Nicole Kidman’s Diddy Antony Kidman An Apparent Pedo-What A Surprise

Nicole Kidman-X scientologist’s diddy, apparently had a strange death at the Tanglin Club in Singapore which is still probably populated by unknown agents of the British empire. Her and ex hubby Tom Cruise were members of scientology which was chartered by … guess who the masons. I can’t mirror all of aangirfan’s research there is too much there but this one deserves click. These people are amazing.



On 12 September 2014, Dr Antony Kidman, the father of actress Nicole Kidman, died in mysterious circumstances.

A police spokesperson told Reuters they were investigating the death as ‘unnatural’.

Dr Kidman reportedly fell after eating breakfast in the restaurant of The Tanglin Club in Singapore.

Dr Kidman was an Australian clinical psychologist.


Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise.

According to an article at Before It’s News:

Dr. Antony Kidman died “after fleeing Australia when accused of the sexual abuse and murder of children in an elite Sydney pedophile ring.

“A month prior Fiona Barnett had filed a complaint with the police and Child Abuse Royal Commission alleging that Dr Kidman sexualy and physicaly assaulted her throughout her childhood.

“When the Commission opened an investigation Dr Kidman suddenly went to Singapore.”

Dr Kidman was at one time a visiting fellow at the National Institute of Mental Health in the United States.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman has been married twice: previously to actor Tom Cruise, and currently to country singer Keith Urban.

During her divorce from Tom Cruise, she stated that she did not want their adopted children raised as Scientologists.[101]

Nicole Kidman supported Israel in the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war.[103]

Kidman and her Scientology kids. Nicole Kidman

In 1995, Nicole Kidman appeared in the film Batman Forever.

In 1999, Nicole Kidman, with then husband Tom Cruise, starred in Eyes Wide Shut, the final film of Stanley Kubrick.

In 2004 she appeared in the film, Birth, in which Kidman shares a bath with her co-star, 10-year-old Cameron Bright

Some of these films are said to be linked to CIA mind-control.

Fiona Barnett

According to the article at Before It’s News:

Fiona Barnett  says “The main perpetrator of my child sexual abuse, Antony Kidman, is dead after I filed formal complaints accusing him of the rape, torture and murder of children in an exclusive Sydney pedophile ring.

“As a child victim of mind control I feel he’s been sacrificed for failing to adequately program me.

“Kidman was responsible for ensuring that I never disclosed pedophile ring activities that I witnessed as a child…”

Fiona Barnett says:

“I know that there are other victims of Kidman’s crimes out there who are perhaps not as far along the healing path as I am…

“My complaints last month to the Australian Child Abuse Royal Commission detailed two incidents in which Kidman subjected me to horrific physical and sexual assault.

“But there are even more serious crimes against children that I witnessed Kidman commit as a member of the elite Sydney pedophile ring.”

There is believed to be an elite Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult operating in the USA, Europe and beyond.

CIA Bonded With Nazis.

According to the article at Before It’s News:

Since the age of three Fiona Barnett had been trapped inside Australia’s vast pedophile network where children were sex trafficked, hunted down for sport and murdered.

“In the late afternoon of Oct. 28 1975 I was taken to my sixth birthday party in the Kiama rainforest.

“The cordial was spiked with drugs. I fell asleep.

“When I awoke it was dark and I was lying naked face-up spread-eagle on a picnic table with my hands and legs tied.

“MI5, MI6, A.S.I.O. Agent Provocateur, Gang Stalker, Neo-nazi, Traitor, Freemason, Satanist, Psychopath, Murderer and Police Protected Pedophile.”

Fiona Barnett says: “Perpetrators took turns sneaking up on me. A large group of men arrived in pick up trucks. They carried rifles and had a pack of starving Doberman dogs.

“I was told that the group of naked children huddled nearby were my responsibility. I was to run and hide them.

“Every child I failed to hide would be killed and fed to the dogs.

“They painted something on my back and chest, and then released us. I pushed the children up over the first steep hill.

“It was about the second or third hill that the hunting party reached us. Shots were fired and children began dropping all around me. With all hope lost of my saving the other children, I took off and ran for my life.”

Tony Abbott vomits CIA lies?

According to the article at Before It’s News:

Barnett’s Nazi grandfather’s pedophile network was said to include clinical psychologists Kidman and John W. Gittinger who developed a popular test among psychiatric professionals known as the Personality Assessment System.

In the Independent Australia News Barnett stated that as a young child, “Gittinger abused and raped me.”

In another article of the Independent Australia News it was reported that Barnett’s dramatic testimony put members in tears when she went before the Australian Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse. 

Barnett had named as her perpetrators her grandfather, Kidman, two former Australian prime ministers, a Parliament House governor general and a state police commissioner.

As with child pedophile rings in the Netherlands, Europe, Canada and the US, the Australian pedophile network was said to include police officers, psychiatrists, biochemists, psychologists, actors, writers, politicians, university lecturers and medical doctors.

“The Commission was in the process of investigating my complaint when Kidman was found to have left the country,” Barnett said.

“Now one month following my notification against Kidman, he is dead. Kidman’s death comes as no surprise. In the past week alone, two people predicted his imminent demise.”

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Too Many Have Died, Too Many Lives Destroyed… Stop Government Child Abuse Cover Ups. Time for Truth Parliament Must Act… White Balloons & Flowers Vigil

White Balloons & Flowers Vigil – Monday, Sep 15, 3.45pm at Rocks Lane, Barnes

(Received a request to distribute this to anyone I know in the U.K.-many of them drop around here so I just posted it.

Dear Friends

On Monday, Sep 15, I intend for some white flowers to be laid opposite the former site of notorious Elm Guest House, on Rocks Lane, Barnes in memory of Martin Ellis, my childhood buddy and one of the many kids in my kids’ homes whose lives were destroyed and ultimately taken down by the impact of abuse.

Too Many Have Died, Too Many Lives Destroyed… Stop Government Child Abuse Cover Ups. Time for Truth

Parliament Must Act… White Balloons & Flowers Vigil – Join us Monday, Sep 15, 3.45pm by Barnes Common opposite 27 Rocks Lane, Barnes (former site of the Elm Guest House paedophile centre for the rich and still awaiting a full Police investigation)

Commemorate the Innocent. Please Bring White Balloons and Flowers

Safeguard Our Children Today

NB White balloons and flowers were the symbols of childhood innocence used by Belgians when they protested in 1996 at the deaths of scores of children at the hands of the abusers, whilst their government stood by.

Please forward to others even if you can’t contribute in time or flowers to the occasion.

Best wishes

Phil Frampton

(contact inbox Phil Frampton at )

I wish there were more people out there like Phil Frampton


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Black Mass Event In Oklahoma-They Already Have A statue Of Lucifer At The State House-Pope Evokes Lucifer At Easter Vigil Mass

Curiouser and curiouser said Alice. We are beginning to witness a little touch of the strange here if you ask me.

All tickets are sold out for the black mass, they will have to comply with state law and substitute vinegar for urine according officials. They are going to do a little stomping and spitting and have an exorcism at the Oklahoma City Civic Center.



The Baphomet, which will stand seven feet tall and be a testament to the glory of the Angel of the Bottomless Pit, would be placed directly beside the sculpture glorifying the Laws given to Moses by God.

The Vatican has a long and storied connection with Lucifer and Babylonian temple worship. Hear with your own ears the song being sung to Lucifer, and pay close attention to the part where they call Jesus the “son” of Lucifer. At the end, everyone says “amen”.

Hook'em Pope


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Strelkov: From Swimming With Piranhas To Swimming With Great White Sharks-Putin Wants A Federalized Ukraine

If you have ever really wondered what is going on in Russia and the turmoil in the Ukraine lately like I have this particular piece goes a long way with providing some answers that at least seem plausible. How many of you have seen the standard replay on many many blogs that Putin has sold out Novorossia etc, he is nothing but an oligarch himself etc? I know this is pretty much a standard reply.

Another point of interest it seems is Putin’s strange silence on Palestine and various deals made with the Israelis. This particular tract points to possibly some Russian contacts within the Israelis apparatus itself which I find interesting. I already knew there were some one million Russian immigrants living in Israel.

Well now it seems that Strelkov, a former FSB colonel, war hero in Ukraine, Chechnya, Croatia and other places is going to work back inside Russia. I have mentioned it from time to time with people that possibly Putin although having 80% support inside Russia that the country itself is not that flush financially and Putin doesn’t have the power to do exactly what he wants all the time. This is due to what is known as the Atlantic Integrationist fifth column which seeks to have Putin removed and carve up Russia. This particular track makes sense, at least to me.


