President Vladimir Putin awards Russian ‘Rambo’ who died fighting ISIS top military honour

Anthony Bond, Rachel Bishop — The Mirror May 1, 2016

Alexander Prokhorenko

Vladimir Putin has awarded a soldier dubbed “Russian Rambo,” who was killed fighting ISIS, the country’s highest military honour.

The Russian president has ordered brave Aleksandr Prokhorenko be posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation, according to Russian state news agency Sputnik.

The 25-year-old was part of a team of fighters battling to liberate the city of Palmyra from ISIS.

Russian officials say the father bravely ordered an airstrike on himself after he was surrounded by Islamic State militants.

His body was flown into Moscow this week and welcomed by the brave soldier’s heartbroken wife Ekaterina who is pregnant with their first child.

In a further tribute, the soldier’s old school also plans to name the facility after him.

A teacher at Gorodetskoy Middle School said Prokhorenko was a wonderful student, and the school won many competitions because of his participation.

Nadezhda Rusinova said: “It is a real act of bravery that we will tell our pupils about,” said a teacher at the school.

“After all, to order an airstrike on yourself is something that not everybody would be able to do.”

The heroic last words of the solider – who feared he would be captured, tortured, killed and his body mutilated – were revealed after his death.

A transcript of his final communications with Russian Special Forces reveals the moment he was surrounded by ISIS ‘b*******’ and low on ammunition as he attempted to hold off gunfire.

He was ordered to move to safety before the air strike but told his commander he couldn’t escape the area, before adding: “Conduct the airstrike now, please hurry.”

He went on to say: “I am surrounded, they are outside, I don’t want them to take me and parade me, conduct the airstrike, they will make a mockery of me and this uniform.

“I want to die with dignity and take all these bastards with me. please my last wish, conduct the airstrike, they will kill me either way.”

In his last communication he said: “This is the end commander, thank you, tell my family and my country I love them. Tell them I was brave and I fought until I could no longer.

“Please take care of my family, avenge my death, goodbye commander, tell my family I love them.”

His wife Ekaterina reportedly had ‘no idea’ her husband was serving in Syria.

Alexander Prokhorenko with his wife Ekaterina. click to enlarge

Alexander Prokhorenko with his wife Ekaterina. click to enlarge

One source revealed Alexander felt like ‘the happiest man in the world’ when he wed Ekaterina 18 months ago.

The fearless officer was directing Russian airstrikes at Islamic State targets near the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria when he was surrounded by terrorists.

Not prepared to go down without a fight, he ordered military officials to drop bombs on his location and died in the blast.

According to the Russian newspaper Orenday, Alexander spoke lovingly about his partner and his dreams of becoming a soldier in his wedding video.

The newspaper said the video shows Alexander, known to pals as Sasha, talking about how he considers himself to be the happiest man on Earth.

With a trembling voice, he said that all his dreams had come true as he had “the best wife in the world” and was serving the nation he loved.

A spokesperson for the Russian military said: “An officer of Russian special operations forces was killed near Palmyra while carrying out a special task to direct Russian airstrikes at Islamic State group targets.

“The officer was carrying out a combat task in Palmyra area for a week, identifying crucial IS targets and passing exact coordinates for strikes with Russian planes.

“The officer died as a hero, he drew fire onto himself after being located and surrounded by terrorists.”

Moscow has been tight-lipped about having any soldiers on the ground throughout its campaign in Syria that began on September 30.

Last week IS-linked media said that five Russian special forces were killed near Palmyra, publishing pictures from their cellphones and a video showing a bloodied corpse.

However Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov at the time denied that Russian officers were participating in the advance on Palmyra, saying that “the advance is carried out by contingents of the Syrian army”.

Syrian troops on Thursday entered the ancient city of Palmyra, which had been controlled by IS since last May, and clashes were ongoing in the city.

