great on Senatskaya Ploshchad. In the background is the Ss. Peter and Paul Cathedral, where Peter is buried

Peter the Great was the youngest son of Alexey I and his second wife, Natalya Naryshkina. Alexey was succeeded by the invalid Fyodor III, Peter’s eldest half-brother, who lasted on the throne only six years and died without surviving issue. Although only ten years old, Peter was chosen by the Boyar Duma as heir over his other half-brother, Ivan, as the latter suffered chronic physical and mental disabilities. Ivan’s sister, Sofia Alekseyevna, and her relatives in the Miloslavsky family were dissatisfied with the arrangement, however, and with the support of the elite Streltsy Guard fomented the Moscow Uprising. In the subsequent rioting and violence, Peter witnessed the slaughter of several members of his family, including two of his uncles at the hand of the Streltsy. The result of the uprising was that Sofia became regent and Ivan was crowned Ivan V, sharing the throne as a senior partner with Peter.

Tsaritsa Natalya Kirillova shows Ivan V to the Streltsy to prove he is alive and well
Tsaritsa Natalya Kirillova shows Ivan V to the Streltsy to prove he is alive and well
by Nikolay Dmitriev-Orenburgskiy

Peter never forgot these bloody events and many historians believe that his complex, brusque but also energetic and decisive character was shaped by these childhood experiences. Peter spent his childhood and early youth in the village of Preobrazhenskoe, not far from Moscow, where he lived with his mother, organized “mock” regiments , learned to sail on sailboats, and only rarely traveled to Moscow for official ceremonies. In 1689, at the age of seventeen, Peter successfully removed Sofia from power, and at the urging of his mother married Eudoxia Lopykhina. The marriage was not a happy one: neither Eudoxia or their son Alexey shared Peter’s interests. Many years later, Alexey was arrested, charged with treason, and died in the Peter and Paul Fortress under mysterious circumstances, while Eudoxia was divorced by Peter in 1712 and then forced to enter a convent. In the same year, Peter married Marta Skavronskaya, the future Empress Catherine I.

Peter the Great interrogating Tsarevich Alexey Petrovich at Peterhof
Peter the Great interrogating Tsarevich Alexey Petrovich at Peterhof
by Nikolay Ge

Peter was the first Russian monarch to receive an education both in Russia and abroad. Even as a boy, the youngest son of Tsar Alexey was naturally curious and drawn to learning, and he received his education not only from palace tutors, but also in German Town, a district of Moscow where many enlightened foreigners lived. There young Peter became interested in the latest developments in science and technology as well as natural science, which until this point had never caught the attention of Russian Tsars.

Peter the Great in foreign costume before his mother, Tsaritsa Natalya, Patriarch Andrian, and his tutor Zotov
Peter the Great in foreign costume before his mother, Tsaritsa Natalya, Patriarch Andrian, and his tutor Zotov
by Nikolay Nevrev

Setting off to Europe in 1696 on the so-called Grand Embassy (a large Russian delegation whose purpose was to find allies for the war with Turkey), Peter travelled incognito under the pseudonym of Pyotr Mikhailov. In Prussia, the Tsar studied artillery and received a certificate as a firearms master, and in Holland he learned the craft of shipbuilding by working at the bustling Dutch docks. Then he set off to England to study the latest advances in shipbuilding and industry. In London, the young Tsar visited the Houses of Parliament, and was quite displeased with what he heard as he listened to a session of the House of Commons through an “auditory window”: this autocratic Russian monarch could not understand how the common folk could dare to publicly discuss and criticize the policies of their sovereign. As he travelled about Europe, Peter visited factories and libraries, listened to lectures at universities, and caroused with comrades, but this educational and entertaining voyage was cut short after 18 months by news of a Streltsy revolt in Moscow. For the rest of his life, Peter the Great retained his love of knowledge, new technology, and of learned people, as is evidenced by his personal belongings, library and the interiors of his palaces.

