Only Publix, Costco, HEB and Whole Foods Do Not Use Pink Slime In Hamburger-Kroger Has Now Dropped Slime

Which Grocery Stores Sell Pink Slime? | in5d Alternative News |





“The most probable places to find pink slime used as beef would be found in many fast food restaurants, where “burgers” and “beef” tacos cost less than a dollar. I would also question how products such as hot dogs and bologna are made.”

You are goyim boy and you will disappear. We eat kosher, you eat McDonalds. So long!

The Food & Drug Administration has been corrupted ever since Donald Rumsfeld fired the head of the FDA and brought in his own person to approve aspartame, which was shot down by the FDA numerous times.  Aspartame was being produced by Searles, of which Rumsfeld was President for from 1977 to 1985.

McDonalds says they are going to stop using it. (Too late)

Kroger is going to stop using it and Publix has never used it. Kroger also has refused to Bloomberg’s request to ban guns in their stores.

It is not as cut and dried as many may thing however.

Some will be separated from the creative consciousness forever.

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Here Comes Bible Billy Graham Again-He Wore Sunglasses And Beards While Picking Up Prostitutes At Rock Festivals

The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.  H.L. Mencken

Read the entire post here:

Billy Graham and Cliff Richard. “We know that Billy Graham is serviced by … sex slaves.” Mind Control

“Billy Graham has been built up to be the most respected and popular person in America.

“Who wants to find out they have been deceived?”
Billy Boys
“In 1952, in Paris, Billy Graham and another evangelist had dinner with two prostitutes and each one took one of them home.
“See Frady, Marshall. Billy Graham, A Parable of American Righteousness. Boston: Little, Brown & Co., p.169-170. 
They conned the public.Billy Graham told the American people that we need to embrace the New World Order.The Deception of Billy Graham / Fritz Springmeier

“When Billy Graham had his 1954 Crusade, large sums of the money came directly from people in the ‘Illuminati’, the Whitneys, the Vanderbilts, the Rockefellers, and Chase Manhattan.”

Billy and his dear friend Cliff.
“Billy Graham’s family when they originally came over to this nation were of the Frank family which is related to Jakob Frank…
“Billy Graham’s daughters have lived in Israel, and Billy Graham’s son fought with the Israeli army in the Six-Day War…
 Jimmy Swaggert would disguise himself with sun glasses…Billy Graham said that he “often attends love-ins and rock festivals incognito by putting on a false mustache and beard.”Chicago Daily News, Dec. 29, 1969.
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Man Dies In Ireland After Working In Sierra Leone Where Some Of His Colleagues Contracted Ebola

Apache Blankets









Dessie Quinn from the Doorin area had returned from working in Sierra Leone and was visiting his large family in Dublin when he died. Ebola tests are underway to determine if he had the virus.

It just might be time for some new policies on flight destinations but I would’t count on it.


If You Think Zmapp Which Saved Kent Brantly’s Life Is Too Good To Be True-It probably Is

Ebola suspected in Hamburg Germany-Hat ein Afrikaner das Virus nach Deutschland gebracht? | Ebola-Verdacht in Hamburg!

Spanish Priest Miguel Pajares With Ebola Flown Into Madrid

Ebola infection spreads beyond Africa as man dies in Jeddah hospital

Mexico City Reports First Case Of Ebola


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Climate Change Denial Industry Infiltrated And Spied On By Brendan Montague



(Vice) – I’ve been researching the climate denial industry for almost three years and the best way to gather information about this incredibly small yet influential clique is to hang out with them.

I attended their 2012 conference of the Heartland Institute, an oil and tobacco funded free market think tank that spends a lot of time and effort trying to call bullshit on what is clearly not bullshit – the science of climate change. My presence was clearly unwelcome – but I guess they forgot to scrub me from their email invitation list, because I got invited again this year, to their 9th International Conference on Climate Change in the deep heat of the Nevada desert amid the chaos of Las Vegas casinos.

The choice of Vegas by Heartland seemed brilliantly provocative. A celebration of high-stakes capitalism in the very gambling dens where $92 billion is lost each year in pursuit of the American dream. The dazzling lights, the grotesquely oversized hotels, the free drinks.