Strelkov: from swimming with Piranhas to swimming with Great White sharks


Yesterday’s press conference by Strelkov is, I believe, a historical moment because it marks the move of Strelkov from the Novorussian military struggle into the much larger, and far more dangerous struggle, the struggle for the political future of Russia.  This in itself is no necessarily unexpected, but the way he did it was a surprise, at least for me.  But before I zoom out to the bigger picture, I think that it would be helpful to try to summarize some of the key points of his presentation (thanks to Marina, you can download the full English transcript by clicking here and the Q&A is here).  Here is how I summarized what I saw as the key elements of his presentation:

External factors (staging) – symbolic message:

  • He is clearly alive and well
  • The reason for his departure was infighting inside the Novorussian leadership and the fact that he was told that supplies would only be delivered if he left.
  • The photo of Putin in the back on the wall
  • He is sitting behind a Russian monarchist flag on the table (and a Russian and Novorussian flag in the back (no Soviet or Communists symbols)

His view about the ceasefire agreement:

  • This ceasefire has now created military situation is now worse than this spring
  • What is disgraceful is not the ceasefire by itself but “the conditions which are now being discussed in Minks”
  • There is plan to blame the betrayal of Novorussia on Putin
  • There are powerful interests which want a never ending war which would create a bleeding ulcer for Russia

His description of the 5th column: 

  • The roots of this 5th column go back to the Eltsin years
  • The liberation of Crimea took the 5th column by surprise
  • The 5th column is around President
  • There is a local 5th column in Donbass which has been and still is negotiating with Ukie oligarchs
  • The 5th column is composed of “liberals”
  • Putin is a moral threat to them because he has massive popular support
  • They want to overthrow Putin
  • They want to dismember Russia
  • This will be a long war on Russia
  • We are dealing with another 1905 and 1917 like situation
  • By saving Novorussia Russia can save itself
  • Western sanctions will hurt Russia and they will use them to discredit Putin

Strelkov’s plans

  • Strelkov wants to fight inside Russia in support of Putin (only option)
  • Strelkov’s main objective is to denounce the real traitors inside Russia

This is my personal rendition of the key elements of Strelkov’s presentation, and I might have missed or misunderstood something, so I therefore encourage everybody to watch to the video again and read the transcript.


Before going further into my analysis of Strelkov’s statements, I think that it is crucial to keep the bigger context in mind.  His words are not just the words of a man speaking for the Novorussian Armed Forces (NAF) or a Novorussia hero, this time Strelkov is diving straight into the big and dangerous world of Russian “deep state” politics (though the term “deep state” does not really apply to Russia).  So I will now return to a topic I have been covering for many years now.

Long-time readers will probably recall that I often spoke of a behind-the-scenes struggle between what I called the “Eurasian Sovereignists” (ES) and the “Atlantic Integrationists” (AI).  I will not repeat it all here, but I do encourage you to read the following articles:

The two first articles are part of a much longer seven-part series on Islam, but they introduce the historical context of the development of the ES and AI factions.  The next two I would consider mandatory reading if you are not familiar with the topic and the last one is just a more recent discussion of the role of these two factions in the current Cold War v2.  Having said that, my key thesis is this:

The “5th column” Strelkov refers to are the very same people I call Atlantic Integrationists.

Strelkov names no names, but he describes them very accurately (see above) and he adds that they only value “money and other material resources”.  They are the Russian equivalent of the AngloZionist 1%ers.  Their main political goal is to fully integrate Russia into the AngloZionist international system on a financial, political, economic and cultural levels.  They see Russia as “European” and they believe that “the West” (i.e. the AngloZionist Empire) and Russia need to stand together against Islam, China and any other non-imperial ideology, religion, nation or alliance.  They believe in capitalism and they are opposed to a “social state” (to use Putin’s description of modern Russia) and they are systematically contemptuous of the “masses” though they try hard not to show this aspect of their worldview.  These are the folks who gradually took power during the 1980s and who had the predatory instincts to seize the moment in the early 1990s to rapidly and ruthlessly acquire an absolutely unimaginable amount of wealth, stolen from the Russian people.

Now, it is true that due to an absolutely brilliant move by the Russian security services during the late 1990s and thanks to the chaos in which Russia was plunged, these AI (aka 5th columnists) did make a fatal mistake.  Their plan was to put forward a rather uninspiring and dull bureaucrat into power and surround him by men coming from their own circles.  What they did not foresee is that this rather uninspiring and dull bureaucrat would turn into one of the most formidable statesmen in Russian history – Putin – and that he would immediately set out to decapitate the top layers of the AI  – the so-called “oligarchs” and the thugs who enforced their rule – and their armed branch- the Chechen Wahabi insurgency.  Putin acted so fast that he rapidly ended up in full control of the so-called “power ministries” (state security, presidential security, internal affairs, armed forces, emergency services) and, which is crucial, an immense popular support.  In a way, this combination of state power and popular support made Putin untouchable, but that also limited his power.

While the top and most notorious AI columnists either left Russia (Berezovsky) or were put in jail (Khodorkovsky) or died, the system they had created was still very much in place.  Banking, the natural resources industry, the weapons trade, financial services and, of course, the media were still very much in their hands.  So when the most arrogant one of them, Khodorkovsky, was jailed the two factions (ES and AI) achieved something of a compromise, a temporary ceasefire if you wish.  The deal was this: first, as long as they don’t try to take over the Kremlin and generally stay out of politics, the AI would be allowed to keep their wealth and continue to make huge profits; second, the top power would be shared between the ES (Putin, Rogozin, Patrushev, etc.) and the AI (Medvedev, Kudrin, Surkov, etc.).

The first big blow which Putin delivered against the AI was the firing of Serdiukov and, even “worse”, his replacement with Shoigu.  The second massive blow was, according to Strelkov (and I agree), the operation to liberate Crimea.  According to Strelkov, this operation was a huge blow to the interests of these 5th columnist because they immediately realized that it would set Russia and the AngloZionists on a collision course.  They therefore gathered all their forces to a) prevent a Russian military intervention in the Donbass and b) make a deal with the oligarchs now in power in Kiev.  I fully share this analysis.

Russian vs Novorussian strategic interests

Here comes the tricky part.  There are a few assumption made by many bloggers which are the result of a fundamental flaws in logic:

  • Russian and Novorussian interests are one and the same
  • Anything supported by the AI is bad for Russia
  • Putin is in full control and can do whatever he wants
  • Novorussian leaders are always right by virtue of their heroic struggle
  • Disagreeing with Novorussian leader is a sign of stupidity, betrayal or dishonesty (including for Putin himself)

Reality is not quite that simple.  For one thing, Russian and Novorussian interests are not only one and the same, they are in direct opposition on a crucial matter: Novorussia wants full independence from Kiev (whoever is in power) while Russia wants regime change in Kiev and maintain a unitary Ukraine.  Second, while the fact that Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs are trying to hammer out a deal to stop the war and maintain a unitary Ukraine this might or might not be bad for Russia.  Now, before I get accused of God only knows what, let me explain:

During the late 1980s and the 1990s a bizarre kind of “partial fusion” took place between the Russian mob and the KGB.   I know, sounds crazy, but it is nonetheless true and yours truly has personally seen it and personally met ex-KGB officers working in the Russian mob.  However, as some say, there is no such thing as an “ex-KGB” officer.  Well, in reality there is, but in most cases, at least informal contacts are maintained.  So here is how I would very roughly summarize this bizarre association:

In the 1980s: corrupt KGB officers realize that a lot of money can be made in the underworld and some official of the internal security branch of the KGB (2nd Main Directorate) found ways to profit from tight contacts with the mob.

In the early 1990: a lot of young and smart KGB officers realize that their skills are useless in the KGB, they resign and immediately find very good positions in the “New Russian” world (at that time 100% mobsters) and use their skills (language, education, work capability, courage) to make loads of money

These were terrible years for the KGB/FSB, but they also had one positive impact: the more corrupt and less patriotic officers left leaving many idealists behind them, idealists which would, with time, climb up the ranks.

Now here comes the really interesting part:

In the mid 1990s-2000: the successor to the KGB, the SVR and FSB came to realize that they had a fantastic network of potential collaborators in the newly created world of Russian business, finance, commerce, tourism, etc.  They act on this and begin use this mostly “ex-mob now turned legit” worldwide network for state security purposes and industrial/commercial espionage.  Even the military intelligence service, the GRU, begins to do the same with ex-officers now working in aerospace, electronics, communications, etc.

[Off-topic but interesting sidebar: there is another most valuable network which the SVR/FSB/GRU also began to use during this period: the huge number of Jews from Russia who emigrated to the USA and Israel.  Keep that in mind when you think about Russian-Israeli relations]

2000-today: Putin and his backers begin their behind the scenes secret but ruthless war on the Atlantic Integrationists who are fundamentally oppose to the Eurasian Sovereignists who are now firmly behind Putin.  Most importantly the security services who are controlled by Putin allies develop a network of potential supporters inside the basis of power of the Atlantic Integrationists.  See how complex that becomes?

So while some superficial analysts are correct when they say that the Russian oligarchs are generally 5th columnists and dangerous enemies of Putin, what they are missing is that a) not all oligarchs fall into this category and b) that Putin has the means to influence or even coerce some anti-Putin oligarchs thanks to his control of the security services and their network inside the oligarchs power base.

So here is the crucial point: the relationship between the Kremlin and  the Russian oligarchy is a very complex one.  Yes, by and large, it is correct to say that we have Putin, the security services, the military,  the common Russian people on one side and the oligarchs, the liberal intelligentsia, big business, banking, finance and CIA agents on the other.  But in reality, this is a primitive model, the reality is infinitely more complex.  I know I am going to get even more hate coming my way for saying that, but some oligarchs are (for whatever reason) Putin allies or Putin controlled-individuals.  I have met some personally in the late 1990s and I am quite sure that they are still there.  Why?