Portrait of Peter the Great
Portrait of Peter the Great
by Godfrey Kneller

Many volumes have been written about the reforms undertaken in Russia on the initiative of Peter the Great, and discussion about them continues to this day. Some believe that these reforms allowed Russia (and thereafter the Russian Empire) to attain status as one of the leading powers in Europe. Others lament the loss of the unique cultural and spiritual traditions that had existed in Russia in the pre-Petrine period. Peter the Great introduced the Julian calendar in Russia with its celebration of the New Year on 1 January, and the tradition of decorating Christmas trees. He also forced the upper classes to dress in a European style and to shave their mustaches and beards. In order to create his own pool of broadly educated experts, Peter sent young noblemen to study abroad at the state’s expense and personally kept track of their progress.

Assembly before Peter the Great
Assembly before Peter the Great
by Stanisław Chlebowski

Peter the Great founded the Russian navy and formed a regular army based on compulsory military service for all nobles and on recruitments from the peasantry and regular citizens (communities delegated a specific number of young men to army service). Foreigners familiar with the newest developments in military science were actively sought for positions as senior officers and generals, and the Tsar diligently recruited Russian experts in all fields, including shipbuilding, military affairs, the sciences, and the arts. Starting with Peter, for the next two centuries, one of the duties of Russian ambassadors serving abroad was to recruit foreign specialists to work in Russia.

Peter the Great created a system of civil service in Russia by introducing the Table of Ranks: a document defining the classification of all military, naval, court and civilian officials into fourteen classes, from fourteen as the lowest up to the first. The Table of Ranks was designed to create a “social elevator” for hardworking military and government officials and to reduce the abuse of appointments and promotions in service.

Battle of Poltava
Battle of Poltava
by Pierre-Denis Martin

The Northern War with Sweden (1700-1721) finally brought Peter access to the Baltic Sea and the trading possibilities in the region, and in 1703, the city of St. Petersburg was founded. In 1712, Petersburg was made the capital of Russia, and in 1721 Russia was declared an Empire, with Peter assuming the title of the Emperor of All Russia.

Peter the Great died in St. Petersburg in early 1724 in his small Winter Palace on the banks of the Winter Canal. He was the first Tsar to be buried in the Imperial crypt in the Peter and Paul Cathedral.



Putin will eventually be known as
Vladimir the Great



Peter the Great used to say: “Never trust a Turk!”

Kirill Voronkov

Turkey becoming Japan Inc.’s gateway to Central Asia


ISTANBUL — Japanese companies are increasingly using Turkey as a steppingstone leading to the resource-rich markets of Central Asia and the Caucasus.



Tsar Nicholas’s Four Daughters Reportedly Raped

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A Consumer’s Right Of Self Defense Against Smart And Digital Utility Meters – A Demand To Cease And Desis

By Catherine J. Frompovich

One rather well-informed individual in the State of California, Eric Windheim, whose “House Doctor” business is Windheim Environmental Solutions, did something I found most thrilling, encouraging and which I support.

Mr. Windheim filed a “Notice of Right of Self Defense Against Smart & Digital Utility Meters: Demand To Cease And Desist” on December 2, 2012 with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), which I publish verbatim below with Mr. Windheim’s expressed permission.

Personally, I think it’s a tactic everyone, who does not want an AMI Smart Meter on his/her utility services, should use, even if one has been retrofitted on to your utilities. Just edit the “Right of Self Defense” to incorporate the fact the meter was installed and has to be removed.  However, it’s much better to be “proactive” and serve the Notice by Certified Return Receipt Requested U.S. Postal Service mail as soon as you hear of your utility’s intent to retrofit an AMI Smart Meter on to your property utilities.

Notice of Right of Self Defense Against Smart & Digital Utility Meters: Demand To Cease And Desist.

