What Happened To Hitler’s Frozen Sperm












Simple answer: It is cheering on the banderistas. The really sad thing is reading posts where people think she will change course and actually do something right for Germany. Look into her eyes!

The Stasi File


According to the Stasi GDR File, the daughter of Hitler is now holding the same office as her father – Chancellor of Germany. She is said to be the most powerful human being on Earth since she is also the President of the European Union (EU) and head of the powerful Western Economic Block known as the G-8.

More concerning is that Hitler’s dream of uniting Europe under German/Vatican control is now within his daughter’s reach.

In 1954, a child was born, a baby girl, whom the Stasi File identifies as Angela Merkel, today’s Chancellor of Germany. Her official birthday is July 17, 1954. However, the Stasi file which is currently in the Soviet KGB archives, records her birth as April 20, 1954. If this secret police citizen’s file in the Ministerium für Staatssicherheit (GDR) is correct, then Hitler’s daughter, Angela Merkel, was born on Adolph Hitler’s birthday – April 20.


Angela Merkel’s birth, as detailed in the Stasi file, was based on the research of the German Doctor Karl Klauberg. Klauberg was classified as one of the worst Nazi ‘ Angel of Death ’ doctors and was convicted by the Soviet Courts as a ‘war criminal’.

According to the reports, Doctor Klauberg was released by the Soviets after serving only seven years of his sentence in return for turning over to the KGB his hidden files on his Nazi artificial insemination experiments and, more horrifically, the frozen sperm of the former Nazi Dictator, Adolf Hitler. Hitler’s father, who took the name Hitler, was the illegitimate son of Solomon Rothschild’s mistress Anna Maria Schicklgruber.

Upon receipt of the Nazi files on artificial insemination, along with Hitler’s frozen sperm, the Soviet Politicheskoye Buro (Politburo) authorized the experiments to ‘resurrect’, ‘if possible’, a child bearing the ‘genetic markers’ of Adolph Hitler.
Doctor Klauberg brought Gretl Braun to the GDR (Communist East Germany). She was the youngest sister of Hitler’s wife, Eva Braun. Gretl Braun was chosen as the ‘surrogate’ mother of Hitler’s offspring using artificial insemination from Hitler’s frozen sperm.

Gretl Braun was a member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), whose ideology centered on the principles of Marxism and the interests of the working class and trade unions.

When Doctor Klauberg returned to West Germany, he was promptly imprisoned. He was murdered two years later while still in custody.


Soon after the birth of Hilter’s baby girl, an agreement between the Soviets, the Americans and the Vatican was arranged. Hitler’s baby was placed under the ‘control’ of the Catholic Church through its ‘connections’ with the GDR Lutheran Church which took custody of the baby. She was given a false date of birth, July 17, and the name Angela Dorothea Kasner, daughter of Horst Kasner, a Lutheran pastor, and his wife, Herlind – an English and Latin teacher. There in the countryside at Templin in East Germany, Merkel was raised about 50 miles north of Berlin, the capital of the socialist German Democratic Republic (GDR).

The central theme of the “agreement” of the Western Allied Powers, the Vatican, and the Soviets was that Hitler’s daughter would be elevated to international power…but her ascendancy to power would not come until “the Vatican also brought to power a German Pope”. In the wake of the death of Pope John Paul II, the former German Nazi Joseph Ratzinger was nominated. He took the name of Pope Benedict XVI on April 20, 2005, as Vicar of Rome. Is it a coincidence that this date was the anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birthday?

In 1977, Angela Dorothea Kasner became Angela Merkel with her marriage to physicist Ulrich Merkel, but the marriage ended in divorce in 1982. She was elected Chancellor of Germany shortly after Pope Ratzinger assumed the Leadership of the Roman Church on Hitler’s birthday.

Merkel didn’t enter politics until the age of 35 after the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1990. She has been reluctant to discuss her past and private life. Her biography stops short of suggesting that her father worked for the Stasi, the notorious East German secret police. But it says his pro-regime attitude helped Angela’s career – allowing her to study at an elite school, and go on to university, at a time when the children of clergy were routinely refused admission. The teenage Merkel, like virtually all of her contemporaries, joined the Freie Deutsche Jugend (FDJ), the communist youth organisation.