Because there is a lot of money to be made in Russia by being on Putin’s side.  For one thing, if you are in good terms with the Kremlin, you become untouchable for the rest of the more-or-less legal “business” world.  You also get juicy contracts.  And the tax authorities might not be as meticulous when you file for taxes.  Again, the black-and-white Putin vs oligarchs image is generally true, but only as a primitive model.


Let’s remember where Strelkov came from.  While little is certain about him, he appears to be an ex-FSB Colonel (in anti-terrorism), who fought as a volunteer in Yugoslavia, Transnistria and Chechnia.  He is also a historian, a columnist and he likes to participate in military recreations.  He is a monarchist, an Orthodox Christian and and admirer of the White movement during the civil war.  In Novorussia, however, he entered a totally different level jumping in one rapid, gigantic most successful leap from anti-terrorism Colonel to what could be roughly described as an divisional or even army corp commander who turned a volunteer militia force into a more or less regular army.  That is a huge feat:  From almost nobody he became the #1 hero and commander of the entire Novorussian resistance.  And yet, Novorussia is tiny compared to Russia and big Novorussian politics are tiny compared to big Russian politics.  And yet, in yesterday’s press conference Strelkov made yet another huge leap – he jumped from Novorussian military issues straight into the single most complex and dangerous struggle I can imagine: the secret behind-the-scenes struggle for power in the Kremlin.  It is far too early to tell if this move will be as successful as his previous one, Strelkov went from swimming with Piranhas to swimming with Great White sharks, but I am cautiously optimistic.  Here is why:

Strelkov’s potential in the Russian struggle for power

Putin is acutely aware of the fact that his official power base (the state apparatus) is chock-full of 5th columnists. The best proof for that is that he did two very interesting things:

a) He created the All-Russia People’s Front (ARPF) which unlike the official party in power, United Russia, was not created with a strong Medvedev/Atlantic Integrationist component, but was created by Putin alone.  Officially, the ARPF is not a party but a “political-social movement” which is supposed to bring together a large segment of generally pro-Kremlin organizations and individuals and to provide a way for the common people to convey their concerns to Putin.  In reality, however, it is also a “political party in waiting”, very large, very well connected and which Putin can “turn on” at any time, especially if challenged from inside United Russia.

b) Putin’s security services have contributed to the creation of a plethora of “near-Kremlin entities” (околокремлевские круги) which officially have no subordination to the Kremlin, but which can get a lot of things done without the government involved or, even, informed.  These near-Kremlin entities include some news outlets, some commercial entities, a number of clubs, some youth organizations, news agencies, etc.  There is no formal list, no admission procedure, no one leader.  But somehow, there are always people with contacts to the security agencies near or in these circles.

This is were Strelkov fits in.

Strelkov will first and foremost represent the interests of the people of Novorussia, but since he correctly identified the Russian 5th column as the mean threat to Novorussia, he also is objectively becoming an ally of Putin in a common struggle the Atlantic Integrationists.  Now, let us be clear here.  Strelkov and Putin will not agree on a number of issues.  Strelkov clearly indicated that when he said

No matter how critical I am about certain internal or external policy decision of president in conditions of war started against us, I consider it necessary to support him as the only legitimate superior commander the main guarantor of freedom and independence of the state”

The fact that he concluded that  Putin must be supported does not change the fact that is clearly indicates that he is very critical of some Putin decisions.  My guess is that the obvious areas of disagreement are:

a) The ceasefire and subsequent negotiations

b) The fact that Putin does with with some Russian oligarchs

c) That Putin wants a united Ukraine

These disagreements are normal and should not be interpreted as the sign of some kind of opposition.  Again, Novorussia and Russia simply have different interests.

But where Strelkov and Putin are in full agreement is the need to crush the 5th column.  Putin was the first to speak about a “Russian 5th column” (when he addressed the Federal Assembly) and Strelkov picked up his expression.  This 5th column of Atlantic Sovereignists are a mortal danger to both Putin and Strelkov and, as Strelkov correctly points out, Putin is a mortal danger to them.  When Strelkov speaks of a “Putin revolution” and of a “Russian Spring” he is referring to the very same struggle which I in the past described as a struggle of Atlantic Integrationists against the Eurasian Sovereignists.  The labels are different, but the process described is the same one.

In this context Strelkov could become a very powerful ally for Putin.  By speaking up for Novorussia Strelkov is also very clearly promoting the same ideology, the same worldview, as Putin.  In fact, I recommend to you all to take the time and listen to (or read)

Putin, Zakharchenko and Strelkov all three fully realize that what is going on is nothing shot of a war on Russia, but waged, at least for the time being, by non-military means.  All three know that the biggest threat to Russia is an internal one.  But all three can claim that the other two do not speak for him.  After all, one is the President of Russia, the second one is a top representative of Donetsk and Novorussia, while the third one is, technically speaking, a retired officer and a private individual.  Yet all three together are politically encircling the Russian 5th column into a “political cauldron” in which they either support Putin or look like traitors.  A potentially very effective technique.

The second role of Strelkov is to denounce and discredit the Putin-bashers who are constantly declaring that “Putin is backstabbing or betraying Novorussia”.  I predict that in a near future the very same circles who until now had taken the position that Putin is a villain and Strelkov a hero will declare that Strelkov is a villain and a traitor too.  Some of these guys are manipulated by western PSYOP specialists, others are simply paid by them, but their goal is to convince the world that Putin is the bad guy and that a “real” patriot needs to replace him.  In other words, that Russia can only be saved by making the AngloZionist dream of a regime change in Russia come true.  But then, these are the very same people who wanted to save Novorussia by making the other AngloZionist dream, of having an overt Russian military intervention in the Donbass, also come true.  My advice in regards to such “sorrow-patriots” as they are called in Russia is simple: beware of those who want to save Russia by making an AngloZionist dream come true.  If you keep that in mind, the enemies of Russia will be fairly easy to spot :-)


I was amazed and tremendously encouraged by Strelkov’s very sophisticated presentation of his position yesterday.  Though this might be too early to conclude, and I might be uncharacteristically optimistic about this, I believe that Strelkov has the potential to become the Novorussian leader I was hoping would emerge.  If that is so, then I will gladly plead guilty of having underestimated him.  Still, I will also admit that I am very concerned for him.  The fact that apparently the Russia media has given his press conference little or no attention combined with the rumor that he had killed himself is a powerful message sent to him by the 5th column who is showing how powerful it still is.  In particular, I consider the rumor about his suicide as a very serious death threat.  Even worse, and maybe these are my paranoid inclination speaking here, there are a lot of people on both sides who might be interested in seeing Strelkov killed.  The Atlantic Integrationists and their 5th column would want him dead because he is so openly denouncing them, but make no mistake, there could also be Eurasian Sovereignists who might want him dead to have him as a martyr and symbol of Russian heroism.  Is that cynical and ugly?  Yes. And so is the struggle for power in Russia.  Most people in the West have no idea how ruthless this struggle can be.  Unlike Putin, Strelkov is not protected by an extremely powerful state security apparatus and, considering that he can be hit from either side.  He better be very *very* careful.

Just for accepting to play the role he is playing now (and he, being an ex-FSB colonel, fully knows the risks)  I consider him a hero and he has my sincere admiration.  “They” will try to use him, threaten him, manipulate him, discredit him and use every dirty trick possible to either control him or crush him.  Truly, his fate is already a tragic one and his courage remarkable.  Fighting the Ukie Nazis, the Chechen Wahabis or the Croat Ustashe was a relaxing vacation compared to the kind of “warfare” going on in the struggle for the control of Russia.  Since Russia is the de-facto leader of both the BRICS and the SCO the struggle for Russia is really a struggle for the future of the planet.  I believe that Strelkov understands that.

The Saker

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September 11th, 2001 Marks The Beginning Of The End Of The KALI YUGA

9/11 Apocalyptic Events:

The Defining Moment Of The New Millennium Foretold As The Turning Point Of The IRON AGE

Some have called it a crack in the cosmic egg; others have referred to 9/11 as the day when the earth stood still. Then there are those initiated in the ancient wisdom of the scriptural prophecies who really do know the extraordinarily profound meaning of such a cataclysmic omen.


Truly, September 11th 2001 stands as the greatest OMEN ever delivered from on high to the entire human race in the modern era.  The profound message is both apocalyptic and sublime, ominous and divine.  There will never be another 9/11 … or any event even close to it in magnitude and consequence.  It has fulfilled its purpose.

However, the vast majority of humanity has failed to recognize the positive side of this tragic event.  Yes, there certainly was an extremely benevolent and optimistic sermon baked into the whole drama of September 11th … which continues to echo throughout the universe up to this very day.

Can you hear it?  

