Ebola Hits Dallas-Texas



But don’t worry the CDC is going to get right on this one.

For a birds eye view of what we see on this one.

The Naked Ape



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Linked The Naked Ape On Beforeitsnews As A Lark To Tally Insults


(Before It’s News)













Back in 2012 I wrote a tongue in cheek analysis concerning the Naked Ape. In view of current events it might be timely to expand on this. Over the centuries we have watched the naked ape progress in such areas as organization, logistics and game theory as he increasingly adapts more methods of modern warfare. He may well be on the cusp of greatness unimagined. I would urge caution with this theory however as certain monkeys will fling dung at you for mentioning certain networks.



Going back in time the true origins of our ape have been pretty well obscured, with no little amount of controversy surrounding it. Bits and pieces emerge with just enough evidence to spark a sort of Hegelian didactic type confrontation in all fields. There is a lot of talk about the all seeing eye but I think it is probably a lot more simple than made out to be. While the great bait and switch continues unabated some remain focused.




We are led to believe our boy resulted from a course of evolution stemming from monkeys, a concept which I do not accept. We would have to embrace the concept of giant monkeys in order to do this. They thought the son of Tuscaloosa was a giant until they saw Tuscaloosa himself. There is a virtual cornucopia of evidence that giants at one time roamed the earth and some evidence they are still around in some places.

The Paute indians of Nevada insist they were once preyed upon by giants as a food source. In fact the bones of said giants were at one time on display in a Nevada museum. Unfortunately finds of this type tend to disappear. They were known as the Si-Te-Cah.

Lovelock Skull Giant Jaw


Over the course of time it appears apes/giants have gradually devolved and lost some of their technological edge, however the smaller remnant seems to be making up for lost time and unveiling a spurt of mayhem lately upon the planet. We see this in many areas from the gulf to Fukushima and parts of the European continent.


It was described in fact in cuneiform tablets the earthlings were growing smaller with a decreasing life span. In fact some who were taken back to the home planet sometimes referred to as the Planet Of The Crossing, often described as Ezekiel did not live as long as the locals.




It does seem the giants enjoyed a much longer life span if we are to believe accounts such as Methusaleh napping for 300 years etc. The ancient records of the Enuma Elish indicate the Nefilim were adamant that in no situation could any of the earthlings assume Kingship back on the home planet, sometimes called Hercolubus. They seemed to distinguish themselves from their creation by the fact that earthlings were born with a foreskin which they did not exhibit. This seems to be about the time some monkeys decided they were more equal than other monkeys.


“The baby, Adamu [One Who’s Like Earth’s Clay], looked like a dark red blood-colored, black-haired Nibiru child in every way except his penis. “They looked at its malehood; odd was its shape, by a skin was its forepart surrounded, unlike that of Anunnaki malehood it was. ’Let the Earthling from us Anunnaki by this foreskin be distinguished.’ So was Enki saying.” [Sitchin, op. cit. page 139]“




Now certainly many refuse to entertain such concepts but one must admit it does explain what some would call our myths such as the centaur (half horse half man), if some mistakes were made in the creation of the earthling or naked ape. It would benefit us all to develop some sort of philosophy concerning the situation we find ourselves in rather than simply referring to the unexplained as some conspiracy theory. If someone has a better explanation of what we see around us, I would certainly like to hear about it.

















If we are familiar with Native American philosophy, it certainly does not rule out any of the above, in fact it adds to the supposition. In fact when Sitting Bull carved 49 cuts on his arm during the Sun Dance in which he stared and chanted at the sun while awaiting a vision of exactly when Custer would show up. They arrived on time just as predicted. The 49 cuts were in honor of the Thunder God or what is referred to in the cuneiform tablets as Antu, Lord of the universe and his 49 sons who came to earth with the Nefilim. Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse were recognized by the Native Americans as sons of the Thunder God. So you see if you look hard into some of this there is some rhyme or reason to it.


























Over the years we had various warnings as to just what the naked ape is doing to the planet from various sources. Everyone from Cayce to Mother Shipton leave some breath taking scenarios (When the dragon’s tail goes sweeping by). We have always been adept at doing away with the voice of  reason or changing the message, much to our detriment. This goes back to olden times. However some voices of reason seem more recent. The Mayan elders speak of almost certain change and some point to 2014 as crucial in this respect.


But at any rate not to ramble on here, some new discoveries have appeared on the scene which add emphasis to the above and I have created a few posts on this below concerning the sphinx, the Bucegi mountains and the giants which do seem to fit the narrative at least from my limited point of view.


There are some big bones lying under the earth in those Romanian mountains! At any rate if anybody has a better idea of what is going on here I would sure like to hear from you.

1Giants almost everywhere we look!














There are some enduring myths out there and never underestimate the power of propaganda.

Nobody could sum this up any better than what I saw at cosmic convergence.

The Kali Yuga Where Ignoreance Becomes Bliss

“For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, please know that the current pandemic of ignorance and arrogance is quite purposeful. It is induced — by the Universe itself — for the protection of the masses so that their ignorance has become bliss. The bliss that comes with not knowing the grim realities which abound everywhere one looks.[1]“

For very good reason, by the way, as most of us would never show up if we knew what we were walking into. Remember, 99% of what really matters in life is just showing up.