If the Soviet record is true, and the evidence is strong, it opens up some amazing possibilities. The undeniable fact is that Angela Merkel came from obscurity to triumviral power as German Chancellor, President of the European Union, and head of the powerful G-8 economic cartel.

In an interview with the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in July 2005, Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted to an unusual obsession with the works of composer Richard Wagner, who was a Satanist. Wagner wrote the infamous composition called “Parsifal”, which was a favorite of Adolf Hitler as well. Hitler stated that the music of Wagner occupied his mind. Like Adolf Hitler, Angela Merkel is deeply fascinated with Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries”. The Valkyries were minor female deities that would ride through every battle to gather the most valiant of the slain and carry them off to a place called Valhalla where they would wait to join the army of Odin in the last battle at the end of the world.

Except for the little moustache, Merkel has a striking resemblance to Adolph Hitler. She is also a dead ringer for her mother – Gretl Braun.

Note: It is not certain that artificial insemination was necessary


Angela’a Ukraine allies seem to have the same kind of connections that dear old dad enjoyed.

Ukraine’s treasures starting with shipping 300 tons of Ukrainian gold to US.  President – Poroshenko (real name Valtsman) – JewPresident Turchinov (real name Kogan) – Jew Prime Minister Yatsenyuk (Buckeye) – Jew Minister of Finance Alexander Shlapak –Jew Secretary of national security and Defense Andrew Parubiy-Jew Vice Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman – a Jew Interior Minister Arsen Avakov – Armenian Jew Minister of CultureSergei Nischuk – Jew Mason – Director of the National Bank Stepan Kubiv – Jew Head of the Administration of President Sergey Pashinskiy-Jew The main presidential candidates from the opposition Yulia Tymoshenko (real name Celia Kapitelman) – JewishVitali Klitschko (real name Etinzon) – a Jew by his father Oleg Tyagnibok (real name Frotman) – a Jew mom Dmitry (Avdimou) Yarosh – Jew Hasid Who is fighting who? Is it Ukrainian people they are fighting for or for the above mentioned, self-proclaimed government, who brought only death to to Ukraine?

For those flitting around on the web ebbing with adoration for Hitler, actually hoping for another one and proclaiming the innocence of Rome, I advise a dose of healthy skepticism. In fact the fourth reich is well underway and this is one means of obscuring this fact to the masses.

In other news

Some are proclaiming a reprint of the book Hitler had written for him “Mein Kampfe” is set to hit the store shelves again soon in Germany.


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Be Useful Or Be Dead (US Proxies)




Martyrdom on demand: if not of use alive, perhaps of use dead? US-backed opposition groups in Russia have so far failed utterly to produce results. Their transparent subservience to Washington coupled with their distasteful brand of politics has left a rather unpleasant taste in the mouth of most Russians. Each attempt to spread the “virus” of color revolution to Moscow, as US Senator John McCain called it, has failed – and each attempt has fallen progressively flatter.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has never been more popular. His ability to weather serial provocations aimed at Russia by NATO has made him a champion against the perceived growing injustice exacted against the developing world by an increasingly militaristic and exploitative West.

So when US-backed opposition groups in Russia decided to gather again this coming March 1, Sunday, many wondered just exactly what they expected to accomplish.

Bloomberg just a day ago, would report in an article titled, “Anti-Putin Opposition Looks to Russian Spring for Revival,” that:
Just before he was jailed for handing out leaflets at a metro station, Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny used his last moments in a Moscow court to record a video urging supporters to join a March 1 protest against President Vladimir Putin.

Navalny’s removal from the “Spring” rally by a 15-day sentence underlined the beleaguered state of an opposition movement that brought 100,000 onto Moscow’s streets three years ago as well as the Kremlin’s unease about the potential for unrest in Russia.