Perhaps nowhere on earth is more profligate and wasteful of increasingly scarce natural resources than this twisted utopia. The Republican Party reportedly blackballed Vegas for its 2016 convention fearing its Christian supporters would be repelled by this den of iniquity – and that its legislators would be lured into its brothels and casinos. Scientists have explicitly stated we are “loading the dice” by raising temperatures so that extreme weather and deadly catastrophes will become more frequent – gambling with our future, basically. Joseph Bast, the president of Heartland, was surely thumbing his nose at his detractors. […]

The Vegas conference was going a good opportunity to enter this strange world again. But did I really want to spend a week in the middle of dustbowl America with three hundred climate cranks who would crowd around trying to tell me how wrong I am about everything if they knew the first thing about me? […]

Then the shadow-side of this comic dishonesty and hypocrisy became almost too much to bear. Dr S Fred Singer, a folk hero around here, was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award. He in turn presented the Frederick Seitz Award. If one man can take credit for inventing climate denial it is Singer. The old man once claimed, rather brilliantly, that, “My connection to oil during the past decade is as a Wesson Fellow at the Hoover Institution; the Wesson money derives from salad oil.” Exxon had given Singer $10,000 in funding just a few years earlier.

The late Dr Seitz had many achievements in his lifetime. But the one I will remember him for was contributing indirectly to the deaths of millions of Americans. He sat on the medical research committee of the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and oversaw $45 million in medical funding which his critics claimed “served the tobacco industry’s purposes.” Much of my close family has been wiped out by smoking related diseases, so this one sticks out for me.

The Heartland conference was now in full swing and my brain began to melt. There was the usual monotony of badly put together Powerpoint slides, rambling speeches and desperate attempts to resurrect climate science controversies buried by actual scientists almost three decades ago. The speakers were being paid around $1,000 to attend, plus flights and large hotel suites.

The hundreds of sceptics around me not once questioned the bizarre, the illogical, the poorly constructed claims that swirled in front of our eyes. This parody of science was a deadly hybrid of 1970s Open University programmes and sub-Cirque du Soleil. […]

They would just be sad sacks if they were not also influential. Among the delegates swarm the sharks just as surely as they do in the Mandalay Bay Hotel aquarium. Myron Ebell of CEI who once conspired with a White House insider to downplay climate in a seminal government report. Senator James Inhofe who, by video call, told the troops to ready themselves to take Congress in November. They also influence lower level officials. [more]

Original article in full

Climate Change

Greenland ice loss doubles from late 2000s – Greenland and Antarctica together are losing 500 cubic kilometers of ice each year – ‘To us, that’s an incredible number’

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Tattoos Can Result In Cancer-Tetanus-Herpes-HIV-Hepatitus-Syphilis And Sterilzation Which Is Probably The Point


Mr. Kentucky Fried McDonald otherwise known as Americans are being tattooed to the tune of some 45 million Americans.

Tattoos contain lead, mercury, formaldehyde, Naphthol and numerous other ingredients too numerous to list. Most states do not bother regulating this toxic stew so most anything can be injected into the customer. In fact many ingredients used in tattoos are forbidden in cosmetics. That is really saying something because triclosan is used in soaps and cosmetics and it is a known neuro-poison.


This situation is ignored by the same medical crime syndicate that is terrified somebody is going to cure an illness with something you don’t need a prescription for.

You can read the article here:


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The Master Race Calls For More Sperm

Israeli Soldiers Sperm In Hot Demand


Israeli women insist on sperm from men who have served in the Israeli Defense Forces. Hell yeah! Unfortunately if we are to believe various news organ, many Israeli men are sterile due to the depleted uranium that has been unleashed over the area following Desert Storm and Shock and Awe. Israeli women may indeed experience shock and awe!

Baby eating in Switzerland


Angie the fascist doesn’t look to happy in the APF photo

It is like watching an old movie, Angela may end up in Argentina also if not careful

Frau Susan Rice Warns Russia Not To Interfere In The Ukraine

Finally Warlords Are Back In Style

Dmytro The Aryan Yarosh Leaves Ukraine For Treatment Under Invitation Of Angela Merkel

It looks like Oleh Tyahnybok, Dmytro Yarosh are going on a Russian wanted list.

Jason Gesh supposed email hacked-false flags

Slaves of the Ottoman Israel

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Iceland’s Bárðarbunga volcano: Europe could soon be under another giant ash cloud

Bárðarbunga lies in central Iceland, rises to 2009 meters above sea level and is the country’s second highest mountain. It is completely covered by the Vatna Glacier and is part of Iceland’s largest volcanic system, which comprises several volcanoes and is 190 kilometers long.