Lord Kalki: His Appearance Signifies the End of the Kali Yuga

What all of these recent developments really says about the true status of the planetary civilization is that we are now a minute to midnight. No, we are closer to midnight than that, perhaps only seconds away from the ending of the expansive 6000 year era known as the Age of Quarrel. Fortunately or unfortunately, most do not even have a clue, since Maya always intensifies toward the end of every Kali Yuga. It has to be this way. Otherwise, very few would ever get out of bed in the morning to face the brutal realities. And so it is during the upcoming grand finale of the current age.”

Likewise, it is only for the ultimate benefit of the controllers that their arrogance has become so unfathomable and intractable. Difficult though it may be to understand, they have an integral part to play in this cosmic drama. Someone always has to play the bad guy, you know. Perhaps the time has come to show our understanding, and maybe even some appreciation, to those crazies who are running the insane asylum for putting on such a convincing show.”

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
Submitted: April 13, 2014


I viewed my fellow man not as a fallen angel, but as a risen ape. ~Desmond Morris, The Naked Ape…

There is great security in the prisons we create for ourselves. ~Stephen G. Scalese, The Whisper in Your Heart…….

“The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal.”

Against boredom the gods themselves fight in vain…..Nietzsche

Destiny comes to those who listen and fate finds the rest.

If a man who cannot count finds a four-leaf clover, is he lucky?
~Stanislaw J. Lec…….

Come to the center of the earth, and there you shall find the Philosopher’s Stone – Basilius Valentinus (Fifteenth Century Alchemist)



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EU Back Pedaling On Russian Sanctions So As Not To Freeze In The Dark

EU backpedaling on anti-Russian sanctions not to freeze in winter. 53625.jpeg

On September 30th, the European Union may start revising sanctions against Russia. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow did not decide yet how to respond to the possible move of the European Union to lift European sanctions against Russia.

“For the time being, there is no answer. We need to address this issue to the European Union,” Dmitry Peskov said, vesti.ru reports.

Read more:





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Huge Tsunamis Knock Trucks Off The Roads In Turkey-Not Much About This On Fake News

There were many cars and trucks washed off the Black Sea Highway.

Turkey is prone to earthquakes that cause severe damage.


LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Turkey earthquake today 2014 has struck Tekirova. The Turkey earthquake today September 4, 2014 began in the evening hours. Damage assessment is pending. The quake is the latest to strike the region in recent years.

USGS indicates to news that a 5.2 magnitude Turkey earthquake began just after 11 pm local time. The quake hit off the coast and roughly forty-three miles below sea level. The quake was southeast of Tekirova. USGS indicates to news that the quake was twenty-five miles outside of town. It was twenty-eight miles southwest of Kemer as well. Reps tell news that the quake started thirty-three miles from Beykonak and roughly forty miles from Beykonak. The quake also started roughly forty miles southwest of Belek.

A 7.2 quake struck eastern Turkey in November, 2011. The quake was centered ten miles northeast of Van. It was north of Hakkari, south of Karakose and roughly one hundred miles south of Yerevan, Armenia. Two fault lines run through the country. As a result, following a massive quake in 1999, as many as 20,000 persons were left dead. The country has been the location of countless strong earthquakes this decade. The 2011 quake was north of Comakli and Gedelova, just west of Kozluca and south of Kolsatan. The quake was north of highway D300, USGS reported to news at the time.





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Deputy Defense Minister of Russia-Dmitry Rogozin-It’s An Old Formula-Known Since Old Mafia Times: A Gun Lying On The Table Makes Negotiations More Effective-That Is To Say A Kind Word Can Solve A Lot But A Kind Word With A Gun Can Solve A Lot More



Interview with Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Defense Minister of Russia on Russian Channel Vesti

We somehow got used to thinking that they have everything better. But there was a feeling that our weapons were better. What , objectively, have you been able to do in the relatively short time since your appointment? What are the results?

Of course, modern weapons-are smart weapons-are intelligent weapons. We sometimes even call it a “smart weapon.” It requires, for the soldier to turn from being a user of this weapon into it’s controller. Our main task today-is to remove the soldier from an enemy fire zone. Therefore, the weapon should be so modern as to allow to be controlled from a distance. This is a completely different technology of the 21st century. Realizing this, we had to take a big step in the development of the entire military-industrial complex.

It is well known in what condition we got it: 20 years without any financing, the country could not afford to invest in military science, in new staff required by the design office, factories, plants. As a result of the aging of personnel and weapons technology, the gap between Russia and major Western countries in matters of arms and military equipment began to grow excessively. That is, we were losing a war, without even entering into it.

Yes, but we firstly faced these issues during the two operations in the North Caucasus, when we suffered heavy losses of military personnel.The system itself, for the use of weapons, has changed dramatically, but we were still in that post-war state of the mid-20th century.

Then the war of 2008-the operation to enforce peace on the Georgian aggressor of the times of Saakashvilli, where the war was also, of course, won thanks to the force and the character of the Russian soldier. But we were clearly lagging behind in weapons, reconnaissance, communications, command and control. Armoured vehicles were no longer able to give us the advantage of secrecy, the efficiency of fire and many other things.

Following this, radically important decisions were made that were realized in 2011-12’s weapons program. Now, in the 3rd year of this program, the goal is this{by 2015, to re-equip the Army and Navy by 30% with most ultra-modern weapons. By the year 2020-by 70%. In fact, our Army and Navy will be the best armed and equipped in the world.