Squeezed by government persecution and Putin’s near-record approval rating, Russia’s opposition is betting that an unfolding economic crisis will spark a spring revolt on a scale last seen at the winter protests of 2011-2012, the largest since the collapse of Communism 20 years earlier. It seeks to draw as many as 100,000 people to the “anti-crisis march” in Moscow, with protests also planned in 15 other cities. They’ll highlight declining living standards and the conflict in eastern Ukraine that triggered U.S. and European Union sanctions against Russia.
The article however, also stated that:
The opposition “hasn’t been this weak for many years,” Stefan Meister, an analyst at the German Council of Foreign Relations in Berlin, said by phone. “Even when we have a growing economic crisis in Russia, there’s still high support for Putin.”
Clearly to match the expectations the “spring” rally was meant to have, to infuse the “virus” US Senator McCain had claimed was intended for Moscow, something drastic would have to be done to change the current calculus.

The prospect of triggering sustainable unrest aimed at the Kremlin was beyond impossible – that is – until the leader of the planned protest was shot dead, practically on the steps of the Kremlin itself in the heart of Moscow.

Boris Nemtsov, was reportedly shot four times in the back on Friday night in a drive-by shooting. His body laid conveniently for media photographers to capture the Kremlin looming in the background.

Russia immediately condemned the killing, with President Putin noting it was an act of “pure provocation.”

Nemtsov’s Questionable Ties to US Agitators

Nemtsov had led US-backed opposition protests for years. In 2012, he was caught literally walking into the US Embassy in Moscow to meet with then newly appointed US Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul who had serve on the board of directors of Freedom House and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

The significance of this cannot be overstated.

It was in 2004, when Michael McFaul would write in the Washington Post in an op-ed titled, “‘Meddling’ In Ukraine Democracy is not an American plot,” that:
Did Americans meddle in the internal affairs of Ukraine? Yes. The American agents of influence would prefer different language to describe their activities — democratic assistance, democracy promotion, civil society support, etc. — but their work, however labeled, seeks to influence political change in Ukraine. The U.S. Agency for International Development, the National Endowment for Democracy and a few other foundations sponsored certain U.S. organizations, including Freedom House, the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute, the Solidarity Center, the Eurasia Foundation, Internews and several others to provide small grants and technical assistance to Ukrainian civil society. The European Union, individual European countries and the Soros-funded International Renaissance Foundation did the same.
Added to McFaul’s confession, are similar reports such as the Guardian’s 2004 article titled, “US campaign behind the turmoil in Kiev,” which reported:
But while the gains of the orange-bedecked “chestnut revolution” are Ukraine’s, the campaign is an American creation, a sophisticated and brilliantly conceived exercise in western branding and mass marketing that, in four countries in four years, has been used to try to salvage rigged elections and topple unsavoury regimes.

Funded and organised by the US government, deploying US consultancies, pollsters, diplomats, the two big American parties and US non-government organisations, the campaign was first used in Europe in Belgrade in 2000 to beat Slobodan Milosevic at the ballot box.

Richard Miles, the US ambassador in Belgrade, played a key role. And by last year, as US ambassador in Tbilisi, he repeated the trick in Georgia, coaching Mikhail Saakashvili in how to bring down Eduard Shevardnadze.

Ten months after the success in Belgrade, the US ambassador in Minsk, Michael Kozak, a veteran of similar operations in central America, notably in Nicaragua, organised a near identical campaign to try to defeat the Belarus hardman, Alexander Lukashenko.

That one failed. “There will be no Kostunica in Belarus,” the Belarus president declared, referring to the victory in Belgrade.

But experience gained in Serbia, Georgia and Belarus has been invaluable in plotting to beat the regime of Leonid Kuchma in Kiev.

The operation – engineering democracy through the ballot box and civil disobedience – is now so slick that the methods have matured into a template for winning other people’s elections.
It is important to understand what the US did in Ukraine, Serbia, Georgia, Belarus, and Nicaragua, and who was involved, because that is precisely what the US repeated in 2011 amid the so-called “Arab Spring,” and again in 2013-2014 during the so-called “Euromaidan,” and precisely what they are attempting to do in Russia itself today.