There has never been a single happening in the world of men that has so graphically unveiled the inner workings of the Global Control Matrix.   The terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, DC revealed much to the common man (and woman) which has never been so apparent before.  It is these earth-shattering revelations, and their weighty and far-reaching ramifications, which have provided “the stuff” for the future emancipation of humankind.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Especially for those people of faith, regardless of the spiritual path or religious tradition, 9/11 marks an awesome turning point of the cosmological ages.  It represents a junction point between the old and the new, between the outgoing Patriarchal Age and the incoming Age of the Goddess.  Verily, it does not get any bigger than this.  Here’s why!

The current planetary civilization is now experiencing the end of several cycles and eras which have all lined up with cosmic precision.  Some of the more well known ages and epochs are delineated as follows.

End of the Mayan Calendar (Long Count) =
Closing of the Iron Age =
Twilight of the Kali Yuga =
Grand Finale of the Book of Revelation =
Age of Pisces ends; Age of Aquarius begins =
25,920 year Precession of the Equinox Cycle completes


Each of these epochal conclusions has been prophesied by all of the ancient scriptural traditions found throughout every culture and civilization.  In the Christian tradition there are numerous references to our [END] times in the Book of Revelation of the Holy Bible.  Likewise, there are countless other scriptural passages from the Hindu and Buddhist, Islamic and Judaic religious traditions which speak of these End Times.

“Of course, there are many other quite significant happenings and prophecies which distinguish this turning of the ages. The appearance of the Blue Star Kachina and its soon-to appear sister the Red Star Kachina, the coming Omega Point, and The Eagle and the Condor prophecy are examples of how different traditions and cultures describe the events which are about to take place everywhere the sun rises and sets. For it is the sun itself which will mediate much of the meteoric change we are about to witness.”[1]

9/11 Is The Means And The Messenger

In so many ways the 9/11 apocalyptic events, divine message and cultural meme have proven to be an unprecedented and exceedingly powerful catalyst for a global metamorphosis.  Remarkably, this event continues to be pregnant with so much prophetic meaning and mundane significance because of the spiritual energy it has yet to unleash.  There are many and diverse cultural catalysts and societal change agents associated with 9/11 that have just begun to demonstrate their transformative potential.  The ongoing and inexorable evolution of human consciousness will serve to usher the current race of humanity to its ultimate destination.

However, before the upcoming phase of planetary transformation[2] can proceed, a critical mass of souls must attain a certain level of consciousness.  In so doing this group of chosen souls will see 9/11 for what it truly is, and then be able to better assist with the awakening up of the masses who are still steeped in fear and foreboding.  This particular dynamic is integral to the success of sufficiently raising awareness to the levels necessary for peace to break out across the land.

There has been no other global event like 9/11 which was experienced by the all of humanity.  Because of this deeply shared experience, and especially because of the subsequent understanding which flowed from it about how the world actually works, the relevant mundane truths have been washing over the planet as a veritable tsunami of enlightenment.  Just like a hard splash of cold water on the face in the morning, this wave of previously unknown knowledge has awakened many a soul.


The messenger of 9/11 “came like a thief in the night“.  It stole our comfort and security, our complacency and lack of compassion, our faulty belief systems and false patriotism.  The same event now stands poised to give the world a valid pretext to transform itself on the most profound and fundamental levels possible.  Therefore, the time is nigh for those who get it to help those who don’t yet get it.  When a critical mass of individuals has really gotten it, all heaven will break loose.

However, in the meantime we all witness the current state of affairs in which:
All Hell Breaks Loose In 2014

The Current Status Quo Is Undergoing A Major Overhaul:
Birth Pangs Are Rarely Pleasant

The following oracle well describes exactly where the world is today, as well as where it is trying to go to:  The ORACLES of Ardra

Whereas the 9/11 attacks ensured the many difficult eventualities which have since unfolded worldwide[3], they will continue to influence the flip side of this great omen until that, too, brilliantly manifests across Planet Earth.  It has now been 13 long years since the knife has cut one way around the globe; now, it will begin to slice in the opposite direction.  And when it does, the veil of illusion will tear like no other in recorded history.

Just as the Berlin Wall came down in a day and a night, so, too, will the Global Control Matrix dissolve right before our eyes.  Too good to be true many are thinking, and then saying.  No, actually what is coming around the cosmic corner is simply too good not to be true.

AWESOME Earth Changes Coming Around The Cosmic Corner



Much responsibility has been purposefully placed on the nation known as the United States of America.  Just as Jerusalem was once the “center of the then-known universe”, situated between Rome and Alexandria, Babylon and Athens, both New York City and Washington DC have become the New Jerusalem and Babylon of old.

Correctly understanding this critical development within the context of the current world order is vital for the continuity of the planetary civilization.  9/11 has served as the catalytic event which liberated much of the esoteric knowledge and occult wisdom necessary to properly understand future happenings.  As well as to fearlessly witness the unfoldment of things to come.

REVELATION can and does occur in myriad ways.  The events of 9/11 were permitted so that the Universe could effectuate a massive and unprecedented download of key information into the collective consciousness of the human race.  The sheer Shock & Awe of that day created an opening into the hearts and minds of many souls ready and wanting to wake up.  This has in turn provided a unique multi-year window of opportunity for enlightened understanding to proliferate across the planet.

With each passing year, the community of nations becomes wiser as to true ways of the inner workings of this world.  The emerging realization that the old world order is no longer acceptable is becoming more prominent by the day.  The will and courage to act on this conviction only gets stronger as the truth of 9/11, and its highly consequential implications, are disseminated far and wide.

Above all, the 9/11 OMEN has provided the whole human race with an unparalleled opportunity to break free from the reservation.  Not only the outer NWO reservation that is maintained through the daily drumbeat of fake terror and false fears, but more importantly, to become liberated from the inner reservation of ignorance and equally false concepts.  Herein lies the real alchemical magic which the 9/11 experience can activate for each and every individual who wants to take back their power.

Until such point arrives, it might be wise for many to deeply reflect upon the following prophetic utterance[4] that was written in the days immediately following the 9/11 events.

“America, Wake up ! ! !
Seize this God-given opportunity.
There is no more time to dally in fear and ignorance and greed.
For yours is a destiny that must serve as a beacon of Light and Hope and Peace to the world.
Make haste, the time is drawing nigh!”


The TWIN TOWERS were aptly written about In the "The Lord of the Rings" by J. R. R. Tolkien


Cosmic Convergence Research Group
Submitted: September 11, 2014


The LORD OF THE RINGS by J.R.R. Tolkien provides a perfect allegory for what the events of 9/11 really portray for our post-modern society.  As follows:

“The OMEN that 9/11 truly was, looks a little bit like THE LORD OF THE RINGS.

Remember the Twin Towers? When they came down in NYC, it was a message to humankind that the reign of the Almighty Dollar was coming to an end. As a nation’s currency goes, so goes its destiny. Her financial strength and economic prowess were on the wane, and soon to be greatly diminished. Just as the WTC (financial capital of the world) was pulverized into dust, the US Dollar would be swept into the ash heap of history. Just as we saw it collapsing all around us, in September of 2008 exactly 7 years after the original 9/11 apocalyptic events.

When the Ring of Power was finally destroyed, like the Pentagon (ring-shaped command center of the military-industrial complex) was mortally wounded and damaged, the message was equally clear. Her military might and superior force would be reduced to rubble in the twinkling of an eye. She would, likewise, soon see the demise of Her all-pervasive state-sponsored terrorism. This, because She had lost all moral ascendancy.

Furthermore, the empire could no longer be sustained politically, financially, practically or ethically, as the seeds of its own destruction had fully sprouted. The most fatal seed grew into that extremely corrupt and predatory form of corporate, crony capitalism which was so socially unconscious, and so environmentally unaware, it was quite doomed from the very beginning.

The GOOD NEWS is that the nation – its people – will now be compelled to beat their “swords into plowshares” and their “spears into pruning hooks”.

Just as the Phoenix rose from its ashes, so too will America ascend to even greater heights. As long as She ascends with the guidance of the highest of ideals, loftiest of principles and noblest of intentions. And She reforms, and transforms Herself, in good faith, in earnest and with haste.”[4]


[1]   Who determined that the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012?

[2]  Cosmic Convergence Accelerates Epochal Change On Planet Earth

[3]  The Final Battle of the Iron Age

[4]  New World Order as Global Financial Matrix Self Destructs


9/11: An OMEN for the New Millennium
9/11 OMEN Foretells the Global Economic and Financial Future


And pertinent to the narrative

HOME: Here Comes The Sun

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Cyanotoxin A Neurotoxin In The Great Lakes And All 50 States Turns Animal Fat Yellow With Great Pain-Zombie Alligators



Complete analysis here at VT

“In the first days of August this year the tap water for half a million people in and around the Toledo, Ohio area contained almost three parts microcystin per billion (1). The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends drinking water has no more than one part per billion. Microcystin is a neurotoxin fatal to animals and capable of laying waste to entire ecosystems. Even alligators, whose blood actually produces anti bacterial and anti fungal proteins, are not immune to microcystin’s deadly effects. Its insidious pathology was recently featured in a National Geographic documentary Predator CSI – Zombie Alligators (2). It has been linked to Pansteatitis where the fat on animals turns yellow and takes on the consistency of rubber causing agonizing pain, paralysis and finally death.