Even better than USA and NATO?

In the category: efficiency-quality-price, I think we will be able to realize this goal.
We have to make weapons that will be more straightforward and cheaper than US weapons. But in the efficiency of its use, we must be either equal to the US, or surpass them. This is scientific base.

Of course. USA rely not only on their great military power. It is practically a military tool to solve all their economic problems. Why do they have expeditionary forces, why do they have aircraft carriers capable of operating at great distances from the United States? Because it is how they solve their economic problems.

It’s an old formula, known since old mafia times: a gun lying on the table, makes negotiations more effective. That is to say, a kind word can solve a lot, but a kind word with a gun can solve a lot more.

This is exactly what Americans are doing. Plus, they have a huge army of satellites, consisting primarily of European NATO allies, including those who had signed the Warsaw Pact. They also have their own armies, their own national forces. There is no such thing as a NATO army. NATO is the cumulative of the national armed forces of all countries included in this alliance.

We, having evaluated the military threat, must understand that our weapons must be able to reflect not only an attack from one aggressor, but from an aggregate number of countries that have a high level of technology and can use force against us.

There should not be tones of our weapons, of course. We should not, like in the Soviet Union, create mountains of weapons, and then not know what to do with them. We have to create a compact army, so that it can be mobile and transferred to anywhere, where there is a threat of war.

As military exercises show, for us, there are no boundaries. We have a huge, the biggest by territory country in the world, and the population is small, 135 million people. It’s just France and Germany combined.

In order to protect such a large country, we need a population of 600 million people. Therefore , our task is to create a weapon that will allow each soldier and officer to replace five people. So, we must have lots of weapons, an officer or military personnel should be trained as a universal soldier, able to operate complex machines.
The latter, since people are sparse, we must value life of every soldier, move him as far away as possible from the actual field of fire. But this means, there has to be funding for the advancing in the cutting-edge area of science. That is, we need to stay ahead of the world, if we lag behind, we will lose. Do we have such cutting-edge routes to follow? Will we have types of weapons that, like Putin said, will surprise our Western colleagues?

We need to decide whether we really need to surprise our colleagues, and is it really necessary to “show-off” all kinds of weapons. Some things must be kept a secret and used to surprise at a critical moment, i.e. give our heated adversary a din of icy water.

I can only say one thing, the formation of the technical basis for strategic nuclear forces is going at a surpassing pace. In fact, we will update it not by 70% but by 100%. A month ago, The President reviewed our report on the establishment of 3 new strategic submarines. We are creating a nuclear submarine fleet. This includes strategic nuclear weapon carriers capable of reaching any country on any continent, if it suddenly becomes the aggressor and our topmost national interests come under threat.

And also includes multi-purpose vessels that are capable of autonomous navigation to deal with any obstacles and that can compete in an armed confrontation with the entire enemy fleet.

This is all for the marine nuclear component. With regards to the Strategic Missile Forces, The President has already adopted and is implementing strategies.

First of all, by now, we have updated almost the entire fleet of strategic bombers. We have restored the capability of unique engines, which have been lost. In Samara, at the “Kuznetsov” factory we’ve restored the production of engines HK-12, HK-25, HK-32, which have been created with an enormous reserve and are able to provide a new reserve for strategic bombers.

Already framework has been laid for the creation of an advanced aviation complex for a long-range aircraft. Design works have been initiated to create a heavy bomber, which will be a powerful replacement for the strategic aviation which we inherited from the Soviet era.

With regards to the Strategic Missile Forces, now in service are heavy missiles from Soviet times from Ukraine, plant “Uzmash”. It is a well-known heavy rocket “Voevoda”, which the Americans call a “Satan”. Its service life is nearly over, but already works have begun to create a new missile complex, which will replace the current one. Without having to count on cooperation from Ukraine.

Electronics, engines, nuclear warheads, special parts and other device management systems, everything is produced in Russia.

Dmitry Olegovich, how painful was the break-up with Ukrainian suppliers?

Have the experts from Ukraine come to us? Have they asked to work for us? Maybe whole teams have decided that they have no future in Ukraine and should in Russia instead?

We should keep inmind that Ukrainian specialists have come to Russia not only after recent events, but much earlier too.

Disintegration of Ukrainian industry began with the collapse of USSR. Even back then, nobody cared about anything anymore. The country was up for grabs by many different clans, who were gnawing each other’s throats. The industry , nobody cared about. All Ukrainian factories-are old factories, old Soviet technology. Whe we talk today about the substitution of imports, we do not mean copying Udrainian products and making them in our factories.

Today, we are creating, under the import substitution policies, completely new units=power systems or control systems for our weapons, which are part of a new generation “plus”.

Of course, it is painful from a different point of view, but not from technological. The money spent is not so much, it has all been budgeted. In 2.5 years, at most, we will fully replace everything that Ukraine has been supplying up to the last moment. The problem lies elsewhere. For Ukraine, it is the end. It is a complete demise of the Ukrainian state as an industrial country.

Nobody wants their products in the west because they are outdated, and they have their own manufacturers. What they are doing right now-is suicide_ Ukrainian authorities stop at the border products which have been produced at Ukrainian factories, products such as gas-turbine units for the surface fleet of Russia (factory “Zorya-Mashproekt”, Nikolaev), engines (plant “Motor Sich”,Zaporozhye), missiles Zenit (plant “Uzmash”, Dnepropetrovsk), despite the fact that we have already paid for them. Paradox. It will all rot, together with the competence of Ukrainian science and industry.