That Nemtsov was meeting directly with McFaul who openly works to subvert governments to suit special interests in Washington and on Wall Street, gives some indication of just how closely tied to US meddling Nemtsov was.

In addition to Nemtsov’s direct contact with representatives of US-backed sedition, Nemtsov’s adviser, Vladimir Kara-Murza, has attended NED forums including one in 2011 titled, “Elections in Russia: Polling and Perspectives,” and an NED forum in 2013 titled, “Russia: A Postmodern Dictatorship?” which was jointly presented by Kara-Murza’s “Institute ofModern Russia,” a joint-US Neo-Con/US-backed Russian opposition propaganda clearing house.

The height of US-backed regime change appeared to be the so-called “Arab Spring.” The Atlantic, in an article titled, “The Arab Spring: ‘A Virus That Will Attack Moscow and Beijing’,” would state:
[US Senator John McCain] said, “A year ago, Ben-Ali and Gaddafi were not in power. Assad won’t be in power this time next year. This Arab Spring is a virus that will attack Moscow and Beijing.” McCain then walked off the stage.

Comparing the Arab Spring to a virus is not new for the Senator — but to my knowledge, coupling Russia and China to the comment is.

Senator McCain’s framing reflects a triumphalism bouncing around at this conference. It sees the Arab Spring as a product of Western design — and potentially as a tool to take on other non-democratic governments.

At an earlier session, Senator Udall said that those who believed that the Arab Spring was an organic revolution from within these countries were wrong — and that the West and NATO in particular had been primary drivers of results in Libya — and that the West had helped animate and move affairs in Egypt. Udall provocatively added Syria to that list as well.
“This virus” may have overwhelmed governments around the world at first, but since then, success has been limited with major setbacks in Thailand, Malaysia, and even in Egypt where US-backed regimes were either ousted by military coups, or never made it into power to begin with. Ukraine’s “Euromaidan,” while successful in Kiev, has led to Crimea’s return to Russia and a bitter civil war in the country’s eastern most provinces that have drained the lifeblood from Washington’s newly acquired client state.

It was clear that Washington’s “template” needed an upgrade. What could be done, just days ahead of another attempt to trigger sustainable unrest in Moscow? What could the movement use? A martyr.

Nemtsov, A Convenient Martyr… Too Convenient

The provocative murder in the center of Moscow, in close proximity to the Kremlin itself, would lead the more gullible members of the general public to imagine President Putin himself leaning back in his office chair with a rifle sticking out the window of the Kremlin, and gunning down his rival – in true super villain form.

Already, before any investigation has been conducted, Western news sources are attempting to imply the Kremlin was behind his murder – hoping the general public believes Russia’s leadership would be careless and thoughtless enough to commit such a provocative act just two days ahead of protests.

The BBC in its report, “Russia opposition politician Boris Nemtsov shot dead,” would claim:
He died hours after appealing for support for a march on Sunday in Moscow against the war in Ukraine.Russian President Vladimir Putin has condemned the murder, the Kremlin says.In a recent interview, Mr Nemtsov had said he feared Mr Putin would have him killed because of his opposition to the war in Ukraine.
Of course, the BBC also mentioned Nemtsov’s intentions of exploiting growing economic concerns in Russia, brought on entirely by sanctions placed on Russia by the United States and its allies regarding chaos admittedly caused by overt, admitted US meddling in Ukraine’s internal affairs.

It appears likely that rather than the Kremlin clumsily killing an opponent on their doorstep on the eve of a major protest, he was instead killed by either members of his own opposition movement, or by his US backers themselves. The combination of economic strain brought on by US sanctions, US-backed mobs planning to take to the streets, and now a martyr conventionality delivered just 2 days before the protest he was meant to lead was to take place, has the deck stacked with the most favorable cards to deliver the West the sort of sustainable chaos and unrest it has desired to create in Russia, and has admittedly created in neighboring Ukraine, according to America’s own former Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul.