In humans microcystin damages the liver and causes skin eruptions. In 1998 in Brazil it was inadvertently administered intravenously to a hundred and twenty six hemodialysis patients. Sixty of them died (3). A few years ago in the US it is suspected of having caused encephalitis when a man got some in his eye while washing it off his dog. The man survived after extensive hospitalization and rehabilitation. He returned to work two years later. The dog died (4).

Microcystin is a cyanotoxin or neurotoxin produced by Microcystis aeruginosa which blooms in mass in Lake Erie during August. Microcystis aeruginosa is a species of freshwater cyanobacteria (5) that causes Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB). The neurotoxin itself cannot be removed by boiling or home filtering your water. In water treatment plants it is usually controlled by treating water with hydrated potassium aluminum sulfate which clings to the toxic particles weighing them down for easy separation. The treated water is then run through powdered activated carbon before it is finally distributed for consumption (6).

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has no tolerance standards for the presence of microcystin in tap water although it does consider HAB to be a “major environmental problem” in all 50 states (7). In the United States testing for microcystin is done voluntarily by each individual state with different tests and different rules for performing those tests in each state. Ohio uses WHO’s one part per billion and is supposed to notify the public of any readings over 0.5. At levels of 0.3 and under microcystin is considered undetectable. The problems in Toledo were exacerbated when readings from Ohio’s EPA differed from those of the federal EPA.

All the way back in March Ottawa County sanitary engineer Kelly Frey had been warning public officials of an impending end of summer disaster. Frey questioned why the looming health risk of microcystin had not yet even been addressed with a standard for the maximum allowable amount by Ohio’s EPA. In a letter sent out to Ohio’s U.S. Representative Marcy Kaptur, democrat, Ohio’s U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, democrat and Ohio’s U.S. Senator Rob Portman, republican, Frey wrote “The laissez-faire approach by the Ohio EPA and Ohio Department of Health is troubling and gives the appearance of apathy.” Only Representative Marcy Kaptur got back to him (8).”


Unfortunately this is only another series of misfortune which continue to exist until the real levers of power are recognized.




















The TTIP may not be good for the EU, however it will be great for the U.K. which is giving the orders and Rothschild prints their money also. Those neurons are hopelessly seared for many and they repeat over and over how the US is running the show. If there is a war, Rome won’t be sending any troops and Rome will order the City of London to send as few as possible. It is usually Germany and France who get their asses shot off … well along with Poland. However if you think Hillary and McCain are in the back room making this policy you either have trouble processing information or you are engaged in perception management.


German militarism was a fools errand. Cui bono, the crown has always been nervous about Germany. America acted as mercenaries for the crown once again. And the crown is not the queen, it is the 10 mile stretch of the London financial district which presents Buckingham palace as a figure head. It should be noted that Elizabeth: Windsor is titled ‘Queen of Great Britain, and Northern Ireland. Her title is not Queen of the United Kingdom, for the United Kingdom is a Corporate entity (Not a Sovereign Government).
America is a British Colony. (THE UNITED STATES IS A CORPORATION, NOT A LAND MASS AND IT EXISTED BEFORE THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR AND THE BRITISH TROOPS DID NOT LEAVE UNTIL 1796.) Respublica v. Sweers 1 Dallas 43, Treaty of Commerce 8 Stat 116, The IMF is an Agency of the UN. (Blacks Law Dictionary 6th Ed. Pg. 816)


Society for Propagating the Gospel, &c. V. New Haven 8 Wheat 464, Treaty of Peace 8 Stat 80, IRS Publication 6209, Articles of Association October 20, 1774.)

23. Britain is owned by the Vatican. (Treaty of 1213)


“City of London is the epicenter of central banking worldwide. It is the place from which world wars have emanated and plans for global conquest are apparently hatched there even today. The fear-based dominant social themes that the power elite uses to extract wealth and power from Western middle classes have their home in the City of London. The UN and League of Nations were given birth there and the EU was likely conceived there. Every centralizing influence in the world today of any note has its roots in the City of London or its sister-municipalities, Washington, DC and the Vatican. These three “independent” city-states function as a trilogy of money power, the building blocks of the New World Order, the epicenter of an effort that apparently seeks to organize the world into one large medieval plantation.” – the courtesy of

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The Biosphere Approaches Critical Points Of No Return: Cosmic Convergence


This essay is the product of years of intensive research and practical investigation into the greatest challenge facing the human race today — Global Climate Change.  Its central theses were formulated and conclusions arrived at independent of any political persuasion, scientific bent or academic bias.  It is highly recommended that the reader suspend all opinions and judgements about Global Climate Change until the entire essay has been considered.  In light of the profusion of hard scientific evidence now available on the internet, as well as the massive amount of anecdotal evidence disseminated by media around the world, the primary conclusions of this essay are as irrefutable as they are highly consequential.

What is now completely beyond debate is that Global Climate Change poses the single greatest threat to the viability of our planetary civilization.  In fact, the sustained alteration of climate patterns occurring worldwide have now proven to be so profound and fundamental in nature that nations everywhere now experience cataclysmic weather events on a regular basis.  Therefore, this discussion does not in any way concern itself with debating the existence of Global Climate Change (GCC).  Debating the self evident serves no purpose at this late date, except to waste precious time and resources.
The obvious climatological shifts, weather changes and new meteorological trends around the globe speak for themselves.  Hence, our primary purpose is to address the root causes of Global Climate Change, some of which are barely mentioned in the relevant scientific research papers and academic journals, government websites and corporate position papers.  Only when the true causes of GCC are properly understood will the most appropriate responses and realistic solutions present themselves.

We begin by stating categorically that the Global Climate Change phenomenon has been quite misrepresented by government agencies, the scientific research establishment and academic institutions the world over.  There are several reasons for this extremely unfortunate state of affairs which ought to be understood if one is to apprehend the truth about GCC.  The single most important reason is that there are many and diverse stakeholders deeply involved in the GCC public discourse, who have a vested interest in influencing the ever-evolving conventional wisdom concerning this critical subject matter thereby ensuring certain outcomes which will flow from the predominant political and economic mindset.

Each of these stakeholders has there own often narrow agenda.  In the process of fulfilling their respective agendas, each of them has fallen prey to the various forces — political and social, financial and economic, scientific and academic — which have exerted their power and/or control over the direction of the paid research.  These same forces have, to varying degrees, ensured that the process of intellectual discovery and scientific research, which ought to be purely objective and free from such self-serving influences, fits specific desired outcomes.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 4.20.14 PM

A different GCC flavor has been fabricated for everyone; take your pick, regardless of the TRUTH.

In this way, all the various camps have formed and dug into their respective positions.  The various labels are well known by now: (i) Global Warming and (ii) ‘Global Cooling’, (iii) Global Climate Change and (iv) “No Global Climate Change”.  Because each of these labels has stuck so well throughout the body politic, they have conspired to create a global paralysis of necessary movement on this extremely weighty and demanding issue.

When there is no consensus about something so easily discerned as global temperature trends, what else can be expected?  We shall soon see that there are explicit reasons why so much discord has been introduced into the public discourse about the stark realities of Global Climate Change.  It is, after all, a phenomenon which directly bumps up against so much that is associated with the entire post Industrial Revolution civilization.  GCC especially reveals many of the carefully hidden weaknesses, as well as obvious fatal flaws, of the various energy paradigms that the world has become so dependent upon.  In this regard, the hydrocarbon fuel, fossil fuel, and nuclear power paradigms are the most vulnerable.

When the corporate interests of just these three industries are considered, it is easy to see why the ongoing discussion has evolved into the “Greatest Debate Of All Time“.  No matter where anyone stands on this topic, all they have to do is open their mouth and naysayers will come swarming out of the woodwork like a parade of fire ants.  They sting like fire ants, too, so many ad hominem attack will be hurled against the messenger(s).  As a matter of fact, the cascade of arguments are so fast and furious in some circles that reason and rationality have all but left various forums — completely!

What are the primary causes of Global Climate Change?

This introduction is quite purposeful in that only a truly open and seeking mind will grasp the realities about Global Climate Change which are presented herein.  What is particularly important to understand is that there are different GCC realities operative at the same time; they are not mutually exclusive as is often asserted or sometimes supposed. This simple understanding will greatly enlighten any seeker of the truth.  Quite interestingly, when the more macrocosmic perspectives on Global Climate Change are considered, GCC will be viewed as the highly complex yet truly simple issue that it really is. In so doing, the many competing views throughout the global community are easily reconciled and it is seen that there was never any argument at all, except by those who would gain by clouding the discussion.

The following list of causes of Global Climate Change is presented as follows:

• The Milky Way Galaxy passes through various cycles of change as it
rotates on its axis around the Galactic Center.  Massive pulses of cosmic
energy are emitted outward from the galactic core of the Milky Way along
the galactic plane in all directions eventually reaching our Solar System.
As each spiral arm moves forward through different regions of the Milky
Way, they periodically enter areas marked by greater cosmic ray penetration
and plasma gradient differentials.  Also known as the Photon Belt, this
region of space is defined by a cosmic cloud which has dramatic effects on
our Solar System every time it passes through it.