If you are attempting installation of a Smart or Digital Electric Meter on my property YOU ARE IN VIOLATION OF THE LAW.  Digital electric meters, including but not limited to “Smart/Digital electric meter” are unlawful surveillance devices (Federal Title 18, Wiretapping) calling for prison terms for those who install those devices without consent.  I hereby deny consent.  Smart/Digital electric meter electric meters also violate the U.S. Constitution, 4th amendment with non-consensual search of private property, again crimes punishable with prison terms.  Also Smart/Digital electric meters unlawfully emit radiation through my interior air space and/or upon my interior wiring of a type known and shown to cause cancer, neurological illnesses and injuries, and a host of symptoms and medical problems.  That radiation constitutes assault and public endangerment, again criminal violations calling for prison sentences.  All of those violations also provide for essentially unlimited civil claims.  YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY CEASE AND DESIST ALL ATTEMPTS TO INSTALL AND OPERATE RF AND EMF RADIATION EMITTING SMART/DIGITAL ELECTRIC METER SURVEILLANCE AND MONITORING DEVICES ON MY PROPERTY, RESIDENCE AND WORKPLACE.

The ever-increasing numbers of “Sworn Declarations” citing Smart/Digital electric meters as the cause of personal injury would lead any “prudent Man” to say, “No, not on my house”.  The unsafe and unlawful characteristics of Smart/Digital electric meters give me, the property owner and occupant every right to act in self-defense against their use on my property.

Self-defense in the face of immediate grave bodily injury is a God-given right, protected by Law & the Constitution for the Unites States of America.

Thus, in English law, the general common law principle is stated in Beckford v R (1988) 1AC 130:

“A defendant is entitled to use reasonable force to protect himself, others for whom he is responsible and his property.  It must be reasonable.”

You may not consider any law or policy to have power to prevent me from defending myself, wife, business and property.  If any attempt is or has been made to install a Smart/Digital electric meter on my property I will take immediate defensive action and you have no recourse against that because your actions violate the law and they threaten my health, safety, privacy and rights and give me right of self-defense.  Any Smart/Digital electric meter installed on my property will be removed and replaced with a certified, safe analog meter of my choosing, and that is a rightful act of self-defense against your criminal violations.

If you attempt to install a Smart/Digital electric meter on my property you are hereby on notice that:

  1. You, upon commission of the criminal misconduct described above, lose all right of easement, contract and policy as a utility service except to walk to and visually read my meter for billing purposes.
  2. You, by criminal misconduct, may not retaliate in any way or deny, or threaten to deny utility service as a response to my self-defensive action.
  3. You, by criminal misconduct, have no right to dictate any terms or demand any payment, fee, penalty, application, registration or other compliance by our refusal of your unsafe and unlawful meter.
  4. You, by criminal misconduct are and will be in liability and obligation to me for all costs and consequences of your unlawful acts.
  5. If any person attempts to enter our property to commit an unlawful act such as to install a Smart Meter or Digital Meter we will contact law enforcement with formal charges of criminal trespass and we will demand that installers be taken into custody under our formal criminal complaints.
  6. You must continue to provide a safe and lawful analog meter not capable of emitting Airborne RF radiation or conduct Dirty Electricity and not capable of monitoring private activities on my property.
  7. You may not object to, obstruct, impede or penalize any self-defensive measures I deem necessary if you fail to heed this notice.

You are subject to this adhesion contract upon delivery as a condition of our granting you the privilege to provide electric service to this property.  The terms and conditions in this notice are forceful and binding upon you upon delivery because this notice does nothing more than state our rightful position and does not require any action by you except the avoidance of criminal violations.  Criminal violations must be avoided and remedied regardless of notice.

Notice to principal is notice to agent and notice to agent is notice to principle.

Submitted by,

Eric Windheim & Donna Windheim

Cc: SMUD Board Members
Nancy Bui-Thompson, President
Genevieve Shiroma
Bill Slayton
Diana Mollart [sic]
Howard Posner
Larry Carr
Renée Taylor
Rob Kerth
Donna Lofton
Other Groups


Mr. Windheim addressed his December 2, 2012 “Notice” to SMUD General Manager, John Distasio, Board of Directors, Board President, Staff & Legal Counsel and all providers of electric utility services in Sacramento County: John DiStasio, Nancy Bui-Thompson, Board President, Ward 2; Renée Taylor, Ward 1; Howard Posner, Ward 3; Genevieve Shiroma, Ward 4; Rob Kerth, Ward 5; Larry Carr, Ward 6; Bill Slaton, Vice President, Ward 7; Arlen Orchard, Diana Molart [sic].