A Message to America’s Proxies – Be Useful Alive, or Be Useful Dead

What must be going through the minds of Nemtsov’s colleagues who will undoubtedly repeat the West’s propaganda implying the Kremlin was behind his murder, but who know the Kremlin well enough to know that isn’t true?

They must now realize that any one of them could be next – that if their utility to their foreign sponsors alive is outweighed by their utility to them dead, they may be in tomorrow’s headlines for all the wrong reasons. Their options are limited – continuing as pawns of an increasingly violent, dangerous, and unstable collection of foreign interests or divesting from their roles as foreign-sponsored agitators, and reapproaching Russian politics in a more honest and constructive manner, even if their capacity remains in opposition to the current government – albeit in a diminished role lacking the resources Washington has lavished upon them.

To America’s proxies beyond Russia’s borders, they too must understand that the days of “color revolutions” sweeping targeted governments from power are over and that their lives are equally in danger of being spent for the cause of “martyrdom” to supercharge their floundering opposition movements.

Regarding Nemtsov’s murder, any good investigator would be tasked with the question, “to whose benefit?” Surely it would benefit the Kremlin to rid themselves of an opponents, but not in this manner. In fact, the only party that stood to benefit from his high-profile execution in the streets of Moscow were his own compatriots and his foreign backers who faced the prospect of yet another failed protest. Sympathy, they hope, will spur Russians who are on the fence politically to take to the streets, joining others who may have previously avoided protests because of Russia’s economic strength before US sanctions sank in.

The opposition, if they were not behind the murder of one of their own leaders, would not dare hold the protest this week – as it would be a shameless exploitation of this tragedy – and they would instead, for both security and respect, mourn the loss of Nemtsov thoughtfully. However, since they and their foreign backers were undoubtedly behind the murder, they will protest, shamelessly leveraging Nemtsov’s death to its fullest – using mourners to bolster their ranks.

When US Senator John McCain called America’s meddling abroad a “virus,” he meant it. It truly is a disease. And if Russians allow it to, it will corrupt and consume their entire nation just as it has corrupted and consumed the opposition planning to march.

Tony Cartalucci, Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

In other news media hostility towards Russia


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Ian Fleming’s Dr. No Based On Hitler’s Escape







Ian Fleming based his novels on Hitler and Eva Braun!!

Every writer bases his writings on real events. All great writers know how to mask their true meaning. Shakespeare based all of his characters on real historic people but he knew how to disguise his writings. The Bible is full of allegories or parables that only true Christians can understand.



The typical Ian Fleming spy novel has James Bond fighting SPECTRE (SMERSH) and escaping with his girlfriend while everything is blowing up behind them.

This typifies Operation James Bond, with Hitler the spy escaping with Eva Braun.

Mario Puzo used the same double meaning to great effect in his Godfather books.


For those flitting around on the web ebbing with adoration for Hitler, actually hoping for another one and proclaiming the innocence of Rome, I advise a dose of healthy skepticism. In fact the fourth reich is well underway and this is one means of obscuring this fact to the masses.

In other news



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Boris Nemtsov killed in Moscow


CUI BONO, who benefits? Putin has an 87% approval rating.

Scene of the shooting. Boris Nemtsov killed on a bridge leading to Red Square, with four shots in the back.

Mikhail Gorbachev believes that the possible purpose of the assassination of Boris Nemtsov is to destabilize Russia.

Nemtsov was due to take part in the Vesna (Spring) opposition rally on March 1.

Opposition leader Ilya Yashin said the murder was a contract killing and ‘politically motivated.’

Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, has said:

“With all due respect to the memory of Boris Nemtsov, in political terms he did not pose any threat to the current Russian leadership or Vladimir Putin.

“If we compare popularity levels, Putin’s and the government’s ratings and so on, in general Boris Nemtsov was just a little bit more than an average citizen.”

An official said: “Putin has stressed that this brutal murder has all [the] signs of a contract murder and is extremely provocative.”



It would not be the first time a vocal critic of Putin was the victim of a contract killing. Anna Politkovskaya was also a victim and Putin was immediately tried and found guilty in the western press. Events later proved the killers were Chechen.