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Europe could soon be under another giant ash cloud Volcanic eruption on Iceland<br /><br /><br /><br />
Photo: dpa” width=”700″ height=”394″ border=”0″ /> </a></p>
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Sinkholes Appearing In Indiana’s Mount Baldy Which Was Shut Down After 8 Year Old Fell Into One



Alternate Text


Scientists don’t know what is causing the sinkholes at the popular mountain but are using ground penetrating radar to try and find out what the problem is. They remain closed since a 6 year old fell into one of them las July and was trapped for some three and a half hours.

They are located on Indiana’s national lakeshore and are very popular. So far scientists at Indiana University have not been able to figure out what is going on. This area is in the vicinity of what is known as the New Madrid fault area.


It is not the first time problems have been encountered along this area.

Sinkholes Swallowing Southern Missouri

Climate Change

Florida Sinkhole Capitol Of The World, On Deadly Ground! When The Bottom Falls Out









Noticed Anything Unusual Lately, Biblical Floods, Volcanic Eruption, Earthquakes? There Is More To This Than Ha Ha Al Gore Was Wrong

Cities About To Sink

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Russia seeks to draw lines in melting Arctic ice (Nothing will bring out a troll like this one)


Contrary to what the not so alternate, alternate news would tell you, no Marsha we are not in the middle of global cooling event. If there is one area of the net that is being trolled hard it is the area of climate change. The hysteria you see is almost immeasurable. That is because it has such vast implications from everything to food supply to global energy. Nothing will bring the pay for post guys like global climate change or warming.

Well almost, don’t mention the  Fuhrer may be a Rothschild and the autobahn, chicken in a pot and doing good and all. Don’t talk about Angie Angie either.

Reblogged and read more

In a multinational race to seize the potential riches of the formerly icebound Arctic, being laid bare by global warming, Russia is the early favorite.

Within the next year, the Kremlin is expected to make its claim to the United Nations in a bold move to annex about 380,000 square miles of the internationally owned Arctic to Russian control. At stake is an estimated one-quarter of all the world’s untapped hydrocarbon reserves, abundant fisheries, and a freshly opened route that will cut nearly a third off the shipping time from Asia to Europe.

The global Arctic scramble kicked off in 2007 when Russian explorer Artur Chilingarov planted his country’s flag beneath the North Pole. “The Arctic is Russian,” he said. “Now we must prove the North Pole is an extension of the Russian landmass.”

In July, the Russian ship Akademik Fyodorov set off, accompanied by the giant nuclear-powered icebreaker, to complete undersea mapping to show that the Siberian continental shelf connects to underwater Arctic ridges, making Russia eligible to stake a claim. Around the same time, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov announced the creation of an Arctic military force tasked with backing up Moscow’s bid.

“We are open for a dialogue with our foreign partners and with all our neighbors in the Arctic region, but of course we will defend our own geopolitical interests firmly and consistently,” Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said in July. Among other things, Moscow plans to build at least six more icebreakers and spend $33 billion to construct a year-round port on the Arctic shores.

Russia, Canada, the United States, Denmark, and Norway own Arctic coasts that could, theoretically, be extended as far as the North Pole. But in the absence of a regional deal, tensions are mounting.


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Court witnesses testify, eyewitnesses confirm that Pope Francis raped, killed children (Child Abuse Recovery)

ChildAbuse Recovery

Pope Francis with Pope Benedict 16

Article was based on today’s exclusive interview with Kevin Annett of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State about this week’s litigation in the Brussels Common Law Court of Justice. Five judges and 27 jury members from six countries including the USA, considered evidence on over 50,000 missing Canadian, US, Argentine and European children who were suspected victims of an international child sacrificial cult referred to as the Ninth Circle.


Two adolescent women claimed that Pope Francis raped them while participating in child sacrifices. Eight eyewitnesses confirmed the allegations according to evidence presented this week at a Brussels Common Law Court of Justice. The Ninth Circle Satanic child sacrifice rituals were said to take place during the Springs of 2009 and 2010 in rural Holland and Belgium.


Pope Francis was also a perpetrator in satanic child sacrifice rites while acting as an Argentine priest and Bishop according to records obtained from the Vatican archives. A prominent Vatican official and former Vatican Curia employee obtained the sealed documents for use by the court. This was not the first time satanic activities were suspected to be at the Vatican according to this ABC news story.