I say this with a great regret, I’ll tell you one thing, we still had hope at the end of last year that we would be able to remedy the situation. Back then, President Putin exerted maximum effort to wretch Ukraine from a tailspin, which it went into.

In the beginning of December I was sent to Ukraine by Putin, in one day I visited Nikolaev shipyards, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, by evening I was in Kiev and in the morning had retired to Moscow. I had meetings with several outstanding Ukrainian scientists, engineers, who were adamant about their position for co-operation with Russia. We have agreed to create joint engineering centers. Everything could still be rectified. On 21st of February, when a coup was staged, I had to fly to Kiev on behalf of the President. I stopped the car at the entrance of the airport because it was clear that Ukraine was finished.

It is a personal tragedy for a lot of people living in the Ukraine, people who were brought up in same as us scientific schools, who believed that cooperation between Russia and Ukraine is incontestable. Today, the only choice for them-is to go into the retail trade. But I think they also have another choice-to move to Russia, to come back to us. I can tell you the process has already began.

A few months ago, in summer, I was at a Komsomolsk-on-Amur’s shipyard. There are hundreds of Ukrainian experts working there, they came 10 years ago. They are not prepared to return to Ukraine, they now have families in Russia. They have received citizenship as a result of the adoption law on preferential acquisition of Russian citizenship to compatriots. They rejoice in the fact that they can continue their careers as scientists, experts, engineers, but now in Russia as Russians. They will do everything to ensure that our defense industrial complex overcomes all its problems.

Dmitry Olegovich, and what about the French shipbuilders, will we also employ them or will we get “Mistrals” either way?

Actually, we would gladly provide employment to French shipbuilders too.

What a strange story is unfolding around “Mistrials.”

And I am not joking, from now on we will be gathering the best experts in the world. Americans used to “suck-out” the best brains in the world and a vast number of our experts moved to US and other Western countries after the collapse of the Soviet Union, now we are reversing the process.

Not only ours. Not many people know that the rocket industry in the United States was founded by Werner von Braun and his German colleagues, who were taken after WWII against their will and were forced to settle in Alabama.

Many of US’s achievements are actually not theirs. Even now, American rockets “Atlas” and Antares” are flying on Russian engines. It is a unique engine MK-33, which was created in the Soviet Union in 1970. US are still buying it from us and are using it to take their payloads into space.

This engine was created specifically for the Soviet Union’s lunar program. The program was not deployed, but we had more than a hundred engines remaining.

But you’ve offered them an alternative: you want the Iron Curtain? Use a trampoline to get to your station. You don’t want our engines? Use a trampoline.

Well, Americans-their behavior is amusing, quiet selective… They’re saying: we want to create problems for the Russian space, for the Russian rocket-space industry. They are trying to squeeze us out of the market where Russian companies gained opportunities to launch foreign satellites. We make money from this that we invest in the development of our industry. The Americans have been attempting to cause as much damage as possible to the development of Russian space.

But in regards to the International Space Station, they’re saying “This should not be touched, it’s great, it’s a joint project, we care for all mankind.” We’re saying “Listen guys, you’ve withdrawn “Shuttles” from use. “Until 2018 US will have no means of delivering their astronauts to orbit, to the International Space Station.” Until 2018 they are completely dependent on our goodwill to deliver them in our rocket “Soyuz-21B”, along with our crew.

That is, their sanctions are as follows” where it is profitable for them-they leave everything like it is, and where it is unprofitable or they’re willing to take a risk-they impose sanctions.

And “Mistral”? It is clear that the Americans pressured the French to make such a strange decision. Do we need it? Well, firstly, the money has been paid, so obviously needed. So either they have to give the money back, or the supply ships.

The ship itself, “Mistral” – is a large landing ship-dock. My personal opinion is that we could do without this contract. We have the capability of large-block assembly of these kind of ships. Before, this ability we did not have, because all big ships (including aircraft carriers from the Soviet project) were assembled at the Nikolaev shipyards. We have never built such a thing. But on November 16th last year, we handed over to our indian colleagues a light aircraft carrier of 145 thousand displacement “Vikramaditya” a former missile cruiser “Admiral Gorshkov”.

Thus, by completing the contract and earning a lot of money, we’ve proved that Russia is now able to assemble this kind of ultra-modern aircraft carriers Absolutely. The top mastery in shipbuilding-is an aircraft carrier. And a landing ship-is a much simpler design. Of course we can.

The problem with “Mistral” is that these ships are made for Mediterranean climate. They are not very suitable for our climate requirements. At least, they will not be able to swim in our northern seas. We have already determined where they will be based. But we must bear in mind that for the French, this game with the Americans “will supply Russians a ship-will not” exposes their not very decent character.

First of all, because a third of the ship is assembled in Russia. The stern parts of Mistral” are assembled at the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg. So, if they want to keep the ship, then we would have to pull out the stern, take it back, and we will put the stern parts onto other ships. I doubt they will be able to use their ships. Half of the ship to be precise.

Secondly, the money is paid, which means that they have to return it with penalties.

And thirdly, France is losing not just money, but their reputation as a reliable supplier in the framework of military-technical cooperation. If they are willing to risk their rep.utation-God bless them! But give back the money and give back the stern parts, and the reputation-auf wiedersehen.