Backed by Russian warplanes and allied militia on the ground, the Syrian army advanced into Palmyra after launching a desert offensive early this month, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The defence ministry in Moscow said Russian aircraft carried out 146 strikes on “terrorist targets” in the Palmyra area between Wednesday and last Sunday.


Russia Defense Report: The Hero of Palmyra

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Giant Cauldrons in Siberia Protecting the Earth for Thousands of Years ?

Tunguska Meteor





Explorers find UFO fragments in Tunguska meteorite area
08/10/2004 15:13
The meteorite flight culminated in the powerful blast up to 40 Mt of trotyl equivalent

Members of the scientific expedition of the Siberian state foundation Tunguska Space Phenomenon say they have managed to uncover blocks of an extraterrestrial technical device. The space body, which was later called the Tunguska meteorite, fell down on Earth on June 30th 1908, 65 kilometers off the Vanavara settlement, the Evenkiya republic.

The first expedition to study the Tunguska meteorite was organized in 1927. Professor Leonid Kulik headed the mission. However, explorers have never managed to discover any fragments of the celestial body.

The press service of the Evenkiya republic administration reported the expedition worked in the western part of the region in the summer of the current year. The mission’s itinerary was based on the results of the space footage analysis. Explorers believe they have discovered blocks of an extraterrestrial technical device, which crashed down on Earth on June 30th, 1908. In addition, expedition members found the so-called “deer” – the stone, which Tunguska eyewitnesses repeatedly mentioned in their stories. Explorers delivered a 50-kilogram piece of the stone to the city of Krasnoyarsk to be studied and analyzed.

It is generally believed a giant ball of fire flew above Central Siberia before the Tunguska meteorite blast. Scientists have analyzed hundreds of eyewitnesses’ stories and revealed a still inexplicable detail. Thunder-like sounds and incredible light effects were seen not only during and after the bolide flight, but also before it. Several eyewitnesses, including a political exile (a highly-educated individual), mentioned that in their stories. It is very hard to explain it with subjective mistakes, because such affirmations reiterate independently. Observers were located tens of kilometers far from the area of the fall. A ballistic wave could not create such a sound: it could remain behind the bolide, but it could never outdistance it. The only real explanation can be linked with powerful electromagnetic phenomena, albeit scientists have not developed a complete analysis of the issue from this point of view.

Another circumstance is tied with the direction of the body’s movement. On the ground of eyewitnesses’ testimonies collected in the 1920s and 1930s, scientists concluded the bolide had flown northwards from the south. The analysis of the woods destruction, though, testified to the westwards movement of the body from the east. It is noteworthy it is the direction that can be traced in eyewitnesses’ stories.

The discrepancy is evident. A lot of scientists have tried to explain the mysterious phenomenon using various approaches. It was particularly said several bolides had flown above the Siberian woods in 1908. This point of view seems to be rather unfounded – no eyewitness could see several bolides in one day. Another theory provoked a discussion in the scientific world, when professor F.Zigel proposed the meteorite maneuvered in the Earth’s atmosphere. It would be possible to discuss the theory only if the Tunguska meteorite was a man-caused catastrophe. The meteorite flight culminated in the powerful blast up to 40 Mt of trotyl equivalent.


Read more:


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Russian Orthodox Churches Going Up In Flames In NYC-Australia And Russia-Is This Bolshevik Lightning?

This same day a Macedonian Orthodox church burned down in Australia, and the Serbian Orthodox Church in NYC. Scenes show a huge raging inferno in the NYC one and that 170 firefighters are at the scene. There is some kind of explosives and fuel for this fire. It is very suspicious as the first thing the jesuit priest Joseph Stalin did in Russia was burn out Orthodox churches.


People were evacuated and an emergency helicopter was deployed after a hotel in a 19th century building on the premises of historic Valaam monastery in northern Russia caught fire.

The huge blaze covering some 800 square meters (8,600 sq feet) started on Sunday morning, as the Orthodox Christian community was celebrating Easter day.