• The entire Solar System has been undergoing a metamorphosis for
decades. Profound and enduring changes within the Sun itself, which
NASA has kept secret, have been recorded.  In fact all of the planets are
experiencing unprecedented transformation[1] which various scientists
have conclusively documented.  There are also subtle cycles of distance
change which occur between the Sun and the Earth explained by the
Orbital Variance Theory.  The current phase of this cycle is ever-so-slowly
bringing Earth closer to the Sun.  Hence, the current Global Warming
scenario has been getting progressively worse for many years now.

• Fundamental changes are taking place within the Earth’s core which
then affects the mantle and crust increasing the incidence of volcanic
eruptions and large earthquakes (both on land and undersea), glacial
and polar ice cap melt, hydrothermal vents and cold seeps, natural oil
and gas seeps, mud volcanoes and mud domes, as well as other types
of seismic activity and geological rearrangements.

• Those earth changes which occur undersea then influence the deep
ocean currents which can then intensify and/or alter the El Nino and
La Nina phenomenons in the Pacific Ocean. When this occurs, all
the weather patterns of the world can be significantly affected because
of how the Pacific Ocean drives climatological trends and weather events
across the entire planet.

Greenhouse gas emissions increases are occurring for a variety of reasons,
especially because of the massive uptick in methane releases.  The methane
(CH4) is being released from the melting permafrost regions, the melting
Arctic sea regions and from seafloor and sub-seafloor ‘reservoirs’ of
methane hydrates being vaporized by crustal heating via newly emerging
sub-seafloor volcanoes, awakening seafloor volcanoes, and intensifying
hydrothermal vents.  Deep sea oil and gas drilling further exacerbates
methane releases wherever it is conducted in the oceans of the world.
Seafloor ‘repositories’ of methane clathrates are vaporizing at record rates,
particularly in the Arctic, because of the current Global Warming scenario
which only intensifies the current feedback loop.  There are also some
extremely impressive earth changes occurring in Russia such as giant 
holes opening up in Siberia which indicate massive methane releases
from land masses.

• The continuing depletion of the Ozone Layer only exacerbates Global
Climate Change
.  For various reasons this quite impactful atmospheric
development has received very little attention in the mainstream media
(MSM) because of its obvious and profound effects on Global Warming.
Were the severity of the destruction of the Ozone Layer known by the
majority of decision-makers, its alarming depletion alone would precipitate
a sea change in the attitude toward those human activities which have
contributed to its destruction.  There are other factors completely outside
of the realm of human influence which are also contributing to ozone layer
depletion.  As follows:

– Click On Diagram Below To Enlarge –
Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 7.45.00 AM

• The anthropogenic component* of Global Climate Change only
increases by the year as the global population continues to increase.
The increasing population densities in particular create pockets of
intensified energies which are inevitably released into the atmosphere
where they must be processed.  The ever-increasing buildup of
infrastructure, industry and agriculture needed to support the
burgeoning populations, especially in the overpopulated Third World
countries, places an inordinate burden on the planet by way of
greenhouse gas production.

*While the anthropogenic component of Global Warming
is growing annually, it does not represent as great a
contribution as trumpeted by the MSM. However, when
all the other components presented herein are considered
in the aggregate, it becomes clear that there is a “Perfect
Storm” brewing.  And, that it may very well be the
anthropogenic component that ends up being the
proverbial “straw that breaks the camel’s back.”

Geoengineering through the employment of advanced atmospheric
engineering technologies has had a tremendous impact on GCC.  The
indiscriminate, wide-area, systematic utilization of both HAARP and
Chemtrails to perform solar radiation management, precipitation
generation, and land mass engineering have had dramatic effects on the
GCC scenario, particularly in those areas which have been subjected to
DARPA experimentation. Climate engineering, weather modification
and atmospheric manipulation have all seen an extraordinary increase
since the turn of the century and have substantially contributed to the
acceleration of GCC.  Pumping billions of watts of energy into the
ionosphere will ultimately have considerable negative impacts on
the entire biosphere.  So will the many recent initiatives designed to
manufacture the appearance of Global Cooling.

• There are several other highly consequential experiments being
conducted by the US Military which have altered the morphogenetic
field of Planet Earth.  Many of these experiments began during World
War II in the realm of nuclear weapon testing which have had lasting
effects on the climate patterns of the southwestern states from Texas
to California.  Nuclear testing continues to be conducted under the
radar because of the public uproar which always accompanies so
many nuclear accidents and mishaps.  The current form of clandestine
nuclear weapons testing cannot be evaluated for it inevitable impacts
on the surrounding environment; they can only be surmised.

•  Weather Warfare has seen a precipitous rise over the past 20 years
with the US and NATO employing its various tactics and techniques with
disastrous effects wherever they aim their advanced weather manipulation
weaponry.  These very powerful yet nascent technologies are being used with
greater frequency without understanding their ultimate effects on the
Biosphere.  Not only are these dangerous and untested weapons producing
catastrophic weather events in the targeted nations, they are also creating
various blowback phenomena on the offending nations.  In some cases
rudimentary technologies such as Chemtrails and HAARP are used in the
very nations which developed them as a means of population control and for
social engineering purposes.

• The scientific establishment has rallied around other forms of non-military
nuclear testing at facilities such as the CERN complex known as the Large
 Collider.  This and other atomic particle accelerators are having effects
on the biosphere which have yet to be assessed or even acknowledged.  There
are many other types of particle accelerators in operation around the world
which are also having unknown effects on the environment. The following link
provides an exhaustive list of those facilities; it is quite stunning for its
number and diversity. (Wikipedia – List of accelerators in particle physics)

Large Hadron Collider complex and 27 kilometer mile long tunnel accelerator

Strangelets, Black Holes and the GOD Particle: What is the LHC really all about?

• When all the different aspects of post-modern civilization are considered in
the aggregate, it is easy to understand just how much heat is contributed to the
overall system (aka Planet Earth) by cars and trucks, factories and power plants,
office buildings and shopping malls, houses and apartment buildings, condos
and townhouses, highways and interstates, commercial airliners and military
jets, air conditioners and hot water heaters.  These contributing co-factors
cannot be ignored as they so often are.  Also, there are now millions of square
miles of hard space across the planet, much of which didn’t even exist a hundred
years ago.  Instead of green-space cooling the planet 24/7, hard-space does the
exact opposite.

Factoid: Even the cattle and dairy cows, pigs and chickens, sheep and goats add to total methane quota of the planet, particularly when over 7 billion people are being fed, the vast majority of whom are carnivores, and very serious meat eaters at that.

How is that for starters … and we haven’t even scratched the surface of most profound causes of Global Climate Change?!  Those much more fundamental sources of  GCC are well beyond the scope of this paper, but eventually must be understood by the residents of Planet Earth, if there is to be any deeper understanding or any kind of resolution.

“How is the SUN triggering many earth changes?”

Of all the major co-factors contributing to Global Climate Change there is one which reigns supreme in the current unfolding planetary scenario.   The Sun.  Because it is so misunderstood by the scientific establishment and scary for them to watch because they know they have no control over it, the Sun’s multiple influences on Planet Earth are quite purposefully ignored, downplayed or denied.  The Scientific Masters of the Universe are so intimidated by the greatest force in our Solar System that they now just sit and watch and wait … … … for the next shoe to drop.

For those who are uninitiated in the fine art of scientific sun-gazing, please know that it is perhaps the most fascinating and revealing of all the disciplines associated with astronomy and astrophysics.  As a matter scientific fact, it has been established that many geophysical and atmospheric events which occur daily on Earth are directly correlated with various solar activities.  Solar (and lunar)  phenomena have been directly linked to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, typhoons and tsunamis.

It has often been said, and we paraphrase, “If you can understand the Sun, you will understand the entire universe.” Conversely, “the unveiling of the whole cosmos will occur for those who humbly approach Sol (aka the Sun) for spiritual wisdom and mundane knowledge.”  Now you know why the ancients has such profound respect and awe for the Sun as deity.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 7.00.00 PM– Radio Mysterium

The following excerpt from a previous CCRG essay lays bare some of the most simple facts about the Sun-Earth relationship.

“As the central organizing principle of the Solar System, the Sun has a greater effect on the behavior of the earth’s core than any other influence. This relationship must be recognized, understood and respected if this generation is to successfully navigate through this window of awesome planetary transition. It is not difficult to imagine how a hotter, faster spinning core will affect the seven seas, which will then impact every weather pattern on the planet. Likewise, it ought to be easy to envision the many geological disturbances as a reflex of these profound shifts and movements deep in the earth. “As below, so above.”

What’s the point of this discussion? The Sun is quite conspicuously going through a major transformation never seen before or catalogued in the various annals of recorded history. Therefore, our planet will experience the effects, and consequences, of these upcoming changes. “When the Sun sneezes, the Earth comes down with pneumonia.” Who among us would doubt such a self-evident statement?”[2]


“What we are about to propose is that, while the Sun is irrefutably the prime mover for changes taking place here on our blue orb, it is our relationship to both our home planet and the Sun which ultimately determines solar behavior. The two – Sun and Earth – are obviously inextricably interconnected, as the human race is to both of them.