And what about our reputation and our position on international markets? It is clear that big money came not only from oil and gas, but also from arms trade. As the tragic events in Syria and Iraq demonstrate, our weapons are in demand. US-trained Iraqi army armed with American weapons are getting hammered by graduates of Russian military universities, using Soviet equipment. This means that we have buyers for our military equipment.

But can we stay in these markets because of the sanctions? Do we feel this great pressure, that they silly want to force us back and say ?Guys, get back inside and stay there”?

Western sanctions against us basically hit two targets. The first target is the supply of machine tools, that is, modern machines, on which you can produce modern technology. The second target is an electronic-component base. That is, micro-electronics, particularly space micro-electronics, capable to withstand the bombardment by heavy particles.

In space of course, the electronic must be quite different. This kind of micro-electronics, we haven’t produced much, or rather, have produced very little of. Lately, the market was open, and in circumstances where the individual businesses preferred to buy micro-electronics in the west. Now they, knowing our dependency, have decided to hit us there. But we knew that this would happen. For me personally it was clear from the first day at work in the government.

We have already given the necessary instructions to start the production in Russia, of all that is necessary. However, what we cannot, or do not have the time to make-we can get in other countries who are trading partnership with us. I can say this: it will be a challenge, but I guarantee that it will be solved, because for us the sanctions-are a test of our national character. The hardest of times are the best of times for our national character, to demonstrate our best qualities.

Dmitry Olegovich, in Sochi is an Economic Forum. Supporters of Gaidar model, candid liberals, say that the biggest trouble for our budget is that so much is being spent on the military-industrial complex. What you are saying, sounds as the opposite: it is necessary to develop precision engineering, special-electronics, trained personnel, necessary academic institutions.

So, the military-industrial complex-is actually the engine of development. How do you manage to combine these conflicting approaches within a single government? Admittedly, I am in constant debate with my colleagues on this topic. We have different views. But when we make the final decisions, then we try not to argue publicly, but on the inside it is all boiling.

I have repeatedly raised the issue of the credit policy, because no one has ever raised the industry by twelve percent. This is impossible, yes it is. The first issue. In the West, loans are 3-4%. How do we compare our industry to western? They are in a much more favorable position, no sanctions, no one prevents them from working, the banking policy supports the industry. We do not have any of this. We are not going to now discuss the reasons why, but those are the facts.

This is why the government is now making a decision to compensate for the extra interest rate for the enterprises of the military-industrial complex to provide them with credit, not only to finance, through the budget. This is crucial. In a message to the Federal Assembly in December last year. Putin has instructed the Military-Industrial Commission to develop a program to transfer the technology from the defense industry into civil. When the military defense orders decline as army and navy get fully equipped with modern weapons, so that plants keep working, they should be ready to produce similar high tech-products for the civil industry.

I believe it is an absolutely crucial task. For example, in the military space or military aviation one workplace automatically creates another nine in other advanced technology areas: electronics, metallography and so on. Therefore, it pulls with it things which are not even directly connected to the miliary industry: metallurgy, again, electronics, composite materials, and much much more.

The second point. We’re deliberately pursuing a policy so that each company contains a part of the civil industry. Now it is about 25-27%, not more. But by the year 2020 it will be about 50/50. Why is this important? Firstly, the enterprise itself. Today, they have a defense contracts, tomorrow they might have less. They need a safety net-supplies for the civil market.

Secondly, there is a transfer of technology. Say, by creating technology for an aircraft plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, which produces the final assembly of the aircraft Sukhoi Superjet, we have created a technology, that we have realized, how it can be done for combat fighter aircrafts. In the same place they assemble SU-35C (Sukhoi Su-35s), and forward-aviation complex for tactical aviation. It is a fifth-generation fighter. It is the same everywhere. Say “Sevmash”, it’s our giant in Severodvinsk that makes submarines and powerful surface ships. But there, also, for example, they make the shelf technology for civil operations.

But I have seen the opposite version. I have seen you on a quad bike in Tula -No-With a machine gun, -In Klimovsk, yesterday-In Limovsk, yes. “Tachanaka-Tulchanka” (new battle quad bike from Bryansk)

It’s a unique joint project of Bryansk private company. It turns out that they made these bikes 300 and 650 CC. Cm This quad bike-is a pretty powerful and good car. Yesterday I tried it myself. And snowmobiles. All of this we used to buy from Japan. Our Airborne Troops need light equipment, and not just the one that we demonstrate in parades. They’ve asked the engineers to make a quad bike, where two shooters may move into firing position, hit the target and immediately leave the fire zone. Yesterday, firstly Army Special Forces showed me how it works, and then I tried it myself. I liked it.

So order came from the defense ministry? How much do people believe in you? Are people going into the defense industry? Have their salaries increased? Has the average age in the defense industry changed?

Every year salary increases by about 15%. I do not think that we have such high salaries in any other industry. They are definitely higher than the average in specific regions where a defense enterprise is located. In total we have 1352 defense enterprises. It’s 2 million people.

Two million people? Yes, it’s a large amount of people. Do young people come?

When it comes to young people, this year we’ve accepted into college, for an engineering profession, 11,000 people. Until 2020 we need another 38,000 people. With such volumes we will certainly solve the problem. This year, we have, together with the Ministry of Education and Science released a new program.