© Emercom

It erupted in the ‘Winter Hotel,’ located in the historic building. The structure constructed in the 1850s is considered a national heritage site. Belonging to Valaam monastery, the building is right next to the monastery’s main cathedral.

There were no casualties in the incident, emergency services reported. Some 70 people have been evacuated from the site.

A Russia’s Emergencies Ministry helicopter has been deployed from St. Petersburg to help fight the flames, and so far has conducted 11 water drops. One more helicopter is on stand-by. Two hovercrafts have also been deployed.

© Emercom

Valaam monastery, on an island in Lake Ladoga in Karelia, northern Russia, is a popular destination for pilgrims and tourists. Known for its natural beauty as well as revered religious sites dating back to the 14th century, the island is visited by more than a hundred thousand people every year.


Ustashi successfully escaped. Of crimes against humanity (1955) That Pope Pius XII and Jesuit Superior General Jean-Baptiste Janssens did financial support and lobby for the election of staunch Catholic President Ngo Dinh Diem as President of South Vietnam in 1955. That upon being elected, the Catholic Church promoted Diem as a Catholic dictator in persecuting Buddhism and all non-catholic interests. That in 1958, the Catholic Church did then arrange an agreement With Ho Chi Minh that the Catholic Church would not oppose him if he invaded the South and that all money earnt from the drug trade would be split more equitably on the condition of protecting French Catholic families and their land holdings managing the opium farms of the Jesuits. That these deliberate actions did ferment the conditions Vietnam War. Furthermore, upon the commencement of guerilla actions against the South, the Catholic Church through the CIA did convince the American government to support the Catholic South. That upon the election of John F. Kennedy as President, Cardinal Spellman did convince him to escalate the military support of the United States. That as a result of these deliberate actions of the Catholic Church, over 2,000,000 were killed, including over 50,000 US casualties.

Full Text

Joseph Stalin

The more credible and controversial conclusion is that Stalin did graduate from the Jesuit Seminary as a proper Jesuit priest, with his first assignment being to infiltrate and manage the Georgian underground against the Russian Tsarist Government.

Again, the fact that Stalin was awarded an academic position at the Tiflis Observatory gives credence to his Jesuit credentials and completed study. His double life as a secret leader of the May day uprising of 1901 less than 2 years from graduating from the Jesuit seminary attests to his skill as a key Jesuit agent.

In 1903, Stalin was exiled to Siberia for three years. However, a few months later the Jesuits managed to get false papers to the prison camp and free Stalin, who returned to Tiflis on January 4, 1904.

His new orders from the Jesuits was to start an underground paper called Credo, denouncing international Marxist ideology of Lenin in favour of the Facist Social-Democratic model of Roman Catholicism. Once the Russo-Japanese War started in February 1904, Stalin was active across Georgia in organizing resistance and focused attacks against the Mensheivik breakaway faction of the communists.

See Japan’s Swindler’s List

In January 9 1905, Stalin succeeded in starting the spark his masters had requested by successfully arranging a mass demonstration of workers with communist and anti-Tsarist banners in Baku. He then secretly alerted the Cossacks that the demonstration was an armed rebellion. The Cossacks reacted as expected and killed several hundred demonstrators thus sparking the Russian Revolution of 1905.

By 1922, the Bolsheviks had won the Civil War, but left the whole country broke. The Rothschilds and the American Jesuit Bankers on Wall Street made a simple offer – they would help fund and bail out new new Soviet Union, providing Stalin was given a key role. Thus on April 3, 1922, Stalin was made General Secretary of the Central Commitee, a post hew subsequently grew to become the most powerful.

In spite of his position, Lenin still sought to thwart the influence of Stalin and in December 1923 it came to a head with Lenin planning to have Stalin finally eliminated. In January 1924, Jesuit Superior General Wlodimir Ledochowski gave the order to Stalin allowing him to kill Lenin and on January 21, 1924, Lenin was poisoned to death at the age of 53.