“According to Pavlyuchenkov, it was Boris Berezovsky and former Chechen emissary in London Akhmed Zakayev who ordered the murder. The deputy editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta recalls that Anna Politkovskaya communicated with Berezovsky – who was killed or committed suicide in 2013, and was friends with Zakayev – as part of her job and did interviews.”


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Patrick Scrivener On The Fourth Reich









Greeks welcome Angela Merkel Hitler

Below are a few excerpts, the entire story is in the link above.

If you are wondering why German politicians don’t seem to concerned about banderistas running around Europe shooting up the place, this might explain a bit of it to you. They say Angela is looking frustrated lately and appears ready to crack. This I can believe. I couldn’t imagine having to take the spewed lies coming from the western press these days and have to present them to the public as being truth.

Adolf Hitler became chancellor of the Third Reich in 1933.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, MI6 wasted no time in introducing the Fourth Reich.

Angela Merkel Hitler became chancellor of the Fourth Reich in 2005.

Angela Merkel Hitler is the PERFECT PUPPET for the despicable spying agency called MI6 because the threat of exposure is like the Sword of Damocles hanging over her head.

The real Roman Emperor in Constantinople was supplanted by the creation of this counterfeit “Roman Empire” in the West. Charlemagne tried to annex the real Roman Empire by marrying Empress Irene.

King Pepin (714-768).
King Pepin (714–768).
King of the Franks from 752 to 768.

Pepin gave Pope Stephen II the Papal States in 755.

His son Charlemagne was crowned unholy Roman emperor by the Pope on December 25, 800.

This was the beginning of the First Reich.

The First Reich received a mighty blow from Saint Martin Luther on October 31, 1517. After the 30 Years’ War, some of the electors had to be chosen from Protestant Christian states and that was completely anathema to the Jesuits.

The Hitler’s retirement home in Argentina was made to look like the Berghof in Bavaria.

The Berghof, Argentina.
The Berghof, Argentina.

The Argentinean Berghof was designed to look like the Bavarian Berghof.

It was a very romantic location with spectacular scenery.

Hitler was not married when he arrived in Argentina in September 1945.

Hitler’s real love was his fellow spy Winifred Wagner, but he could not marry her because it would blow his cover as an MI6 agent. Eva was the quintessential”dumb blond” who’s only function was to be a cow or baby factory for Adolf. Their first child, Ursula, joined Adolf and Eva in September 1945.

Angela Hitler was named after her aunt Angela–the sister of Alois and Adolf. Eva probably flew on Pan Am to Hamburg for the birth . . . or Angela was born in Argentina and flown to West Germany for adoption.

Angela Hitler was named after her aunt Angela–sister of Adolf and Alois.

In 1954, she was adopted by Horst and Herlind Kasner in Hamburg, West Germany.

Horst’s MI6 cover was “Lutheran pastor” and Herlind was an English teacher.


Other links

For those flitting around on the web ebbing with adoration for Hitler, actually hoping for another one and proclaiming the innocence of Rome, I advise a dose of healthy skepticism. In fact the fourth reich is well underway and this is one means of obscuring this fact to the masses. It is what you call a limited hangout. (Bread and circuses) Paul Craig “Washington” Roberts would have you believe the master plan emanates from Washington.



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More Giant Sinkholes Are Appearing In Siberia And Are Being Linked To Thawing Methane Deposits







Last July a massive sinkhole appeared in Siberia which was 260 feet wide. Now more sinkholes are appearing and now Moscow scientist Professor Vasily Bogoyavlensky is calling for more investigation due to serious concerns for the safety of those living in these regions. No one can guarantee there will not be new emissions as Russian scientist report the average temperature in the area is rising. Dozens of new craters are suspected.


It is felt that heating of above surfaces is leading to large faultiness releasing gigantic bursts of methane gas. The nearest seismic station is too far away to measure for any tremors. This could be a bit like the Bermuda Triangle where mysterious gas bubbles appear and swallow ships. The Yamal Peninsula has it all, a place where sightings of the abominable snowman is still reported.