Competition, where a defense enterprise together with government co-finance experts training for military-industrial complex. 43 thousand rubles, by clubbing together we provide great government funding for an excellent professional.

In the end, if three years ago, the average age in the defense industry was around 49 years, and 5-6 years ago, well over 50, mostly 60-65 year old veterans, but this year it is already 45 years old. Young people are coming, reducing the average age. And, what young people! Guys come eager to learn. It is a pleasure to work with them. I meet them everywhere.

I was recently at OKB Lulki (Experimental Design Bureau. Cradle, a branch of UMPO) which produces engines for combat aircrafts. I talked to those in charge. Then came the boys-young professionals, designers. We closed the door so that the chiefs would not come in. I said: Tell me, what’s on your mind” “We have some new ideas”.

Took out some new folders. There were developments of new engines, thrust from 15 to 30 tons. A completely unique design. I have passed all of it on for financing, to the Fund for Promising Research. I’m betting on these guys. They will raise not only the defense industry, but an entire country.

The head of the MIC is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Are you currently working as his assistant? How are you communicating with him? How do you work day to day?

Firstly, the President regularly holds meetings with all those responsible for the development of the industry. He holds regular meetings, usually in May and November, with the military to discuss any issues in the defense industry. He listens to not only the chiefs in command, but to the people who make decisions regarding the orders of military equipment for the Ministry of Defence. Behind closed doors there are heated discussions with designers in charge.

What is a military-industrial commission? Previously, it was with the government, so I, as the Deput Prime Minister, was the head of it. But I asked the President to raise its level, making it Presidential. This was important because we now have a non-routine situation. We did not go with the flow. Later on, I hope, we will enter into a normal calm routine. But now we have a tear, which must be fully realized. In the current geo-political situation, we must urgently and promptly provide the army and navy with all that’s necessary, so that we are feared and respected.

On the other hand, we need to fully upgrade the industry itself, because if it’s going to produce modern products using 1945 Krupp machines, it will be completely ineffective. Therefore, we need to teach the industry to work differently, create a new industry, in fact, create a new industrialization for the whole country.

The third task, is what we talked about at the beginning. New weapons program-to create “smart weapons”, meaning new science. If the current program of armament is mainly related to the implementation of unique scientific-technological potential, which was created in the Soviet times, but was not implemented for various reasons, but now we have completely exhausted this Soviet reserve. That’s it! We no longer have anything. That’s why the Chief Designer had to be raised to such a level so that the President can easily communicate with him.

The Chief Designer should not only e the designer of a product, a tank or a plane, he must be like Korelev. Exactly! He must be a system integrator, the founder and the creator of a new branch. We must nurture people like these in the coming years. And they will become masters of fundamental science, for the Russian Academy of Sciences. Then the Russian Academy of Sciences will receive a raison d’être, the meaning for its existence.

These three problems have to be solved together, plus a fourth one-training. This requires personal guidance from the President.

We have known each other for many years, since 1986. Your father was following this direction and has been awarded with honors and awards. You must be happy being able to continue your father’s work. Do you have a sense of predetermination of your work, not only the performance of civil service, but family obligations?

My son is also working on this. He, too, is in the defense industry, a chemist, is going to defend his thesis. It is his birthday today, by the way.

Congratulations! After this, I am going straight to Tula.

Tula?-Yes, he works there, moved there with his family, working for his own company. I want to say that my job for me is a matter of honor.

Thank you for your time Dmitry Olegovich!

Via Saker


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The Illuminati sacrifice children in rituals eight times a year, “Mary Anne,”

In preparation, I am summarizing my 2008 interview here for people who don’t have 45 min to listen to it. Much of what she says in both interviews is simply outrageous. I can’t vouch for any of it. But it is consistent with the testimony of other defectors, Svali, Sue Ford and Cathy O’Brien. The Illuminati count on people to be incredulous. That’s their protection. The more egregious their crimes, the safer they are.




Read All:


You can’t make this stuff up


Bob Hope iluminat pimp


The web site  Intheknow7 blog writes:

Hope Russell

 This war mongering freak was always taking mind controlled women on tours to rouse the troops who were fighting imperial wars for the City of London.

“The USO was designed as a premiere traveling road show for Monarch Slaves with Master of Ceremonies Bob Hope showcasing some of the most beautiful and talented Mind Controlled Slaves. Bob Hope was a foreign agent of the British Empire (British Knight;MI6) & Papal Knight (servant of the Jesuits Black Pope & Papacy); completely above ANY U.S. law or Constitutionality w/ full diplomatic immunity and afforded full military attache; Bob Hope was virtually untouchable w/ above top secret security clearances.

Hope Pimp






“This gave him perfect cover to shuttle Monarch Slaves from base to base, nation to nation, under full military escort with little or no interference from domestic or foreign press, since all U.S.O. activity is under aegis of National Security Agency (NSA) & Dept. of Defense (DOD). Far beyond an Ambassador, Bob Hope operated above State Department levels, having direct access to the Dir. of CIA (DCI), Pentagon, White House & POTUS”




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Scotland Could Not Count On One Corrupt Political Process To Deliver Them From Another Corrupt PoliticalProcess

You can read it all here at aangirfan


It reminds one of King Long Shanks who once remarked that Scotland was a nice place the only thing wrong with it was there were too many Scots but they planned to do something about that, breed them out of existence.