Another witness was set to testify that they were present during Pope Francis’ meetings with the military Junta during Argentine’s 1970′s Dirty War. According to the witness, Pope Francis helped traffic children of missing political prisoners into an international child exploitation ring run by an office at the Vatican.


Evidence of a Catholic Jesuit Order document called the “Magisterial Privilege” was presented in court by the Chief Prosecutor. The record dated Dec. 25 1967 was said to show that every new Pope was required to participate in Ninth Circle Satanic ritual sacrifices of newborn children, including drinking their blood.


“Documents from Vatican secret archives presented to court clearly indicate that for centuries the Jesuits had a premeditated plan to ritually murder kidnapped newborn babies and then consume their blood,” the Chief Prosecutor told the five international judges and 27 jury members. “The plan was born of a twisted notion to derive spiritual power from the lifeblood of the innocent, thereby assuring political stability of the Papacy in Rome. These acts are not only genocidal but systemic and institutionalized in nature. Since at least 1773, they appear to have been performed by the Roman Catholic Church, Jesuits and every Pope.”


Two witnesses claimed that as children they were at child sacrifices with the former Pope Joseph Ratzinger. Since at least 1962 Ratzinger participated in child sacrifices as a member of the Knights of Darkness according to the Vatican records presented at court. Ratzinger was an S.S. Chaplain’s assistant at the German Ravensbruck Concentration Camp during World War II. The children to be killed were supplied from prisoners at the death camp. The Nazi Waffen S.S. Division Knights of Darkness was established by Hitler in 1933 and embraced ancient pagan occult beliefs in human sacrifice.


Dutch Therapist-ritual abuse survivor Toos Nijenhuis testified of her witness to child sacrifice in this video. “Survivors of these rituals describe newborn babies being chopped to pieces on stone altars and their remains consumed by participants” the Chief Prosecutor said.”During the 1960′s the survivor-witnesses were forced to rape and mutilate other children and then cut their throats with ceremonial daggers.”


According to witnesses Pope Francis, former Pope Joseph Ratzinger, Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon and Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby were participants in the Ninth Circle Satanic child sacrifice cult rape and killing of children. Evidence also could link to cult ceremonies UK High Court Justice Judge Fulford, members of the British Royal Family including Prince Phillip, Dutch Cardinal Alfrink, Dutch Queen Wilhemina, her family and consort King Hendrick, Belgian Royals and Bilderberger founder Crown Prince Bernhard.


Documentation of The Canada Gazette Issue No. 232, December 26 1942, Ottawa was also presented to court. Evidently and unfortunately, the Canadian government and Privy Council Office in London granted to the Dutch royals, exception from all criminal, civil and military jurisdiction. What would make these global leaders exempt from justice?


The Chief Prosecutor presented alleged links between the British, Dutch and Belgian royal families to disappearances of Mohawk children at Canada’s Church of England’s Brantford Ontario Indian residential school. In 2008 a child mass gravesite was discovered at the Mohawk School. An ITCCS dig by archeologists was shut down when remains of a small child was uncovered.


Since then over 30 child mass grave sites have been located at Indian residential schools across Canada. The Catholic and Anglican Churches, United Church of Canada, Canadian government and Crown of England have refused ITCCS’ repeated requests for excavation of the mass grave sites.


“This week conclusive evidence was presented that the Catholic Church is perpetrating ongoing crimes against children,” the Chief Prosecutor stated. “The Catholic Church is the world’s largest corporation and appears to be in collusion with governments, police and courts worldwide.”


The Ninth Circle Satanic child sacrifice cult was said to operate at Roman Catholic cathedrals in Montreal, New York, Rome and London according to evidence filed in court. Witnesses claimed child sacrifices took place at Carnarvon Castle in Wales, an undisclosed French Chateau and at Canadian Catholic and Anglican Indian residential schools in Kamloops, British Columbia and Brantford, Ontario. The Ninth Circle Satanic child sacrifice cult was believed to use privately owned forest groves in the US, Canada, France and Holland.

Yesterday the five international magistrates adjourned court for two weeks and considered continuing in closed sessions. This week’s closed court was held in an undisclosed location due to notification that the Vatican had released a Jesuit “hit squad” to disrupt proceedings.

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