Another large hole recently found is surrounded by some 20 small craters. There are now a  known 7 arctic craters which may be related to this.

Some residents however did report seeing flashes of light and yes methane is explosive. The average temperature in the region has risen some 5 degrees per year recently.



Theories may arise it is all due to Russia firing rockets a the Ukraine but I would counsel skepticism should this be the case.


It does all seem related to climate change


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The Edgar Cayce Readings Indicate Israel Means Anyone Who Is A Seeker Of Truth-The Human Body Which Has Attained Purification Becomes Jerusalem








There is a universe of misunderstanding on this subject. Edgar Cayce gave some 14,000 readings from a trance state which were transcribed by a stenographer. He very seldom made an error when it pertains to things that had already happened and things to come.

The term Israel was used to describe spiritual development and the term Jerusalem used to describe those who had attained it. He did predict chaos and opposition around a soon to be created country in the middle east which would be named Israel. This later came to be.

There are many references in his readings which refer to Hebrews of the area but not Jews,with them later mostly converting to Islam and today known as Palestinians. There was a Hebrew sect in the country he discusses prominently referred to as the Essenes which produced the Dead Sea Scrolls and that Mary was a member of this metaphysical group as well as her son Jesus. Mary was chosen to give birth to the entity who would incarnate and manifest the light of the Christos to humanity.

The Essene scrolls describe the activities of the Essenes several hundred years before the birth of Jesus. The Cayce readings describe the Essenes before even their discovery through the Essene Scrolls. Much of the confusion we see around us today results from the Constantine version of the bible which severely distorts the Dead Sea Scrolls. He forgot to take out the part about the body being the temple of the spirit. Constantine was known to have spent time in India and used many of their spiritual concepts in order to write what is known as the bible. The Essene scrolls indicate that Jesus was very fond of the grape.

In fact Cayce goes into detail concerning the lost segments of the seekers (Israel) and mentions a portion of them settling in England near an area known as Stonehenge. This is a topic incidentally covered pretty well by writer Michael Tsarion who labels them Scythians or Irish. DNA tests do show a relation between Palestinians and the Irish.

There is a history of various groups in the world exterminating various cultures because it was felt they did not adhere to their particular brand of religion (religion roughly translates into the search for truth from the Greek) when in fact these groups were just as Cayce described, seeking the light. Strongly highlighted is The War between the Children of Light and the Children of Darkness and seems to echo the conflict between Cayce’s Atlantean Sons of the Law of One and the Sons of Belial. The Native American is one we are all familiar with. Their particular focus was communion with the Creator or “Great White Spirit“, also discussed here and most of us are familiar with this. In fact the goal of Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, the Science of Yoga, Hinduism (which incidentally translates to “the search for truth) etc. are engaged in this very same quest. It is the attempt to become Israel and attain Jerusalem which is open to all. When Jerusalem is attained, one becomes the Holy of Holies. When one becomes Israel, he in turn becomes the chosen of the Lord. In other words, the Lord or the light, chooses those who choose him/her. It is a bit more inclusive than what has been presented to us.


Let us take look at some small portions of the Edgar Cayce readings.


There are several Cayce readings related to a mysterious Hebrew sect known as the Essenes which are included in this section of the web site. The Essenes are currently receiving a great deal of attention in the archaeological community due to the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which describes their activities several hundred years before the birth of Christ. One of the documents is entitled The War between the Children of Light and the Children of Darkness and seems to echo the conflict between Cayce’s Atlantean Sons of the Law of One and the Sons of Belial, a concept the that James Cameron the creator Avatar and other movies seemed very familiar with. Also, Cayce indicated that the Essenes had been established as a school for prophets at the time of Samuel. Their primary mission was to prepare for the coming of the Messiah. In fact, he said that Mary, the Mother of Jesus, was one of several young women selected to live in the Essene community as a possible channel for the birth of the Christ. Cayce also indicated that Jesus received at least part of his education in schools run by the Essenes.