The last vote in Scotland reminds one of the words of Stalin, it doesn’t matter who they vote for, the only thing that matters is who counts the votes. This so called election was a tale of paper ballots with no bar code, boxes of votes handed over to masked riders in vans with no supervision, National party leaders dropping dead, bribes to security personnel, spook involvement, dead people voting, actual film of counters tampering with the votes, No poll samplers outside.

A petition is now in the making for new vote held under foreign observers.

I wouldn’t recommend the Swiss guard.













White father























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Volcano Erupts In Central Japan


RT adds that a local eyewitness told NHK that small rocks were being hurled into the air along with the ash. “It was like thunder,” she said. “I heard boom, boom – then everything went dark.” Japan’s Meteorological Agency declared a level 3 volcano alert on a 1 to 5 scale, which means people are advised to stay away from the mountain. The agency warned that the debris from the volcano could fall as far as 4 kilometers away.

Stratovolcano Ontake (Ontake-san) is the second highest volcano in Japan at 3,067 meters. It is also a popular destination for religious pilgrimages.

It was inactive until 1979, but then it underwent a series of eruptions. The latest was in 2007.

Large Earthquake of 6-7 Near Pelee Volcano On Martinique-Cayce Predicts This Eruption In Conjunction With Vesuvius Begins Rapid Earth Change

After activities by Mt. Vesuvius, Mt. Pelee, the southern coast of California, the areas between Great Salt Lake and the southern portions of Nevada, we may expect, within the three months following, inundation by earthquakes, more in the Southern than the Northern Hemisphere. Portions of the New York, or New York City itself, will disappear as well as the southern portions of Carolina and Georgia.

The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea.



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London Lendman Joins Hands With Paul Craig ‘Washington’ Roberts










Have you ever noticed that Steve Lendman and Paul Craig Roberts are pawned around on various supposedly alternative sites as if they were courageous truth tellers? Washington Roberts has almost a cult following. There is a reason for that. America and it’s sleeping drugged citizens are being set up to play the role Nazi Germany played in World War II. You remember the routine, currency collapse, bombed to the stone age by invading armies, total destruction.

Unfortunately the policies carried forward by America today don’t spring from Washington, they are designed in the City of London and Rome just as they always have. These entities always seem to escape the consequences of their actions by shifting the blame on unwitting populations. Today that seems to be America as it blindly carries forward the dictates of the empire by serving as the mercenary force world wide.

Let’s take a look at some of Washington Robert’s pronouncements who mentions Washington this and Washington that no less than 20 times in this diatribe. Paul Craig was in the Reagan administration when 100,000 Guatemalan Mayans were genocided by Rios Monte, the Israeli general and he was financed by the republicans. Washington Roberts will toss out limited bits of truth from time to time. The repubs can’t have look like all of them are nuts now can they?

Paul Craig Roberts Shilling For The Man Once Again


London Lendman comes up with a similar hack piece. If he seriously believes that Britain is Washington’s pawn, he should be put in a strait jacket.

Brits are at it again. “Cameron plays Tony Blair,” said Patrick Cockburn. His “government has no more idea of what it is getting into…than Blair…in 2003.”

It’s mindless. It sucks up to Washington shamelessly. It’s a convenient pawn. 

Britain: Washington’s Convenient Pawn


No less than 44 American Presidents have been the queen’s cousin.

The Atlantean Conspiracy


Did you know all 44 U.S. presidents have carried European royal bloodlines into office? 34 have been genetic descendants from just one person, Charlemagne, the brutal eighth century King of the Franks. 19 of them directly descended from King Edward III of England. In fact, the presidential candidate with the most royal genes has won every single American election.

“This information comes from Burke’s Peerage, which is the Bible of aristocratic genealogy, based in London. Every presidential election in America, since and including George Washington in 1789 to Bill Clinton, has been won by the candidate with the most British and French royal genes. Of the 42 presidents to Clinton, 33 have been related to two people: Alfred the Great, King of England, and Charlemagne, the most famous monarch of France.

Below is a sample of 40 outrageous facts people do not know.


Your social security number originates in the City of London. America owes 18 trillion dollars, much of it to the Rothschild banks who just happen to be the queen’s banker.

2. The IMF is an Agency of the UN. (Blacks Law Dictionary 6th Ed. Pg. 816)

3. The U.S. Has not had a Treasury since 1921. (41 Stat. Ch.214 pg. 654)

4. The U.S. Treasury is now the IMF. (Presidential Documents Volume 29-No.4 pg. 113, 22 U.S.C. 285-288)

5. The United States does not have any employees because there is no longer a United States.

6. The FCC, CIA, FBI, NASA and all of the other alphabet gangs were never part of the United States government. Even though the “US Government” held shares of stock in the various Agencies. (U.S. V. Strang , 254 US 491, Lewis v. US, 680 F.2d, 1239)

17. You own no property, slaves can’t own property. Read the Deed to the property that you think is yours. The Revolutionary War was a fraud.You are listed as a Tenant. (Senate Document 43, 73rd Congress 1st Session)



22. America is a British Colony. (THE UNITED STATES IS A CORPORATION, NOT A LAND MASS AND IT EXISTED BEFORE THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR AND THE BRITISH TROOPS DID NOT LEAVE UNTIL 1796.) Respublica v. Sweers 1 Dallas 43, Treaty of Commerce 8 Stat 116, The Britain is owned by the Vatican.Society for Propagating the Gospel, &c. V. New Haven 8 Wheat 464, Treaty of Peace 8 Stat 80, IRS Publication 6209, Articles of Association October 20, 1774.)