Have we lost anybody?!

Solar activity, which manifests as solar flares (aka CMEs or coronal mass ejections), sunspots, geomagnetic storms, solar winds, magnetic pole reversals, plasma blasts, electromagnetic fluxuations across the surface of the Sun, etc. can trigger any abrupt earth change or gradual planetary flux. For those who disbelieve, just navigate over to the highest integrity sites dedicated to sun-gazing or even go to NASA SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) and you will quickly see the many obvious correlations between cataclysmic earth events and solar events. Incidentally, many of these may be time delayed; nevertheless, their root causes will be found in a solar shift or happening.”[2]

The preceding indisputable observations ought to provide the reader with just enough understanding as to how complex and misunderstood the GCC issue has become.  How often does anyone hear about the Sun’s role in the inexorable transformation unfolding all around us?  And yet it is ultimately the Sun which governs virtually every Earth movement and every major weather event.  It is the same Sun which influences the shifting of the Earth on it’s axis, as well as the slow motion migration of the North Pole toward Siberia.  The Sun’s own solar rhythms are also responsible for Earth’s increasing Schumann’s Resonance as it is for the Earth’s steadily decreasing magnetic field.

Until the scientific establishment genuinely acknowledges and understands the depth and breadth of the Sun’s influences around these and many other HUGE issues, the worldwide discussion regarding GCC remains at a rudimentary stage of development.  On the purely astrophysical level, the observatories dotting Planet Earth have captured many unprecedented solar phenomena over many years.  Extremely high-powered tracking technologies such as those found on SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) have been focused on the Sun’s internal structure for many years now accumulating massive amounts of data on different types of solar activity.  Measurements and statistics have been taken and calculated respectively which clearly demonstrate unparalleled and extraordinary solar behavior.  All taken together, this critical information and vital data ought to be seen as reflecting the emergence of a “new” Solar System of sorts.


However, before the astrophysical elements of this cosmic drama can be properly understood, it is the metaphysical component of the Earth-Sun metamorphosis which ought to be comprehended.  The deeper relationship between the Sun and Earth is quite telling about the current Global Warming period we have found ourselves in.

“Most are completely unaware; nevertheless, the Sun and the Earth do participate in a very carefully choreographed dance with each other. Think of what might happen if this were not so? Such an intimate relationship is essential for maintaining the requisite balance for human life to exist in relative comfort.

Unfortunately when that comfort is squandered, or abused, both Earth and Sun act in a coordinated manner to send humanity a wake-up call. The only problem with the current arrangement is that we have yet to receive that necessary message from the intermediary. Those who control the flow of information from the observatories and astronomers and astrophysicists and geologists have sufficiently choked off the vital data.

Therefore, the great majority of human beings find themselves in a position of forced ignorance and unable to make informed decisions either individually or collectively. This evolving situation has contributed to much discord across the planet, as well as dissonance within Earth’s normal frequency range. This state of affairs has been going in the wrong direction for quite some time and now demands a radical corrective measure.

Whereas the Sun itself is deeply affected by the predicament of Terra (another name for Earth), and Terra is profoundly affected by what earthlings do, it has become progressively urgent for Sol to take some remedial actions. So, the Sun has been compelled to ramp up its solar activity such that the Earth’s core is now being reprogrammed. As previously mentioned, the Earth’s core is profoundly affected by the Sun and its activity. This core relationship is at the heart of the HUGE Earth changes experienced by all residents of the planet.”[2]

As a additional glimpse into the realm of true cause and effect which has been shaping up around the globe for many decades, the following excerpt is quite telling:

There are reasons why so much crucial information regarding Solar System changes is never downloaded into the public domain, particularly about the highly consequential matters discussed herein. The relevant vital data, which would certainly corroborate the central thesis of this essay, seems to be too radioactive to put into the hands of those who might truly understand the looming existential threat to life on earth as we know it.

“The Sun is now going through an unprecedented, profound and fundamental transformation which reflects the ongoing metamorphosis of humanity. It is also triggering many of the changes that are occurring all over Planet Earth, which is why the scientists are so beside themselves. They know they have no control over it; unless of course they completely throw out their current astrophysics paradigm.”[2]



This GCC discussion has now gone in many different directions.  The common denominator of many of them is that all of humanity is still in its infancy with regard to its understanding of Global Climate Change.  Likewise, the community of nations has been kept in a state of ignorance by those who really do know what time it is.  Unfortunately, it is actually now a minute to midnight.  The future of the entire planetary civilization hangs in the balance.  As does the fate of Planet Earth, particularly the viability of the Biosphere.

Therefore, the most compelling and urgent question of our time is: What will we do about it?  Much more importantly: What can we do about it?  Particularly in light of so much disagreement now coming from all quarters of the globe, is the Global Climate Change predicament seemingly resistant to a meaningful international response.  This pattern of heretofore intractable resistance must be reversed – very soon — if the current civilization is to have any hope of correcting or altering for the better the current course.

Truly, our planetary plight can be likened to that which occurred between the Titanic and the infamous iceberg.  Only in this case the icebergs — all of them — are rapidly melting thus changing the coastlines around the world.  The added moisture in the atmosphere is also radically changing the hydrological cycles on every continent and in between.  And that’s only a tip of the iceberg, as they say.

Our final conclusion is this:  That humankind currently lacks the capacity to respond to GCC with the faculty of reason and common sense.  In that rational thinking has been all but suspended where it concerns the obvious realities related to Global Climate Change, only a severe wakeup call will serve to shock nations and leaders alike into implementing a concerted effort which will, at the very least, mitigate GCC’S ever-intensifying consequences which are now showing up anywhere and everywhere.

We fully acknowledge that there is a firmly entrenched Global Power Structure (GPS) which has blocked any constructive and substantive initiative concerning the true causes of GCC.  Every major player — both corporate and governmental — residing at the peak of the GPS does have very strong political, economic and financial interests to maintain the status quo.  This obstacle alone has served to turn an already monumental task into an even more daunting one.  We are also cognizant of the grim realities that the mainstream media are further utilized by the same power-brokers to confuse and mislead, control and misinform.  Here’s their latest attempt to do just that, using their favorite media platform — The Weather Channel:

Global Warming Is Here, Human-Caused and Already Harmful: Leaked IPCC Report –

Really, what can be said about the race of humanity that cares not about future generations?  Are there not enough present among us who are aware of this critical state of affairs, and who are sufficiently concerned for the welfare of their children and grandchildren to act on it?

Lastly, if you are reading this essay perhaps you will be in the position one day to take the information contained herein and do something with it.  A thorough search of the internet will reveal that there are very few sources of the true knowledge and penetrating insight necessary to decisively address Global Climate Change.   So thoroughly co-opted, hopelessly complicated and emotionally charged has this “Debate of the Millennium” become, that it’s practically impossible to bring up this subject with anyone these days, unless of course you enjoy verbal abuse!  Therefore, a totally new and fresh approach must be taken toward the efficient dissemination of factual information and accurate data regarding GCC.

In closing, it is now clear that the Higher Power has been tapping us on the shoulder for many years.  Since every divine overture and prophetic utterance in this particular regard has either been ignored or ridiculed, spurned or denied, there appears to be no other method but the old 4 by 4 upside the head … when you least expect it.  You know Napa Valley just got their message, yes?!

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 7.31.15 AM

Perhaps the entire state of California has as well.
“California Now Suffering Worst Drought Ever, 2014 Hottest Year On Record”

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
Submitted: August 28, 2014


The current Global Warming scenario, as it is outworking within the much greater context of Global Climate Change, in no way precludes the very real possibility of a mini Ice Age from developing as explained in the following paper:

Author’s Note:

Why do so many smart, aware and well-intentioned folks persist in “throwing the baby out with the bath water” whenever and wherever it concerns the truth about Global Climate Change?

Just because TPTB are running interference at every turn doesn’t mean that Global Climate Change isn’t a brutal reality lashing at every coastline.

Just because Agenda 21 is proceeding at breakneck speed doesn’t mean that Global Warming isn’t tearing at the very fabric of the Biosphere.

Whether ‘advanced’ geoengineering technology or the hydrocarbon fuel paradigm has more impact on the global weather patterns doesn’t negate the historic droughts in California and Texas, Australia and Brazil, India and China, Somalia and Sudan.

Just because Al Gore grossly overstated the anthropogenic component of decades of Global Warming doesn’t invalidate the grim realities on the ground and in the seas around the Arctic, Canada, Greenland and Alaska permafrost and ice cap melt.

All the talk about carbon footprints and carbon sequestration, carbon credits and carbon trade exchanges should not deter one from really taking a closer look at their own carbon footprint.  Yes, the New World Oder would love to impose a new global money-making and power-concentrating  scheme on every inhabitant of the earthly realm, but regardless of their intent or success, the people of the planet must still deal with very real

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 3.23.30 PM

Screen shot 2014-08-26 at 9.30.56 AM

Editor’s Note:
Then there is the prophetic and perhaps prescient suggestion of how humanity can instantly alleviate the effects of GCC.

“As above, so below.”
“As within, so without.”