One of the earliest acts of Stalin was to begin the outlawing of the Russian Orthodox Church, allowing seized thousands of churches and schools to be handed over to the Catholic Church- a highly controversal program that has largely been unreported even to this day. By 1939, the Russian Orthodox Church was all but extinct.

But what is rarely if ever published is that the Head of the Death Camps of Siberia was none other than Catholic Cardinal Gregory Agagianian, his former classmate at the Jesuit Seminary of Tiflis.

Tens of millions of people burnt alive under Satanic Vatican rituals in Siberia –

Towards the end of his life, there appears a major falling out between Stalin and the Catholic Church, with Stalin ordering extraordinary suppression orders against the Catholic Church in his final year, including the execution of Lubyanka General Alexander Poskrebyshev—who oversaw the hanging of Vlasov in the Lubyanka—and NKVD General Nicolai Vlasik.

Shortly thereafter, Stalin was poisoned and died on March 5, 1953.

List of most evil crimes Type Year Crime Of publishing a false statement for the purpose of concealment of status: (1900 to present day) That the Catholic Church, more specifically the Jesuit Order has maintained countless false statements and documents pertaining to the status of Joseph Stalin. That Fr. Joseph Stalin S.J. was a trained, dedicated and fully ordained Catholic priest of the Jesuit order, who was recruited for a historic mission in his final year at the seminary in 1899. That in addition to failing to recognize Fr Joseph Stalin S. J. Furthermore, that the Jesuit Order did permit Fr Stalin to marry not once but twice, while remaining a fully ordained priest. That for his entire life until his death, there is no indication that Fr Joseph Stalin S. J. was ever defrocked as a priest. Of Murder (political assassination) (1924): That Jesuit Superior General Wlodimir Ledochowski did order Fr. Joseph Stalin S. murder the leader of Communist Russia on January 21, 1924, aged 53. That Fr. Stalin did act to protect his position and mission as General Secretary of the Communist Party upon the insistence of Lenin that he be removed. That not only did Stalin have Lenin poisioned, but that he did spread rumours upon his ascendancy to absolute power that Lenin has been mentally unwell for the last few years of his reign and had even died from Syphilis. Of one of the greatest crimes against humanity : (1939-1945) That the Catholic Church through its deliberate placement of key figures including loyal Catholics Mussolini, Hitler, Franco and Fr Stalin S,J. and through its financing of a second European arms race including the deliberate extension of the war is directly and ultimately responsible for the deaths of in excess of 63,000,000 people between 1939 and 1945. What is of supreme depravity and inhumanity is that this was done by an organization that maintains the façade of being a “good” religion headed by a position known as “his holiness”. Furthermore, that the Catholic Church did profit on this terrible act of evil. Of open contempt for church law for the purpose of promoting crimes against humanity : (1953 to present)


May Day Rallies Across The World Turn Violent

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New Sites For Annsjournal And Buffalohair.Jage

New post

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Israel ‘outraged’ that people are catching on to their pathology

Israel ‘outraged’ that people are catching on to their pathology

Back in 2015 the Journal of Evolutionary Psychological Science published a study that provided yet more evidence that “individuals with psychopathic traits may be able to express fraudulent emotions that appear genuine to the people around them.” The authors added, “[I]ndividuals involved in predatory behavior need to appear to be cooperative and ‘normal’ to successfully take advantage of others.”

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the common emotional rhetoric of Israeli politicians. In the past week Netanyahu has claimed ‘outrage’ that the UN would dare support Syria’s claim to its territory in the Golan Heights, and Israel’s representative to the UN, Danny Danon claimed in a heated debate that it is fine for Israel to abduct children because “terrorists’ deserved no other treatment.”

But of course Israel’s minister of defense would think otherwise. He opined just a few months back that the IDF and Sunni terrorists in Syria were on the ‘same page’. Therefore, applying Israeli political logic, if they’re 5 years old they’re a target for illegal abduction. But if they’re a group of drugged-out head-choppers selling Israel stolen oil, then they’re ‘just fine by us’.