23. Britain is owned by the Vatican. (Treaty of 1213)
30. Military Dictator George Washington divided the States (Estates) into Districts. (Messages and papers of the Presidents Vo 1, " The People" does not include you and me. pg 99. Websters 1828 dictionary for definition of Estate.)

31. ” The People” does not include you and me. (Barron v. Mayor & City Council of Baltimore. 32 U.S. 243)


So let us take a quick look into who is running the circus in this never ending war against “terrorism”, which in effect is making billions for the arms industry. And if you really want to fight terrorism-turn off the TV. There is little evidence that Americans are going to figure any of this out before it is too late. I have noticed a lot of angst in many of the not so alternative/alternative news sites when the finger of suspicion points to the real culprits.

In the mean time notice how the Lendman/Washington Roberts cult drops off links to these two clowns as if they have an answer for anything. They are limited hangouts, dropping a spattering of truth here and there to keep bread and circuses going for the masses.

Now seriously does any of this look like “Washington” is dragging those poor little Europeans to the brink? Americans should take care, we have seen this play before.



Someone needs to tap Washington Roberts on the shoulder and ask him how things like this can come about if  “Washington” is the puppet master.


“The USO was designed as a premiere traveling road show for Monarch Slaves with Master of Ceremonies Bob Hope showcasing some of the most beautiful and talented Mind Controlled Slaves. Bob Hope was a foreign agent of the British Empire (British Knight;MI6) & Papal Knight (servant of the Jesuits Black Pope & Papacy); completely above ANY U.S. law or Constitutionality w/ full diplomatic immunity and afforded full military attache; Bob Hope was virtually untouchable w/ above top secret security clearances.

“This gave him perfect cover to shuttle Monarch Slaves from base to base, nation to nation, under full military escort with little or no interference from domestic or foreign press, since all U.S.O. activity is under aegis of National Security Agency (NSA) & Dept. of Defense (DOD). Far beyond an Ambassador, Bob Hope operated above State Department levels, having direct access to the Dir. of CIA (DCI), Pentagon, White House & POTUS”

Notice above that Bob was sent by the innocent little empire Paul and Steve think are so uninvolved.  Of course this is only one of many examples of American subservience to foreign manipulations.




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Moscow fast-tracks law limiting foreign media ownership to 20%-China Expected To Invest

An employee at the cutting room of the Ostankino TV Center.(RIA Novosti / Ramil Sitdikov)

An employee at the cutting room of the Ostankino TV Center.(RIA Novosti / Ramil Sitdikov)

The Russian Duma has passed the final reading of a law forbidding holders of foreign passports from controlling or owning more than 20 percent of any media outlet. The law, proposed just ten days ago, will extensively affect Russia’s publishing sector.

“The freedom of the press is guaranteed by our Constitution, and won’t be affected,” said Mikhail Margelov, one of the 430 deputies who voted to support the law, with only two voting against.

“The law is designed to protect our national interests, to safeguard the sovereignty of our media, and our country.”

“The information war against Russia has its own laws, and has forced our hand,” said Vadim Dengin, one of the authors of the new legislation, which was proposed by the three minority parties in the Russian parliament.

If, as expected, the law ratified by the upper chamber of the Russian parliament and Vladimir Putin, it will come into force in January 2016, though existing foreign-owned companies will have until 2017 to re-organize their ownership structure. Media that violate the law can be shut down, although not without a court order.

While all terrestrial TV channels in the country are owned either by the state or large Russian media holding companies, numerous cable channels and more than 60 percent of the print media have significant foreign shareholders. Many others are held by Russian businessmen, who hold dual citizenship, which will also make the ineligible to continue as owners.

The legislation will affect leading political talk radio Ekho Moskvy, business daily Vedomosti, which is jointly owned by Finnish magazine publisher Sanoma, The Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal, Forbes magazine, published by German media giant Axel Springer, and the vast majority of franchised Russian-language version of glossy magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, National Geographic and GQ.

Several deputies also noted that foreign companies including the US publisher Hearst, have recently bought up more than 50 regional Russian publishers, including local news websites, which have often been influential in regional politics.

Communist MP Oleg Smolin tried to introduce an amendment that would exclude lifestyle and other non-political publications from the restrictions, but the Duma committee responsible for the draft law rebuffed the proposal.

“We are establishing fundamental relations between citizens and non-residents in the media sphere, and here no compromises are acceptable,”
said Roman Chuychenko, from the ruling United Russia Party.

“Any loophole would open the door to machinations.”

RIA Novosti / Konstantin Rodikov

RIA Novosti / Konstantin Rodikov

The only exceptions have been made for media that have resulted from state-level international treaties, which are currently encompassed by the joint Russia-Belarus Mir television. One of the sponsors of the law, Leonid Levin, said that cooperation with China – which incidentally forbids all foreign media ownership – could spawn Chinese-owned media in Russia.

Previous legislation only forbade foreign companies from holding a majority stake in TV and radio outlets.

In the West, France has similar restrictions on print news media ownership, while the US considers foreign bids for majority stakes in TV and radio stations on a case-by-case basis.



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