There’s a most interesting and even legal aspect about the above information.  Eric Windheim is no dummy regarding electromagnetic radiation, but knows what he talks about.  Read the article “Living Inside An Electrical Cage Without Knowing It,” which originally was published in Health Fitness Magazine.  Take note of: The EMF symptoms: What is the cage; Why EMF will bring disability; The origin of the lie that high EMF won’t harm you; Who’s affected by EMF.

Mr. Windheim’s qualifications include: Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist and Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant, who owns and operates Windheim EMF  in Sacramento, California…

There’s another article, “EMFs – The Dangers of Modern Convenience,” written by Leigh Erin Connealy, MD, MPH, which appears at the end (Pg. 7) of that webpage.  Dr. Connealy notes that EMFs “also alter hormone levels.”

The question I have for all utility company engineers and paid medical experts utilities bring to court is this:  How come there is such a deliberate denial of  the dangers of electromagnetic energy, especially those non-thermal radiation waves emitted by AMI Smart Meters, cell phones, cell and mast towers, Wi-Fi, and all ‘smart’ appliances?

What are you hiding, and why?

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

Catherine’s NEW book: Eat To Beat Disease, Foods Medicinal Qualities ©2016 Catherine J Frompovich is now available

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Canada Becomes First Western Country To Legalize Bestiality-Vaccinate Them-Fluoridate Them And Provide Animals For Comfort-Oh Canada!

Canada legalizes bestiality

Having sex with animals is now legal in Canada, according to an astonishing new ruling by the Canadian Supreme Court.

According to the law on bestiality – citizens are now permitted to have sexual relations with animals as long as there is no penetration involved. reports: The determination stemmed from a case involving a British Columbia man convicted of 13 counts sexually assaulting his stepdaughters – including one count of bestiality. But the man, identified only as “DLW”, was acquitted of the bestiality count with the new ruling.

DLW’s attorneys argued that bestiality linked to “buggery” – or sodomy – with animals beginning with an 1892 criminal code. Bestiality was first used in a 1955 code, but still was not defined to encompass every sex act with animals.

“Although bestiality was often subsumed in terms such as sodomy or buggery, penetration was the essence – ‘the defining act’ – of the offence,” the court said.

Thus, the court ruled by a 7–1 majority that bestiality required penetration.

“There is no hint in any of the parliamentary record that any substantive change to the elements of the offence of bestiality was intended,” the ruling reads.

According to court record DLW smeared peanut butter on the genitals of his victims and had the family dog lick it off while he videotaped the act.

Court documents disclose that DLW attempted to have the dog perform intercourse on the stepdaughter, but that ultimately failed.

DLW is serving a 16 year prison sentence. He brought the bestitality conviction to the court on appeal.

Justice Rosalie Abella was the lone dissenter, and had suggested that the court deny the appeal.

“Acts with animals that have a sexual purpose are inherently exploitative whether or not penetration occurs,” she wrote.

Representatives for Animal Justice, who brought the case to the Supreme Court, said the ruling should encourage Parliament to act on changing “outdated” laws that fail to protect the country’s animals.

“As of today, Canadian law gives animal abusers license to use animals for their own sexual gratification,” executive director of Animal Justice Camille Labchuk told The Independent via emailed statement. “This is completely unacceptable, contrary to societal expectations, and cannot be allowed to continue.”

Animal Justice implored Parliament to pass the Modernizing Animal Protections Act.

“This much-needed bill updates the animal offences in the Criminal Code,” Ms Labchuk added, “and closes this dangerous loophole to make it crystal clear that all forms of sexual activity between a person and an animal are unacceptable.”

British PM Theresa May: Pedophiles Should be Allowed to Adopt Children Too

Read more at:

With Theresa May on seriously shaky ground as the current Conservative leader and British Prime Minister, details of an executive order she made that would give more rights to child abusers, has come to light. May had ordered a review of current legislation that would prevent pedophiles from adopting children claiming that it was a “breach of their human rights”.


Holton Park Girls

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