So perhaps it’s time to step in and issue a reminder of what is truly ‘outrageous’ in this situation. What is outrageous is a sadistic regime which steals the land of its neighbors, openly sides with terrorists to steal their resources, and proceeds to torture and murder an entire ethnic group while claiming ‘defense against terrorism’. All this while Netanyahu has the gall to say, with a straight face, “Israel, [is] the only true democracy in the Middle East.”

What is outrageous is video after video after video showing terrified Palestinian children (as young as 5 years old) shaking and sobbing as they or their loved ones are being abducted by Israeli military. And no, they are not being arrested; they are being abducted. An arrest process involves some form of judicial process that leads to evidence being presented in court, but in Israel it is the military that decides what to do with the children, in secret, without oversight.

© Al Jazeera
A young Palestinian victim of Israeli torture

They call these children ‘terrorists’ as Israeli soldiers proceed to lock them up, sexually abuse them, tase them, and physically abuse them for months on end. Imagine a young child, whose mind is easily traumatized by being lost in a grocery store for more than a matter of minutes, being torn from his or her parents at 3 am and taken to a detention center for months at a time.

Mind you, contrary to what an Israeli spokesperson will tell you, this is not a reasonable punishment for throwing stones, or any crime whatsoever. No, this on-going torture of Palestinian children is an act of terrorism so abominable that it utterly defies comprehension. But that is only one of many ‘outrageous’ acts that Israel commits on a regular basis.

A Palestinian woman and her teenage brother were recently shot dead by Israeli forces. The IDF claimed that the two had knives and were attacking a check-point.

A bystanders reports a very different scene:

Alaa Soboh, a Palestinian bus driver who said he witnessed the incident, told Reuters the pair appeared to be unfamiliar with crossing procedures and were swiftly challenged at the checkpoint.

“As soon as the two crossed, (Israeli forces) started screaming ‘Go back, go back’, and then they began shooting. The first one they shot was the girl … the boy tried to go backward, when they fired seven bullets at him,” Soboh said.

In the tradition of ‘Israeli justice’, the IDF’s claims do not need to be substantiated. This is how life ends in Palestine, and it is 100% backed by the political establishment which agrees that ‘anyone who pulls out a screwdriver’ must be killed. These two young adults joined the thousands shot, injured or killed by Israeli soldiers. There were 2,617 cases in the month of October, 2015 alone. And as if this weren’t bad enough, the military then routinely shoots up their already dead corpses.

This is Netanyahu’s idea of a ‘true democracy’ – now that is outrageous. The military decides who lives and dies, so the presence or otherwise of a knife, or a screwdriver, at the crime-scene is irrelevant. The simple claim ‘she had a screwdriver’ will suffice – now that is outrageous.

So while Netanyahu is ‘outraged,’ the entire world should be furious that this psychopathic group claims to be ‘outraged’ for shock emotional value, when in fact it is their sadistic torture of men, women, and children, and their daylight executions of same, that are at the very core of why we feel outraged at the Israeli state in the first place. One look at this video should remind us all of that:

Every single human being on this planet needs to imagine this little boy as their own and this drama taking place in your life because, the odds are, it will unless people do something soon; we are on a downhill slide to absolute totalitarianism on this planet, almost everywhere and if you think you are exempt or exceptional, think again. And if you are a member of the elite, recall the French Revolution and how many elite heads rolled off the scaffold of Mme. Guillotine.



Corey is a regular co-host on SOTT Radio Network’s Truth Perspective. A social worker by training, his passions include research, music, crisis management, and creating tasty dishes in the kitchen.


In other news

How Israel lobby manufactured UK Labour Party’s anti-Semitism crisis

And of course there was a relatively similar incident at Harvard. Apparently when one of the overlords smell like death eating crackers on a bar stool, nobody is allowed to point it out.

One law student asked Zhipi Livi why she smelled so bad. They almost wanted to turn it into an international incident with barrages of flame against the student.

The only quesion should be well does the beast smell bad or doesn’t she?


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