To wit, all that the community of nations has to do is commit to stop all the wars and conflicts, and end all the needless competition for resources.  In so doing, the current epidemic of anger and rage will begin to subside.  The destructive desires for retribution and revenge will also diminish.  Much less energy will be expended for destructive purposes which can then be directed to benevolent projects and constructive initiatives the world over.

In this way the heat of division will be replaced by the peace that comes with the newly born international unanimity around shared purpose.  Mother Earth will then respond in kind by creating a more conducive and serene environment in which to heal the planet.  And re-order society.  As well as re-structure the civilization around sustainable energy paradigms and clean sources of power.   Likewise, the Sun will be content with the enduring peace on Earth, and therefore happy to shine without burning the whole place up.

Do you get it yet?    “As above, so below.”


[1] Solar System in Great Flux

[2] How is the SUN triggering many earth changes?


The Weather Channel Comedy Hour: Sponsored By US Department of Weather Propaganda

How The Hard Science PhDs Have Wrecked The World

Chemtrails Explained; HAARP Exposed; Geoengineering Expounded

ARCTIC METHANE Release Points To Ultimate Direction Of Global Climate Change

Arctic Methane Emissions ‘Certain to Trigger Warming’

Siberian Craters Reveal HUGE Secrets Ignored By Mainstream Scientists

Worldwide Pollution Ramps Up With Global Climate Change And Vice Versa

Global Warming is increasing moisture in Earth’s atmosphere driving Mother of all Feedback Loops

NUCLEAR WEAPON ‘TESTING’: Curse of the Post Modern Era

Recommended Reading:

Global Climate Change: Geoengineering Threatens The Entire Planetary Civilization

BIOSPHERE Devastation As Geoengineering Accelerates Global Climate Change

Global Climate Change: Causing Worldwide Weather Apocalypse

Climate Engineering Using Chemtrails and HAARP Intensifies Global Climate Change

Geoengineered Weather Patterns Wreaking Havoc Across Planet

CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering (UPDATED)

Global Warming Is Altering the Flow of the Missouri River

Cosmic Convergence Accelerates Epochal Change On Planet Earth

Older posts on this subject


Climate Change Denial Industry Marches On As China Loses 50,000 Rivers And California Dries Up: Other Suppressed News From The Matrix Suppressed By Dead Enders


Thawing Permafrost: The Speed Of Coastal Erosion In Eastern Siberia Has Nearly Doubled, Arctic Methane Released At Blinding Speed, Climate Change, Core Of Earth Heats Up

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Russia Cuts Gas Supply To Poland By 24 Percent-Poland Immediately Cuts Reverse Supply To Ukraine

Money Court

Poland says they are flush with gas and will not be hurt at all. Sanctions now going both ways as Russia says they just need to do some “routine” maintenance. Could Polish apples freeze this winter? There does seem to be something in the contract that precludes reverse flow.

From the comment section:

Europe to Poland: You can’t let them treat us like this, go demand an explanation!

Poland to Russia: Why are you treating us like this?

Russia: Because you are stupid.

Poland: We are not stupid!

Russia, putting hand in front of concrete wall: Yes you are. I’ll show you.  Here hit my hand as hard as you can.

Poland rears back and punches at Russia’s hand as hard as it can. At the last second Russia pulls their hand away and Poland’s fist smashes into the wall getting all bruised and bloodied.

Russia: See, I told you!

Poland goes back to Europe.

Europe: Well, what did they say?

Poland: They said it’s becuase we are stupid

Europe: We are not stupid, how can you let them say that?

Poland, putting its hand in front of its own face: Yes we are, I’ll show you. Here hit my hand.


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Guess Which Area Drinks More Coca Cola-Guess Which Area Is The Most Obese-Killer Coke-Zombie Time-Georgia Guidestones


Yes the  southern United States is not only the fattest, it drinks more coca cola and bottles more. What a coincidence. Coke and pepsi have agreed to stop using flame retardant in their drinks. That is so nice of them.





The Southeast amazingly leads the United States in disease outbreak.

Mexico is the most obese country in the world guess what? It drinks more sodas than any country in the world.

Pendergrast wrote that in 2011 Mexico led the world in per capita consumption of Coca-Cola products. “Perhaps not coincidentally, Mexico also had the world’s highest obesity rate,” he added. And we aren’t exactly slackers. “Though American soft drink consumption peaked in 1998, Americans still drank an average of 714 eight-ounce servings of soft drinks per year in 2011—that’s about two drinks per day for every man, woman, and child in the United States.”

Many sodas also use aspartame, the taste that kills. It destroys the pancreas.

All these chemicals stimulate the taste cells in the tongue, thereby enhancing the taste of food. Another excitotoxin additive is the artificial sweetener Nutra-sweet, 40% of the compound is composed of the excitotoxin “aspartate”. Like glutamate, aspartate is a powerful brain toxin, which can produce similar neuron damage.

It is well recognized that ‘liquid’ forms of excitotoxins are much more toxic to the brain than dry forms, as they absorb faster and produce higher blood levels than when mixed with solid foods.

But the negative effects of excitotoxins are not limited to small children. There is growing evidence that excitotoxins play a major role in a whole group of degenerative brain diseases in adults – especially the elderly.

These diseases include Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and more disorders of the nervous system.

Is it any ownder Johnny can’t read?



Strong labor unions are critical to improve wages, working conditions and human rights for all workers and for democracies to flourish. For workers in Colombia and Guatemala, a strong union can also mean the difference between life and death.

The Campaign to Stop Killer Coke originated to stop the gruesome cycle of violence against union leaders and organizers in Colombia in efforts to crush their union, SINALTRAINAL. Since then, violence, abuse and exploitation leveled against Coke workers and communities have been uncovered in other countries as well, notably China, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Mexico and Turkey.

Lawsuits were filed in the United States in 2001 and 2006 by the United Steelworkers of America and the International Labor Rights Fund on behalf of SINALTRAINAL, several of its members who were falsely imprisoned and the survivors of Isidro Gil and Adolfo de Jesus Munera, two of its murdered officers. The lawsuits charged Coca-Cola bottlers “contracted with or otherwise directed paramilitary security forces that utilized extreme violence and murdered, tortured, unlawfully detained or otherwise silenced trade union leaders.” The lawsuits and campaign were developed to force Coca-Cola to once and for all end further bloodshed, compensate victims and provide safe working conditions.

The Campaign called for the main judge, Joseph E. Martinez, who presided over the original lawsuits against The Coca-Cola Co. and its Colombian bottlers in Federal District Court in Miami, Florida, to recuse himself because of serious conflicts of interest and statements he made about the case. (Read “Talking Points” 3 on Martinez)

Coca-Cola, which is virulently anti-union, claims that any allegations that its bottlers in Colombia are involved in the systematic intimidation, kidnapping, torture, and murder of union leaders are false. Yet the company has fought every effort to have an independent investigation into these allegations while at the same time has misled the public and its own shareholders with a long string of lies and bogus investigations. (Read “Talking Points” 4 on bogus investigations)

Read more about Coca-Cola’s crimes in Colombia.

Forced abortions. Mass sterilization. A “Planetary Regime” with the power of life and death over American citizens.

The tyrannical fantasies of a madman? Or merely the opinions of the person now in control of science policy in the United States? Or both?

These ideas (among many other equally horrifying recommendations) were put forth by John Holdren, whom Barack Obama has recently appointed Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, and Co-Chair of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology — informally known as the United States’ Science Czar. In a book Holdren co-authored in 1977, the man now firmly in control of science policy in this country wrote that:

• Women could be forced to abort their pregnancies, whether they wanted to or not;
• The population at large could be sterilized by infertility drugs intentionally put into the nation’s drinking water or in food;
• Single mothers and teen mothers should have their babies seized from them against their will and given away to other couples to raise;
• People who “contribute to social deterioration” (i.e. undesirables) “can be required by law to exercise reproductive responsibility” — in other words, be compelled to have abortions or be sterilized.
• A transnational “Planetary Regime” should assume control of the global economy and also dictate the most intimate details of Americans’ lives — using an armed international police force.


The Georgia Guidestones is a mysterious monument on which are carved ten “commandments” for a “New Age of Reason”. The first commandment? Maintaining the world population under 500 million people. Another sinister fact: the authors of what we now call the American Stonehenge are still a “mystery”… except for those in the know. We will look at the numerous features of this monument, its message calling for a New World Order and explain how it is the work of an occult secret society.

 HOME: Here Comes The Sun

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Rain Records Broken In Phoenix And Mesa Arizona-Evacuations And Flooding-Killer Storms In The Midwest-Kashimir Villages Flood


Mesa and Phoenix Arizona have broken all records for rainfall in one day. Severe flooding and evacuations taking place. Phoenix had 84MM and Tucson. 32MM. Isn’t this supposed to be the desert? Vehicles were abandoned and Interstates Flooded.

Thousands of villages were submerged in Kashmir and hundreds of thousands are stranded.

600,000 are without power in the midwest due to killer storms and crop damage is also on the menu for Illinois and Michigan.

Climate Change

Climate Change Denial

Louisiana Sinkhole Connected To Yellowstone


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