Interestingly, Cayce’s readings regarding this deeply metaphysical group occurred well before the 1947 discovery of the scrolls in the caves of Qumran in Palestine (Cayce died in 1945). Although ancient historians, such as Josephus and Pliny the Elder, had made reference to the Essenes, the Dead Sea Scrolls provided the first undisputable evidence of their existence. Also, the narratives presented in the texts have greatly increased our knowledge of the beliefs and practices of this fascinating and unusual group. Since the Dead Sea Scrolls have only recently been made available to most scholars, new information and theories regarding the Essenes and Scriptural history are being formulated. In this section we will post those new findings and how they relate to the information in the readings. However, it is clear that the Cayce readings were amazingly accurate in describing this group.

His readings concerning Russia certainly do have things similarities with the Russian psychic Vanga.

3976-26, April 28, 1941


R1. 9/14/69 Letter to HLC [In re 3976-26, Par. 12]:

“I wrote to you several months ago about the importance of the Davis Straits, which was one of your father’s predictions: “Strifes will arise throughout the period. Watch for them near the Davis Straits, where there will be attempts to keep open a life line to a land.”

Russia Beefs Up Arctic Presence



Reading 5377-1, July, 1944

Thus let there be the study, the closer study of the promises which are made in the Book, yes, the history of the Jews; yet these having failed, who is Israel? Not the Jew, but Israel is the seeker after truth. Who may this be? Those who put and hold trust in the fact that they, as individuals, are children of the universal consciousness of God!

For more clarification see:










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Germans Abandon Major News Sites in Anger Over Slanted Russia Coverage










Internet traffic has collapsed for about 6 German major news sites over Russian coverage. The relevance of German newspapers has been falling like a rock with no end in site. Boycotts have been called for youtube and Facebook also. I boycotted Facebook long ago to the point where … I never had one.

It appears the mainstream media has lost the German readers, hopefully forever. Some are asking if 2019 might be the year of the last copy of Der Speigel. Let us hope so. The Germans are wonderful people, but have been severely brain washed ever since the end of world war II. The Germans have a media which has never really explained to them who started world war II, what really happened during the war nor for what reasons it was actually fought.

At the beginning of the Ukraine affair, Merkel jumped out of the box playing her assigned role so well, one might have wondered if the nazi SS were on the march again. Germans after many years of having been threatened with jail for politically incorrect discussion of world war II, suddenly found themselves with a leader who seemed very sympathetic to Ukrainian banderistas marching around with nazi tattoos.



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The UN Seeks Control Over What is Broadcast on American TV


Those who watch much TV for informations these days, I am not sure why the UN would even try to reach them but it seems this is important to them.

United Nations in GenevaThe UN wants substantial regulatory control over what can be broadcast on your TV. Relax, they are doing it for the kids, right? The UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) has decided to seek the oversight on what commercials for food aimed at kids can be aired.
And after that they could cancel all cooking shows and Paula Deen would be taken off the air. Oh, wait. The liberals already got to her. Rachael Ray then. And TV shows would have to keep away from food.

What about the replacement commercials? An attractive couple on the beach and the woman seductively feeds him arugula. What a gruesome mental image that was. Or the father that takes his son out after he was the hero in his teams baseball games. His father walks him in the door where his father orders him up a delicious seaweed and marmite sandwich on 37 grain whole wheat bread with a side of kimchee and a large wheatgrass. Yum.

The UN claims that bureaucrats should be monitoring the commercials to make sure that no unhealthy foods targeting kids are broadcast anywhere in the United States. The UN would then have substantial say in how to deal with enforcement of the rules. The constitution is a living breathing document after all. Modern times are different than they were almost 250 years ago. People no longer need the freedom of speech…or guns….or privacy….or anything else that would aid in the indoctrination.

Imagine you go home and you say to your wife, “Honey, I know that our marriage license said that I should cling to you only, but after all, it’s a living breathing document and she was looking so fine……” That poor son of a b#^*h never saw that frying pan coming.

So how do you think Barack Obama will react to regulating TV commercials? Think net neutrality.

Courtesy of Red Statements.

Additional Source: The Daily Caller


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Bosnian Pyramids

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